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  1. I must be cranky today. To the OP, you wrote: "and sometimes its the same people with a half a dozed or more caches within reasonably small area, or some have over a hundred within 10 or 15 square miles........." I looked at your profile to see what area of the country you are in. New Jersey, I can see it being over saturated. However, you have found 5 and all 5 are placed by different cachers - so for the moment I don't see the point of pointing fingers at those that came before you and placed caches so you would have some to find. Don't worry, they do turn over and you will have your chance to place a great hide.
  2. I have one that has been enjoyed by some cachers. I decided to make a tacky cache more interesting I put it in a far corner of a WMart parking lot, decoy is under .... drum roll .... the lamp post skirt. In that pill container it reminds the cacher to use the hint which is "use perifial vision" and the real cache is in a shrub 2 steps away.
  3. Great pictures - thanks for letting us in on the trip
  4. If you have all your local ones downloaded in the GPS, stand where you want to hide one then check for the nearest cache. That should tell you how far away it is, if you are okay where you are standing or if you need to walk x ft away.
  5. Your enthusiasm is great! Post info on your nano, would love to see it.
  6. yup. that's what I feel like letting off steam.
  7. correction - just talked with the co who is also my next door neighbor, because of a post removal at the site it was changed to a bison tube last week. Still not an excuse to be lazy. However! at least he wrote more than TFTH
  8. I received a notification today that a cache I'm watching was found (3 of us got together and put out a group of caches so we have each others on a watch list) This particular cache is one of a number of reflectors next to a grassy area. It is not a nano or bison tube. This was what they wrote: "Tftc! Didn't sign, tired of unrolling micros. Lol. Great hide!" I could almost accept that if it were a nano but I know the log is folded in a little plastic bag and all you need to do is separate the back to back reflectors. To add to the annoyance factor, this finder has put out micro hides. Two came out yesterday. On a different note - the hider of this cache has done a number of reflectors, one is at the start of a green way, on the inside of a guard rail and it takes a few looks to realize a reflector doesn't belong on that side. Fun cache because of the confusion issue - okay, this was the first I saw like it, maybe the next one won't impress me as much
  9. Pictures please it sounds wonderful as do your travels
  10. I seem to remember DNFs indicated on the map some time ago.
  11. Wow. if all the changes suggested in the last few days were implemented the cache page would be full of confusing opinions Not only would we have the CO terrain and difficulty rating, we'd have various other numbers mixed in. And to add to that confusion we'd have numbers/stars of how much someone thought of the cache. We already have all that information if we take time to read the logs! I've read many that say it was a bit steeper than a 2 terrain or much easier to find that a 3 difficulty. Why muck up the page with it being listed in another spot? Judgement on terrain would vary from someone that goes to the gym 5 times a week calling it a 1.5 to casual walker calling it a 3. How would you indicate your own level of fitness when you give your opinion? Besides... many subjects on the forums have been about logs "TFTC". If we can only get that much on a log, how likely is it that they would get rated? Had we not gone after a LP cache we never would have found a beautiful meadow of flowers that took my breath away. So how would I rate that? It was not at the cache site But we passed by it 1/4 of a mile before ground zero.
  12. Reading the logs tells me all I need. If there are a lot of "tftc" than it's most likely unexciting. Even cachers that don't normally write long logs will express how great they thought one is.
  13. Most here will say you Must sign the log. I don't disagree with that, especially if the write up did specify needing a screw driver. However it's really up to the CO so I would contact them with the question and abide by their ruling.
  14. Yes, I would log it on your site if I took it. Depending on time constraints, I glance or read through the cards to see where they are from. Sometimes they are just nasty if the cache isn't 100% waterproof. Your's sound like they will withstand the weather. I often drop a Scrabble letter in a cache as a "calling card" but I see where some have been taken as swag which is fine since they aren't identified as a signature item. Other than engraving each little tile I have no idea how to show why I dropped it in. Most of the time I mention it when I log a find.
  15. a Ziploc bag of syringes under a light pole skirt. alerted the cops, had to explain what I why I lifted the skirt. Never found the cache
  16. you can get the premium membership for just a month $3? and straighten it out during that month.
  17. instead of 11 1/1s tomorrow, do 9 1/1s
  18. I just received this from a new cacher (26 finds): "Didn't sign the log, didn't wanna have to fight to put it back in hahaha. TFTC" His co-finder posted "Tftc!" Yes, it is a dreaded nano on a black gate leading to a very interesting little cemetery GC1M520 My thought is since he's pretty new I should just contact him explaining that in the future he needs to actually sign logs.
  19. Attach to something that makes you smile - but nothing you want back. Explain a little why you used what you did either on the bug or in the write up, that makes it more fun for the finder. Don't be discouraged if it seems to fall off the planet, that happens, we lost one in the back of our car once, took 4 months to come across it again. One I have was stuck someplace in January and made a move last week. Have fun with it, good luck!
  20. I've only been to one book exchange http://coord.info/GC19FGA When I found it the ammo can had been damaged. One of the pins was missing and someone had left a plastic bag sticking out. The cache was filled with books and water. I was able to dump the water but had nothing to put the books in to carry out so I left them, signed and put a new log in a new plastic bag that I had with me. Being on your property this shouldn't be a problem. I would feel a little uncomfortable walking around someone's yard hoping I was reading the coords right. But that's me.
  21. How many CO check cache logs against on line logs? I've only done it once and that was because of 5 DNF over a weekend and I hadn't been able to check on it. When I went out on Tuesday the cache was there and had been signed. (had I paid more attention I would have realized the 5 were part of 1 group)
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