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  1. I'm sorry to hear that you have so much trouble with your site :blink:.


    And this makes me doubting if I should bug you with my problem or not :ph34r:.

    But I would like to have also the opportunity to add some little hoppers - and all the other beautifull coins you (are going to) make - to my collection ...... but I still can't access the site ;).


    Although I must say that my boyfriend doesn't mind this too much ... this way I can't get us bankrupt on your desings :mad:.


    But I'm not willing to follow that aproiche :anibad:

  2. Or it has something to do with my provider or it's something related to my location (Europe), but I can't access the site. Nor at my work or at home (both are the same provider).


    I'll see if I can test it one off these days through another provider :laughing:.

  3. :P:DB) I felt in love with this coin. :):D :D


    I really would like to get my hands on those beauties, because I'm a very big Panda-fan.

    That's also why my nickname is "Pandabeertje" which means Little Panda in Dutch.


    Please keep me/us posted on how to get one or more of this very nice coins :grin:.

  4. I've paid for a set of coins which I never received, and I know it was not only me.

    Because the coin was never produced :).


    Look and you'll find the tread about it :(.


    But that's the only problem I got so far, and yes ... it made me a little bit more carefull when ordering pre-sales ;).

  5. I've given it up, have no clue where to start looking anymore :laughing:.


    And the last couple off days my live got in my way for puzzles :anicute:


    But I DID like the serie of puzzles and I hope that Mark is willing to send me an email with the correct answer for stage 7 :laughing:. This way I can learn his evil side even more for the next run :laughing:.


    Mark : AGAIN THANKS FOR THOSE LOVELY (but anoying) PUZZLES !!!

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