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  1. I am not a fan of cut and paste unless something is added about each individual cache. What really bothers me is when 3 cachers go out together, each will copy the other with just a change of names. "Went on a cache run from X to Z with 1&2 and found 10 caches." Then you get to read "went on a cache run from X to Z with 1&3 and found 10 caches" etc. when they find a few of yours you get emails on all finds and get excited ready to read adventures and you get that nonsense. A short "liked the container, tftc" is so much better, more personal if you can't write more.
  2. Found it06/05/2013 Found it BUT it is underneath equipment clearly marked DANGER High Voltage Area! Could the problem be in the way the found it log was written? It states the cache is UNDER the equipment.since the picture shows there is no way to put something under the green box my guess is just wording.
  3. wires and a cache container - Don't do it.
  4. I've seen a few that are those air freshener trees and the cardboard tree is the log. I never thought twice about it untitl I read this thread.
  5. ...sigh...I guess you're right. It used to be if you thought you were being watched, you could pretend the GPSr was your phone.
  6. Craft stores like Hobby Lobby have them. Often they are in the jewelry making area.
  7. I think he's talking in general, not caching. "I know some folks would bitch if you handed them a crispy $20, and they had to find someplace to break it to buy a coke" There are some people that will suck the joy our of everything, or at least try, and he's not going to let them! I feel the same but sometimes they just sneak in and get you.
  8. Good Clean fun! Glad you didn't let a little snag hold you back.
  9. Very sorry to hear all that. I hate GR caches because of all the icky stuff you can grab on to under there. I rarely go for them unless they are at a dead end, access road or other out of the way place. When you think about it, the guard rails are there to try stoping a car going around a curve.
  10. Happy Birthday! and looking forward to meeting the 3rd cacher in the family. Will you be in OK by then? Oh, that's the best part -- due date and move date = same date. Hooray! Yikes! I hope they will be packing you up because mrs. hzoi might not be doing much of it this time
  11. Happy Birthday! and looking forward to meeting the 3rd cacher in the family. Will you be in OK by then?
  12. Don't do it! I put a lot of thought and time into most of my caches. I do not want the surprise given away. A few times a newbie has posted pictures, I've removed the pics and explained why with positive reactions. There is at least one thread with pictures of cool containers. That's the place to put them with no reference to the GC#
  13. Just be aware that no matter what you spend you need to be prepared for it to disappear.
  14. On the right hand side of each cache page are "Attributes". Not all COs use them but hopefully you can find what you are looking for there. Cameras are fine, be sure not only to put them in the scrapbook but show them in the cache gallery for all to see! BUT be prepared, the camera may disappear. Good luck & have fun!!
  15. I have many boxes of Crane note paper. Now I have a use for it besides the occasional note. not quite the same as dollar bill paper but still cotton based. Thanks for the idea. now to see if it holds up well.
  16. Many years ago our car was broken into at the Bronx Zoo. They took a bag from Lord & Taylor - it contained my mother's curlers and the pot part of a potty seat (used when one of us kids got car sick)
  17. I have claimed a find while out hiding caches with a friend, but Never as FTF.
  18. Not sure what I'll do, but since it's my birthday I'll do something!
  19. Geocoins and travel bugs are NOT to be kept in a collection at home. I disagree. I keep mine at home in a ammo can. They used to be a fun part of this game to me, but too many went MIA. Now I just collect them. Your own or ones you find?
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