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  1. Do not give them anything that makes noise. We learned the hard way when Recorders were handed out in the middle of the evening.
  2. Not on purpose - I learned the hard way to try caching with my mouth closed
  3. "My apologies in advance for being a skeptic is this is on the level" http://www.mcwetboy.net/maproom/2009/03/ken_jennings_is.php
  4. When looking for a cache it's always good to think "where would I place one here" So while placing one think "where is the last place I'd look for a cache here" or "where would I never think to look for a cache"
  5. "Now I have to figure out how I want to put the geocoin and pathtag collection in there..." When you talk about geocoins to display, are you talking about ones you pick up or ones you buy? We've had a few coins and TBs disappear and have always wondered if they were in a collection somewhere...
  6. It does look sore. Keep us posted on your test results, I'm praying it never went beyond the eye. Don't know what I expected since I never gave it a thought but I noticed you blink with both eyes - a good thing if you don't want everyone to think you're winking at them! Continued good wishes.
  7. [ I would look for one or two but if they came up DNF I would probably pass up the rest. There aren't many caches along this long stretch of road, we have found some on past trips at pull offs or the occasional side road. The few small towns have a couple of caches we want to get. Here's an example of what we're finding: GC194J3 July 6 - replaced and ready to be found, not found yet GC19A37 July 17 - last found GC19A32 Aug 28 - last found (I wish I knew how to put a link here) Since these are very close together with only one found in the last month which seems rather strange because of the limited caches in the area. Seems to me that someone(s) is afraid to enter a DNF (don't get me started on that!) We're not sure if we want to bother looking for the others but may take bittsen's idea of looking for one or two silent ones to see how we make out.
  8. I should have reiterated that we will be traveling through this area to out destination, stopping to cache along the way. Where we are staying for the week we will definitely look for ones that haven't been logged for a few months
  9. Since July? In (what I can only guess) what are fairly remote areas? You bet!!! Not remote but also not LP, mostly rural but traveled enough that nearby caches have been found in the last few days.
  10. If you were going to be traveling and see caches along the way that haven't been found since early July would you bother looking for them? There are quite a few on this same stretch of road that haven't been logged for months. None of these have DNFs after the last find. This is a direct route to the Outer Banks and the logs entered make note that's where they are headed. It's hard to believe that everyone driving by choose to ignore the exact same ones.
  11. same with me. never found one nor looked for one. Parking lot hides can be surprising. I understand some don't like the hides under LP skirts. We don't mind them if they are far and few between. A few weeks ago we looked for some traditional ones and came up with 3 DNFs so a LP was great boost. As far as avoiding parking lots - I'm glad we don't do that. We have found cool hides on the outside edges, even behind a couple of WMarts we walked into woods, even found a large pond. Of course if you look at the distance it helps tell you if it's outside the pavement, but if I was just driving by I might not realize it's not a LP. We placed one LP cache that's been out for a 1.5 years, 80 finds and everyone enjoys it - however I'm sure there are some that drive by without looking for it. GC19FBD (no skirt here, 5 large bolts under the platform, now there are 6. Another parking lot hide we placed is GC1DTTZ is not a LP hide, I've been told some cachers have gone straight for a LP even though the coords are way off! It's a little paint holder with fake pine pieces glued on placed in the crook of a pine tree. We don't assume anything just because it looks like a bland parking lot hide.
  12. Best of luck to you Friday, in your recovery and caching! When starting back out it might be helpful to go for some easy ones to get your confidence back on track and test your vision before heading to the heavily wooded areas. I agree that eye protection is key in your case and not having to worry about the pokey things will make your hunts more fun! Be sure to let us know how the surgery goes and your next find!
  13. If you want advance notice of new caches, ask your local reviewer for their paypal account. The higher the dollar amount, the closer they are to your caching area. I really needed that this afternoon!
  14. When this thread started I felt proud to be part of the caching community because my experience has been 99% good all around. Posts at first were considerate and helpful but seem to have turned away from that. There is no way any of us or the OP can solve this until the property owners are established. I'm looking forward to knowing how it turns out and I hope the OP will let us know.
  15. I wouldn't replace the cache itself but replacing a wet or missing log is great! I'm guessing you only do this to ones you are finding at the time. Just don't expect a 'thank you' from the CO. I remember one I did that to, I had left my supplies in the car, walked across a wide field to get a new log in a new bag, went back and fixed the cache, mentioned it in my log and not a word from the CO. I ALWAYS make a point of thanking anyone that does any kind of repairs to mine. We have a cacher in town that is so awesome at fixing the little things for the rest of us. Not sure if he has local ones on his watch list but one of mine was logged as missing while I was on vacation, I commented that I would check it when I got home. Before I got back it was found and put back in place by this cacher. Every town needs a Vernon!
  16. Now that you have an account and know what not to do, why not join us? From what I've seen, 95% of cachers are very courteous, respectful and don't want to infringe on others lives. You will find this cache is far from the norm. If you don't have a GPS you can find a subject here about caching without a GPS. Why not give it a try!
  17. How do you find Tyvek to be used like this? I'd like to get some but only knew of it being used in products.
  18. A few months ago 3 of us put out a group of caches. We set up a name for us "girls on the road" but each cache belonged to just one of us. We logged a find on each other's hide even though we were there when it was hid. The reason for this was so we didn't continue seeing the caches come up as one we needed to find. We did Not log a find on our own. That would be silly since when looking at the map it already shows with a star. We plan to do this again soon and are thinking about having the male 1/2 of our cache name go find the hides (Not as FTF). They would only have the same info that everyone else has from the web site. This would cause a find to come up on our own hides. Others may find fault with this but since we know how and why it happens, well, that's okay, we know we aren't cheating and we know it's not to pad our numbers. I wonder if this kind of thing has happened on other logs to cause this debate.
  19. Our first cache placement was a puzzle GC16NJE It was a cool horse shoe with a tiny compartment for the log but somehow it just walked away. Property owner knew it was there and thought it was a great idea. "You need to know your scrabble tiles to get the correct coordinates by figuring out the value of scrabble words. If a word is 10 points or more then you need to add the digits together. For example: if the word has a 12 point value, you need to add the 1+2=3 which makes 3 the next digit of the coordinates. NOTE – “blank” counts as a "zero"" We have not done any puzzles since then but since it's an easy solve we may do another one soon.
  20. We don't like the CnP logs either. That being said, one cacher that has found a number of ours writes way too much! It wouldn't be bad if the write up didn't have a condescending tone or the "helpful hints" on what the cacher feels are negative issues (tall grass, barking dogs, etc) We'll take a CnP over that anyday!
  21. We were in the woods caching in RI, went back to my son's house, showered, slept and the next morning flew home to NC. After we got home I found a well imbedded tick in my shoulder. That's not the kind of travel bug I expected to pick up. Apparently they latch on tight and can hang on through showers etc. He was with me for at least 36 hrs. Dr. put me on two strong antibiotics just in case since Lyme disease is more prevalent in New England. BTW we never did find the cache
  22. But, please, when you "dip" the TB/car there is no reason to add it to your log that we all see. That won't help keep track of miles and it does get old reading "I dipped my personal coin/TB"
  23. They used to show up, not sure why they took that feature away. I liked it, reminded me to ask for help if I had tried a few times with no luck.
  24. I don't think the CO is the only one that would have benefited from the stories. Everyone that wrote got the chance to sit, reflect and unwind. Or had the chance to write some silliness about the tree, got a good laugh and was able to relieve stress. It just gave you the chance to pull out of the daily world. Don't you think that was more what this was about? It's a shame the stories were taken by some thoughtless person. Might be too late but don't let that rude cacher take away your good feelings about "the tree" I have elf doors out as caches, one is by a stump, could have been one of those little guys that took the stories to read - at least put that in your mind and forget the cacher.
  25. We leave Scrabble tiles. We carry them in our pockets but half the time forget to leave one.
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