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  1. I'm sorry to hear that you have so much trouble with your site . And this makes me doubting if I should bug you with my problem or not . But I would like to have also the opportunity to add some little hoppers - and all the other beautifull coins you (are going to) make - to my collection ...... but I still can't access the site . Although I must say that my boyfriend doesn't mind this too much ... this way I can't get us bankrupt on your desings . But I'm not willing to follow that aproiche
  2. Or it has something to do with my provider or it's something related to my location (Europe), but I can't access the site. Nor at my work or at home (both are the same provider). I'll see if I can test it one off these days through another provider .
  3. Oh dadgum I missed out the first sale and now for 1 reason or the other I can't access your website anymore I get an "Gateway Timeout"
  4. Nice coins, makes me wanna go back on holiday to Scotland. In stead of leaving, I order 2 coins.
  5. I felt in love with this coin. :D I really would like to get my hands on those beauties, because I'm a very big Panda-fan. That's also why my nickname is "Pandabeertje" which means Little Panda in Dutch. Please keep me/us posted on how to get one or more of this very nice coins .
  6. I've got mine as well, can't wait to get it over here to see it in person. Thanks for letting us know that there ware some extra's to order.
  7. And what about us European people, I really don't like missing those nice desings from Tsun :lol:. But SLC is just a little bit to far to go to .
  8. Yeah, that would be great, because now I missed this nice coins as well
  9. I would love it. It's a very easy and clear way to see were your TB's and Coins are located.
  10. Please add me also on that notification-mail-list, because I don't want to miss on these nice looking coins.
  11. I've paid for a set of coins which I never received, and I know it was not only me. Because the coin was never produced . Look and you'll find the tread about it . But that's the only problem I got so far, and yes ... it made me a little bit more carefull when ordering pre-sales .
  12. Send out my reservation yesterday. Hope you got it. Thanks for the quick reply .
  13. I've given it up, have no clue where to start looking anymore . And the last couple off days my live got in my way for puzzles But I DID like the serie of puzzles and I hope that Mark is willing to send me an email with the correct answer for stage 7 . This way I can learn his evil side even more for the next run . Mark : AGAIN THANKS FOR THOSE LOVELY (but anoying) PUZZLES !!!
  14. OK, afther a "not so" good night sleep (Stage 7 was haunting me) I had another look at the info and send a new mail, which probably won't be the good one either And I should do some of my work for the next x hours BUT I'M STILL ENJOYING MYSELF
  15. Email send with my answers, hopefully they are correct . Thanks for ALL the fun you gave us Avroair !!!!!
  16. Worked on number 5, but now I really need to go to bed . Hopefully a good night sleep will give me some inspiration .
  17. YES , we managed to find the solution. No, lets wait and see if we send the right answer to Mark . We did say some nasty words while trying to fix this puzzle, but at the end we managed to get a nice solution. Thanks for all the fun your giving us .
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