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  1. Great story and outcome! I’ve lost containers in the past, usually I’m annoyed but not upset. I think these bothered me more because we were excited about them, were very particular about what the swag was. Locating the ammo cans was serendipitous. A fun adventure. Losing them left a bitter taste.
  2. thank you for reminding me why I’ve avoided these forums the last few years. In my opinion, 90% of the posters are judgmental and rude. I was not aware the threads were only allowed if they have questions. Thank you for the ideas on no pictures and no mention of container. Something good to consider.
  3. “The Girls” 5th series went out in early August.Less than four weeks later two ammo cans were reported missing. We did all we could to keep them safe. We made them premium, and we used reinforce wire to padlocked them to trees. “Heads Will Roll” (GC8AEP1) was an extra large ammo can (30 gal) filled with doll heads, bunches of stress balls and other goodies. The location is not one you would just happen upon. Partiers? Or someone looking for it? The wire was cut and one head left behind.“It Might Cost You an Arm and a Leg” ( GC8AEPP) was a regular size ammo canfilled with, well, arms and legs and appropriate swag; socks, bracelets, manicure sets and more. Oddly the wire rope and padlock remained around the tree, the handle must have been removed. These were ammo cans, contents, wire roping and padlocks. They cost more than pocket change but the results were well worth it and garnered great comments and favorite points.This is an investment we were more than happy to make for the fun and satisfaction of a great cache. Those that know us or our caches know we don’t put out skirt lifters, we put our heads together, use lots of imagination and laughter to plan these out for everyone’s enjoyment. This happened a month ago but I waited for the disappointment, frustration and irritation to diminish to write this. We are pleased that our core fans made the finds before the caches disappeared. The ammo cans were stenciled but of course could be repainted. So much work. Sad.
  4. This is the problem in a nutshell. This is why I asked for clarification. * ###### edited by me I still haven't seen an answer. Did I miss it?
  5. We won't really know. The OP asked what others meant about a Pen. The others were hoping the OP would give more detail what they meant and what it related to. But the OP never responded back on the thread. I was referring to the question asked in this thread. - re: the other thread, a pen is an odd thing to be asking about
  6. I've seen some moderator lightness (yes, I did see the joking right away) and moderator heavy handedly making statements in this thread. However I have NOT seen an answer to the OP question and the subsequent dialog. Is there no answer? Does it depend on what side of the bed a moderator gets up on that day? I rarely post here now but do read (not trolling). The things a few posters get away with saying, bashing other posters and positions, bother me to no end. Maybe they get warned but as of today they are still posting. Yet others that often give appropriate responses get kicked out, sure they may have been warned but there is no balance as to what you can get away with when posting. So..... Can we get an answer to the OP original question?
  7. Maybe we are a bit too anal but often we check after 1 DNF or if it's gone a long time without a find as well as do a run through on all our caches at least once a year to replace logs etc.
  8. The DNF was early 2012. That gives him 2 1/2 years to check on it. Not just one month.
  9. Doesn't look water tight. Best way to tell is put paper inside and weight it down under water or run it through the dishwasher.
  10. Early on they did have a blue frown face when you DNFed. I too wish it would come back.
  11. I have used several and they are doing well so far, none more than a year yet though. They are much better than film cans at least. I have also found a few and they also have been good although one of the "hinge" straps had broken; I have no idea how long the ones I found were out. I have used the containers you buy on a strip for left over kids paint, small but larger than a nano and the lid is attached. I've never had a problem with them. One is 5 yrs old. I've used a magnet, velcro or just alone in a pine tree that had a nice hole in a branch. I glued fake pine to the top and it worked for a few years until they took the tree down.
  12. Those are the worst. I think I bought a 30 pack of them when I started caching. Now I have 29 up for sale! Funny when I see all the geocaching containers for sale on Ebay using them saying they are water tight. I find these usually get wet because the log is too tall. A hint on that and even for nanos, cut a drinking straw the same height or a little shorter than the log. Then slit open the side of the straw and place around the log. It won't keep it dry but it's amazing how easily the log slides right out!
  13. At age 6 she is old enough to learn rules are there for a reason and as disappointing as it will be to move it, it's a good time to teach how to accept it and move forward. Prep work is necessary in life.
  14. The few found logs I looked at had pictures of the OP holding the cache container. Even double found it logs.
  15. Am I doing it wrong? I told someone else....I think it was yesterday.....that I click on my name in the upper right, and go under "recently viewed" and then click on "log it". Does that not put them in the right area to be seen by anyone else? Yes, you are doing it wrong. 1st of all please don't just enter "found it" "tftc" or similar that say nothing about your search, enjoyment, etc. After doing that you need to agree to the post. - I don't have the wording in front of me. Your best bet on finding out how to log a cache and how to make whatever changes you are talking about (I couldn't follow your question) is to go to the link that has been inserted in responses to your other threads. Or just go to the main GC page and open up "how to"
  16. If you write information in your logs, you will have a record of your adventures.
  17. I'd like to know if this FREE app is the same as the one I paid $10 for. I don't see a difference but that could be because I'm a premium member and pay yearly dues. Anyone know if it's the same?
  18. +++ 1 It becomes obvious that they have never come to the website and read the 'how to' of caching. I've gotten a few that have the smiley but a note saying they have not found it. Of course there's usually no way to contact them to find out which it is.
  19. CJ, very well explained! Good job.
  20. They really should just get their own accounts. I doubt you will always be together when caching, one may take a trip out of town/state without you.
  21. My comment was not so much on your logs but the quality of your cache container. A zip lock BAG is not an appropriate container in my opinion. I went to your profile page before commenting so I would have an idea where you are coming from. Most people that branch off from a joint account log the caches from that joint account into the individual one. I realize you may not have all your caches logged, I did not log a couple years worth, it happens. Again, I'm questioning what you will be teaching because of your experience that is documented on your page.
  22. Wait a minute! You only have only 8 finds, none of which have much of a log. You have 2 hides and your first one is just a zip lock bag? What are you planning to teach?
  23. obvious this guy has never been on here. Log: No directions to another cache
  24. Here's a log from a new, unvalidated, never visited the site cacher. He has 21 finds, but some are multiple, 3 smilies on one cache. Now mind you, the name of the cache says it's just to boost your numbers so you know what to expect: "I'm tired of the micros people!! We need some big ones!!" So, not sure if that's better than just using the auto message.
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