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  1. Hey, it never hurts to ask, right?? I'm still interested in it, do you prefer paypal, money order, etc? Thanks! Frog
  2. Thanks guys! I really appreciate your responses. Frog
  3. Howdy- Is the Blue Legend still available? If so would you take 50, if I arrange my own shipping? Thanks! Frog
  4. Howdy! Is the Explorist a 210, 400 500 etc? Still available? Sorry...I just noticed the 100...... Thanks!
  5. Howdy Newcomer to the hobby- and on a budget. I've found a Magellan Gold unit for sale locally, and am wondering if it would make a decent first handheld unit. My 2 kids absolutely love to go 'treasure hunting'. I was originally looking for a Legend, but came across this one for a deal. i just don't want to buy it, and then realize it's not as functional as the Legend. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks! Frog
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