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  1. "If you were a 6-year-old geocacher, would you want a pack of ibuprofen in exchange for your toy?" The 6 year old's parent might really appreciate the ibuprofen!
  2. I think it's great you let the CO know you took the time to do it. I would have liked for you to solve mine before the cache container was "borrowed" (anyone come across a modified horseshoe as a container?) I think I'll pick a few to solve "just in case" thanks for the idea.
  3. not going to be me! I bushwhacked in shorts to fix one of my own caches, my legs will never be the same. I only hope by Spring 2012 they will be healed - in time for the next shorts wearing season.
  4. Drop her at the mall for a X number of hours while you cache. OR for every hour she caches with you, spend the same time at the mall/place of her choice with her. As long as she doesn't resent your time away from her it seems like a non issue unless you don't like being away from her. In which case make sure she knows that!
  5. Don't push her, just make sure you invite her so she feels welcome but not pressured. Then enjoy the quiet alone time if she turns you down.
  6. Do you remember any of the caches you found back then? If you can pinpoint one that is still active you might find your name on there.
  7. We are all supervising them, aren't we? It takes a villiage, and all that... And who supervises us? Everyone has their own personality and on-line inflection doesn't always come across at any age. The End
  8. I did notice that when I looked at the profile map, later it came to mind that maybe the wrong date was entered. I guess if you're only going to have time for one cache a virtual would be a good choice since not much chance it's going to be missing. Arm chair or real, either way it's not going to change my life so I'll go mind my own business
  9. I can see that. Thanks for pointing it out.
  10. why did you only get one cache when you were in the US? since no one seems to be able to help you here, maybe each time you travel to another country you could plan to meet up with a local cacher and put one out together in the urban areas.
  11. I almost missed YBIndoors but was able to see him in a green shirt. Cool. Fun site but sure wouldn't want to have to drive that block on a regular basis!!!!!!!
  12. I got this post from one of our local groups and thought I'd share it: Hello Beatles Fans, I am in London, living just a couple of blocks from the studios where the Beatles recorded their Abbey Road album - with that famous cover photo of John, Ringo, Paul and George crossing the road at what is called a zebra crossing. Beatles fans from all over the world come here to walk that same crossing and write notes on the graffiti wall. Of course there is a geocache at the site, too (London - Beatles Abbey Road GC6F12). You can see this spot online, if you can't get to London yourself, thanks to a web cam that is constantly filming the crossing - and you can take a still photo from that camera if you like. You will see the video, then scroll down to some still shots that people have posted. Just above the lower left still photo - and below the date, is a string of icons. Place your cursor there and you will see your options. The link: http://www.abbeyroad.com/visit I will be at the crossing at 3:00pm today, Sunday, July 31st Eastern U.S. time (my 8pm), so stop by and I will say hello. YBIndoors John Addu -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Southern Piedmont Geocachers" group.
  13. I'm sorry, I edited my post. It's hard not to be a smart aleck on this one, especially when it's come up twice in a week. It's already bigger than I could ever have imagined! Let people find out about it in the same ways they've always found out about it. Except one of those ways wasn't always surfing the App store for Android or IPhone. These two threads are not the first time this has come up though. About a year ago, some guy wondered how we could "grow geocaching" from a social media standpoint, and had a proposal to integrate Geocaching.com with Foursquare. Yeah, that one went over real well. If I'm not mistaken - 3 in one week
  14. NO! NO! NO! Has this been "recruit the world" week? Lets hope August is "shhhhh" month
  15. Why add more to geocaching? Munzee different, just like that Way??? activity is. If you want to do more than one activity, fine, but why try to bundle it together?
  16. wear white so you can see them better - better yet! get those white paper suits and when you take them off no need to wash I brought a tick home on the plane one time. Went out caching, showered, dried off good with a towel, slept, showered and put on fresh clothes, flew home and found him stuck to my upper back. little brat.
  17. What is special about the trees or fence you put these on? What would be the fun in me telling you... come to Nottingham and find out for yourself . You'll find all my Munzees as well thought out as my up coming caches - when my containers arrive and I've even got ideas to link some of them into caches that I may come up with in the future. I"m just wondering if there are things to do/see at each location The ones I've put down so far are my favourite walks that I like doing and think that others would enjoy too. Some of these Munzees are in place biding their time until I receive some containers that I ordered about a week or two ago. A couple are in hiding places that containers just couldn't be for instance one of the walks is a country park with various large wooden statues of animals and insects around the place and Ive attached a couple to various statues. And this is another reason why I am not finding these munzees to be a good thing to tie in with geocaching, if people are going to have the audacity to deface public artwork. That is such a bad idea. I cannot fathom how you thought that might be OK to do. Even the one I found (I would not want to log it) stapled to the park kiosk was a bad idea, but to affix it to the sculptures is worse! Why would you do that!? THANK YOU, PLANET! +1 That was NOT the answer I was hoping for. I had a bad feeling this was the case. Now from what I can see, they are little pieces of paper attached places. Just how long are those scraps of paper going to last in the weather before they are litter or add to one of the telephone poles that have been used for yard sale signs, staples with little scraps of paper. ugh
  18. What is special about the trees or fence you put these on? What would be the fun in me telling you... come to Nottingham and find out for yourself . You'll find all my Munzees as well thought out as my up coming caches - when my containers arrive and I've even got ideas to link some of them into caches that I may come up with in the future. I"m just wondering if there are things to do/see at each location
  19. good grief! Is there anyone out there that has NOT heard of Google????? If those people want to continue caching but not use that other site it would be almost impossible to not happen upon this site. when you google opencaching this is the second item to come up: opencaching vs geocaching
  20. That's an awful comparison. People are born as wizards, and the wizarding world is hidden from non-wizards because they'd be in trouble if the muggles found out about their existence. All geocachers were muggles at some point. There's nothing wrong with geocaching and we don't have to be an underground community. You are the same people who come up with wild stories to tell muggles when they ask you what you're doing. I made some of my own posters, and I'm going to put them up around my area. To make achieve the maximum effect, I've listed the closest cache to each poster. Take that. I'm sure the CO of that cache is going to love you for that. Did you also put a big red X where the container is? Sorry CO but I can see your cache reported as missing in no time at all. There are topics about how we found out about caching - NONE say they saw fliers - IMO that just goes against the whole concept of the game. This is not a mainstream activity, kind of like unicycle riders - it's not for everyone. People may know it's out there but if they have no interest they don't pursue it. There have been plenty of news articles about geocaching, comments made in public, friends and coworkers that share experiences with non cachers and it's not hard to do a google search or even happen upon it in error. I'd like to know what the frog feels about his website being plastered around town. Again I'll ask the question : when someone puts their info on the pull off tabs, are they going to give classes or ????
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