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  1. What usually happens is someone decides to start using a personal travel bug and wants to backlog every cache they've been to. They'll post a Note on previous caches using the date they found the cache and drop the bug. A short explanation is nice and they can then immediately delete the cache log and the bug logging will stay accurate. The best thing is to say you will delete the cache note. Some caches owners find the logs annoying but at least the log isn't left on the cache page. Whenever you drop your personal travel bug along with a Found it note for a cache you currently found there is no reason to mention your personal TB. On a side note, tracking mileage is barely accurate. Most just like to log their bug as a companion who went along for the ride. We see it on over 1/2 of the current logs for our caches. These are not for old finds they are trying to catch up on. I'd be interested in hearing why it's noted in the find. Anyone do this?
  2. From what I understand coin dipping is to keep track of how many miles you've traveled. And I'm guessing the owner enters it under trackables like you would if you took or left a coin or TB, What I don't understand is why it has to be noted on every log the coin dipper enters. Just curious.
  3. I did a search before posting but came up empty - thank you for pointing out where to go for the answer. I will check into gmail as well as forwarding from our regular email. Thanks for the suggestions.
  4. All of our notifications come to my email. We would like to have them go to my husbands as well. Is there a way to have 2 email addresses for one account? OR is the only way for him to get notifications by setting up an account we don't log to? Thanks!
  5. Have tried Google Earth, but thus far not seeing the exact place where we can type coordinates in (note these are coordinates that are not yet listed as a cache - as we know how to view a satellite image once it is listed).
  6. What website or websites can you put in coordinates in the format used by everyone on Geocaching.com - to see the satellite images for those exact coordinates ? Thanks !
  7. Thanks for the help! Divine, those maps sure help. I hope we can pick up a travel bug here before we leave, maybe bring one back.
  8. We are heading to France & Germany in June and wonder if we will be in areas that have caches. I've seen listings by the country, how do I figure out what city they are near? Is there a map that shows co-ordinates to help me at least get in the area? Thanks! Scrabblers
  9. Thanks for all the information! We will check out the pocket queries. That sounds like a good way to go. We have located a few that we will try to stop at as well as the ones right in Williamsburg. We don't go all the way to Richmond, we cut across Hopewell instead. Looks like there are a few in that area. We try to get up that way every few months, it's a long drive so a few caches along the way will help. Happy Thanksgiving!
  10. We are pretty new at this, really enjoyed where it has taken us so far. How does one search for a trip. I have taken information on ones where we will end up, but what about along the way? We will be driving 6 hours, Charlotte NC to Williamsburg, VA. Can a trip be mapped out so we will know where there are sites along the way? We would like to do the search for areas close to the highways. Thanks!
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