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  1. That's a switch! Glad he knew enough about it to not try opening it as I might have done.
  2. Looking at your profile I can see why you want to piggy back on someone elses account.
  3. I would have no issue with a squirt gun considering the theme. Rubber knife should be okay.
  4. A lot of families have one name, you could either included them in the account you already have set up or set up a family account and log both the new one as well as your own. Depending on the age of your kids, they may want to get their own accounts so they don't have to "start over" when they are on their own.
  5. We have one here, the dwarfs are all over the town, each cache gives another part of the coords in code for Snow White. I enjoyed the series. One is in the parking lot behind Applebees, cachers that found it after I did that day said the manager came out and started giving away gift cards. Pretty cool - the CO knew nothing about it until she read the logs.
  6. Why would this be inappropriate when months of trying have gone by and no help/hints from the CO? Is it in the guidelines not to ask for help?
  7. Well, since I am not placing that cache anywhere (the OP was ashnikes), it is only natural that I would not have stated shere I intended to place the cache. It is just common sence that a large cache like that would not be behind an appartment in a bad area of town. Sorry, got the wrong name.
  8. Statue of Liberty is what I see. what that has to do with the cache I'm not sure, must be something in the area it relates to.
  9. If Andronicus would be more succinct when posting, responding would be easy. However this seems to be a trend with him for what ever reason. I'm sure we all have our guesses. How simple it would have been to state where he intended to place the cache.
  10. My first thought is all sandboxes unless covered are used as outdoor kitty litter
  11. I say no to all toys - who wants to take extra luggage to Europe to carry swag? They have dollar store items there so those things would not be unusual or special - they import from China, too .
  12. That would be one cache I would not reach out for. Once it got wet it would not only be smelly, uncomfortable to touch and the zipper rusted, bugs would be making it home - many bugs.
  13. I like the quarter idea. I found a postcard from Germany in a cache. It was really cool because it had a note written on the back in German along with their address asking for one from here to be sent to them. I really liked that.
  14. Irrigation head caches should ONLY be used if there are no real ones anywhere in the area. Bike trails and the like are interesting placed to put them, at first they don't stick out as not belonging, but one you think about the cache.... I work for a company that installs and repairs irrigation systems and one head being messed with often requires it to be reset which will cost the property owner. On the subject of property damage. We maintain the green areas around a food store. A cache was placed in a low shrub. Not under, but right in the middle, dropped down from the top. If it had just been a bison tube size it wouldn't have caused much damage except by over zealous cachers. But this one was a flimsy glad storage container and has done damage from being pushed down many times. I'm sure the CO did not get permission because the property owners are not overly cooperative. It was brought into the office once when pruning was being done (they asked if it might belong to the strange hobby I have) I contacted the CO and suggested they put a small replacement container there instead - not sure what they did.
  15. Over all it's cool The little red print and where the puzzle pieces are, it's hard for me to read. Pre ipod touch I hated these write ups because I printed everything and would have to cut/paste into a word document so I could clean it up to print without all the colors, un-needed text and pictures. Now that it's so much easier for me, I don't curse the author. I like some history or other fact included as long as it doesn't get too long, then I lose interest in the story.
  16. I have an elf door leaning against a tree with grasses around it. I attached a bottle form to the back of it to hold the log. I've gotten some good comments on it, not what you expect to find in the woods. I still have 2 left to put out...
  17. a quick search comes up with "the term muggles...." from May 30, 2010 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...&hl=muggles
  18. I'm glad there is a variety out there, something for everyone and to say one entire category is the bane of the geocaching existence is foolish.
  19. http://www.gpscity.com/video/etrexvistac.htm
  20. sorry you're having such a hard time. Wish you had joined when you first got the unit, many on here are knowledgeable on the tech side of the products. I have nothing but HIGH praise for Garmin, the products and the customer service. The reason I have given many times for only buying a Garmin IS the customer service! You may have to wait on the phone for a while but once you are on with them they take as long as you need. I spent close to an hour with them one time, they waited for me to restart my computer twice which with my old laptop takes quite a while. Besides being very helpful which is a huge thing for me, they are in Kansas. An hour on the phone with someone from overseas is exhausting so this is also huge for me. We started with the iQue years ago, had a few problems because we were new to the activity and very new to this kind of technology. After a 30 minute call to Garmin we got the hang of it. That unit did not have a compass which made caching with it frustrating, not the unit or company's fault, it was us. At one point - after the warranty ran out - it stopped picking up satellites and they still replaced it with a refurbished one and 8 years later still works but will not hold a charge. Heck, I don't hold the charge as well as I did 8 years ago either Besides the iQue, we have bought 3 units for driving (1 for each car, 1 lost somewhere, maybe in the house?) and the hand held we now use. Customer service is the main reason we continue to purchase from Garmin.
  21. As much as most hate nanos there is a place for them. GC1M520 We found an really cool small corner cemetery with an open iron gate. When placed back properly the nano looks like another bolt head. And it can be found by wheelchair cachers. This is the kind of place I'd like to be brought to, an interesting place that we've driven by many times without ever noticing.
  22. $2.49 if you buy 10 or more I got mine at: http://www.cacheboxstore.com/microcache/Nano/nanocache.html
  23. Germany and/or Austria. I'm assuming this trip would also supply the added energy and stamina to cache in the Alps?
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