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  1. Here is one we put out in the parking lot next to a community theater. GC1M4YZ We have no interest in the theater except to sit in the audience. Cache is a bison tube wired to a stick which is dropped into a hole in the tree, sticks out just enough to grab. I would think if you do something in the title and/or hint to explain what the area is - like "Play Here" you would be fine.
  2. We spend time in Indiana with family and it seems every corn field has a cemetery and many of them have caches. Took MIL to some and while we searched for the cache she found family members that had not been visited for a long time. Maybe you can get ideas from the interesting cache container topic. We have one out that is a survey marker. Head to the hardware store and put together some joints/caps to attach to fence poles. Just don't make it too interesting and pick an electric fence
  3. I'm missing something here - containers can be fixed or dried out, if the solicitations are for replacing containers, than the original containers are either missing or damaged beyond recognition. Now the way I see it is if someone has left money, that money will have disappeared with the old cache container. The only way that money would reach the CO is if he visits each cache on a regular schedule..
  4. We have found a very large cache not long ago that was pretty much in the open. It actually was cool because the beautiful wooded path made a quick curve and there it was. The poking around looking under rocks etc. is fine but every now and then a change of pace is fun. We really enjoyed that one.
  5. I've always wondered why COs list what the cache started out with for swag. After a few months the swag will have all be traded out. I don't pick caches by what swag they have/had.
  6. If someone has really looked for a cache and then doesn't log a DNF it won't help the CO know when it may be missing. I think you're right on target with how you cache!
  7. What's the point if you can only find simple ones? I think going without a GPS would take the fun out of the hunt.
  8. GCAD23 is at Bradley International - Hartford/Springfield - BDL
  9. GC19FGA is one on Ocracoke, NC. It's set up as a library cache in an ammo can. I went down the trail carrying a book only to find a plastic bag hanging out and pins missing on the ammo can. The 2 days before there had been 8" of rain. The water inside was to the brim, I drained the water the best I could but the books in it will never be readable again. I would have removed them but didn't have anything to put them in. Since then others have found it and most said the same thing. Have to wonder if books in a cache would wick water. I've only found one other cache that was wet so it shouldn't be a problem. I like the idea of a book exchange cache or TB
  10. You could make mention that it's worth the cacher's time to get the key to visit the grounds. Having to get the key, use it and then return it all during a time the court house is open would keep the numbers very low.
  11. Check out this one! GC195C3 Not what the OP was asking but this one is so high it's on a pulley
  12. Can you place the cache just outside of the gate? The courthouse won't be open on weekends when a lot of cachers are out. It sounds interesting, I just don't think we would bother since we don't normally cache on weekdays except in the evenings.
  13. The main thing I Always take with me - rubber gloves, latex or other throw aways. There are always places I don't want to put my bare hand in - even guard rails, they tend ot have bird poop We also take extra logs and little plastic bags - that way we will be able to replace a wet or damaged or full log.
  14. I would love to find one in a cache! I've always like them and for the last 2 months I've been searching them out, daughter wants to use a grouping on tables with flowers. (anyone have extras to sell) Even if I weren't collecting them for her I still love to find one in a cache. Personalizing them is a great idea, make the find even more fun!
  15. It was strongly suggested by a CO to change my post or he would delete it, I did change it but left some of the negative in it. I was visiting my son and he and his family joined me for a hunt in a park. It was a Sunday morning and we 1st noticed a few cars/trucks parked and what we could only guess were customers walking up to them and quickly walking away. Next we were close to GZ, I was showing them the how light pole skirts lift, no cache under there BUT zip-lock baggies with new hypodermic needles and other other drug paraphernalia were there. (my son called the cops) Then we had 2 homeless men approach us asking for money, had I been alone I would have totally freaked. The write up for the cache said it was a family friendly park and my email to change my write up reiterated the family friendly park. It may be true for other times of the day but obviously not 100% of the time. BTW - I ended up with a DNF even though we really looked for it!
  16. Reading the other posts I now understand that you were saying you would give the coords for #2 or #3 but would leave it to the cacher to pick one set of coords to use. I like that idea a lot!
  17. Why would you even bother with stage 2?
  18. Sometimes we leave something but almost never take anything. We most certainly didn't trade anything yesterday when I found an empty TicTac container in a cache.
  19. Wonder who did the research to peg us so perfectly. I hated the portrayal I don't know any cachers that while being questioned in a police station after finding a body would still be chomping at the bit to sign the log first.
  20. I would swap it out and let the CO know by email. I would hope he would let you know if he is no longer in the area of no longer caching. We have a local cacher that helps maintain and even replaced an ammo can on a hide that isn't his. We all love that he does this and lets us know all is well. Not often we come across someone like that! He's awesome. I can't imagine a CO objecting to the help.
  21. A walk in the woods isn't enough? Trails through trees and shrubs can be very peaceful, uneventful yes, but calming. Not to mention beautiful. Not every area of the country, state, town have spectacular views like they do in your area. Some towns don't even have green ways or trails through the woods so you make do with what you have.
  22. No offense to Scrabblers, but I'm constantly amazed at the cachers that have been at it for years that still think TBs have to be traded one-for-one to move from cache to cache. No offense taken. We know you can move them without leaving one, But there are so many cache pages that say NOT to take one if you can't leave one. And we did get a nasty email about not trading. We just ignored it.
  23. To the OP, out of morbid curiosity I looked at some of your posts. On the 6 or so I looked at, NOT ONCE did you thank the owner for placing it. I consider that more rude than not trading up. At least you write more than "found it" however you did complain about someone taking all the coins that should have been there. You have only been caching for 3 months, I suggest you do more caching than hiding to get a better feel for the "game" and how others play. Life and geocaching is what you make of it. We don't trade very often just leave a scrabble letter and sign the log. Don't shoot us but we have on 1 occasion taken a TB when we did not have one to trade, we did that because we were headed to another part of the country and wanted to give it some miles - I like it when mine get a good move.
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