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  1. Sorry to 'interrupt' here since I don't have one to add, but what's the GCXXX for that cache? I enjoy cemetery caches. A quick search yielded this cache: GCNB3Y Thanks. I wish I had checked that before posting (it didn't cross my mind for whatever reason).
  2. Sorry to 'interrupt' here since I don't have one to add, but what's the GCXXX for that cache? I enjoy cemetery caches.
  3. Yeah, the college is a public one. I'm not sure if the particular building is for public use in general though. Fortunately, I was an intern for the campus police my last semester there (August - Dec. of last year) so that'll make it easier I hope if it's them I need to get permission or just to let in on the placement. But thanks guys. I guess I'll start with getting in contact with the museum/archives head after I get an appropriate container. Hopefully that'll be as far as I need to go with permission.
  4. For a while now, I've been wanting to hide a cache somewhere. If and when I do, this will be my very first hide since I started caching last year. I have been trying to find a nice place to hide a cache that has something interesting be it a nice area and/or view or something of historical purposes or along the lines of that. The original place I had wanted to hide it is unfortunately blocked off from the public at the moment. Because of that, I have been trying to find a different place for a cache. Just a few minutes ago I realized what might be a nice place to hide one. It's at my former college, Delta State University. Where I want to place it is near a historical marker. Essentially it talks about how the Marshall Plan was originally revealed/unveiled/discussed by Dean Acheson at the college. There is one cache nearby but fortunately if I did get permission, the placement would fall beyond the minimum .10 distance. But the problem is, I don't have a clue who exactly to ask permission. Can someone give me an idea on who I would ask? Where I want to hide it and the marker are very close to the museum/achives building on campus (meaning, it's on the building's 'property'), so would asking the head of the museum be appropriate or the right thing to do? I want it all to go smoothly and not get myself or anyone in trouble and all that.
  5. I'm twenty-three and have been at this for nearly a year (actually, the 28th is my first full year date). There's a few other cachers around where I live that are 25 or younger. One was the person who got me into the game but I don't think he does this anymore. At least, the last time I checked, he hadn't logged into his account since last June. The others I haven't met. I actually emailed one of said people to see if he wanted to team up to find a cache in our town we had both not been able to find. He never replied though.
  6. Whenever I log my visit online, I always try to write at least a few sentences. I've just always preferred doing that instead of simply "TFTH". I like to share what my hunt was like and details surrounding me searching like what led up to me searching for it. And I like to mention in the log if the given cache is now one of my milestones. Like my first out of town find, which was Stoneville Cemetery In that cache, I mentioned what time I found it, what I did immediately after (checked out an angel statue seen in a gallery photo) and the fact that I decided to come look for it while the rest of my family was setting up my three year old niece's party stuff (don't worry, the cache only took a few minutes. The rest of the time I spent my time there). I even mentioned the fact that several cars drove by in the somewhat remote area and that I probably seemed odd walking along a fence in a cemetery. My point is, if I'm going to find the cache, my log is going to be much more than a single word or acronym. If I'm going to find it, I want to share my experiences. If not for anyone else, but just for me to remember down the road. I want to add to the history of the cache, I guess.
  7. Yeah, I can understand where you're coming from but deleting logs because they don't live up to your standards is silly. If people have something interesting to share, they'll share. Besides, they found the cache. Whatever they want to write is what they want to write. They found it. They deserve the smiley if they want to sign the online log.
  8. 'Hiding' is something I've been wanting to do for quite a while now. I even have a container and a logbook to sign all ready to go. I just have no where to place the container yet. I did have an area I wanted to hide it (w/ permission of course) but unfortunately for the time being that area has been locked off from public use due to river issues. I look forward to being able to place my first hide though, wherever it will be.
  9. Fortunately, I have not had any crimes committed involving myself. And I really hope that it stays that way. I'm sorry to hear it happened to you.
  10. I can't say for my whole state (Mississippi) since I've only found eight caches and, not counting the one found in Florida, all have been in the Mississippi Delta area. Of the ones I have found, I guess my #1 suggestion would be Dockery Plantation. This is a former 10,000 acre cotton plantation and is supposedly where the Delta Blues musical genre was born. I'm not sure if it's the kind you're looking for though.
  11. Thanks for mentioning that cache. If I'm ever up in that part of Tennessee, that will have to be one of the caches I go look for. It's now on my watch list.
  12. Wow! You ran into other cachers on your first hunt? I don't think I ran into other cachers until I'd been caching for two years or so... and even now after caching for eight years, I think I've only (randomly) run into other cachers two or three times. That's really unusual. Jamie That sounds a lot like me. I've been at this for almost a year now and I still have not encountered any other cacheres whatsoever. Of course, that is not counting the person who told me about the game (but as far as I know doesn't do this anymore as he hasn't logged in his account since last June)
  13. Well, silly me. It's been so long since I used the advanced search feature that I completely forgot that that was doable. Thanks for pointing that out.
  14. Do you ever plan on coming to the Mississippi Delta area, by chance? If you do, however unlikely, let me know and if you want, maybe we can cache around here together.
  15. I've been into caching for a year now (with a lot less finds than I had figured I would have by now but I never seem to have much chance to go). I've known about the grandfathered caches for mostly ever since I first looked around on this site. But lately, I've found myself really wanting to try a virtual cache. I know they're no longer allowed as far as new ones go and I'm not sure how popular they are or were. But I'd just like to try at least one if nothing more than just for the heck of it. The only one I know of is the one at the Bruce and Brandon Lee's gravesites, Enter The Dragon. But that's quite a good distance from where I live (nearly 2,000 miles away). I was wondering, does anyone have a list of the virtual caches that are still active on Geocaching.com?
  16. My first find was almost a year ago for Bear Pen Tennis Court that has now been archived due to a rise in activity at the park. [June 29, 2008 by DarthJustice] "Went to walk at the park this morning and looked for it afterwards. Took a minute but finally found it!" Coincidentally, the friend, Sunman85, who got me into this game found it ten days/two logs before me. Looking back, I guess I should have (and wish I had) mentioned it was my first cache when I posted the log.
  17. I think I would look for Professor Poopypants, Part Deux instead of Orange. Even if the cache isn't great the name is a hoot. Don't worry. If I at all can, that's on the list of the caches I'm going for as well.
  18. In a few days, I plan on taking a short vacation from my native Mississippi to the Fort Walton Beach, Florida area. While there I plan on trying to do at least a little caching. If I have any success and find at least one, this will be the first time I'll have found a cache out of state. That would have happened last year when I went to Gulf Shores, Alabama but unfortunately I was unable to find the cache. Most likely, my 'first out of state cache' will be a cache named Orange. And yes, I'm well aware that it's not exactly the most popular cache type here. But I only take a vacation once a year and I don't know if I'll be back here again any time soon so I figure why not. So what about you all? What was the first out of state cache you found? Or, if this hasn't happened yet, do you know the cache that you are planning on letting be the first out of state one? I'm curious.
  19. Hi, just wanted to welcome you to geocaching! I hope you continue enjoying it for a long time. I don't think I've ever passed any possible geocachers and, other than the person who introduced me to this, I know I have never met any unfortunately. But anyway, again, welcome to the club lol.
  20. So far, the longest time between my find and the finder before was exactly two months to the day. I found Stoneville Cemetery April 25th, 2009 and the finder before me found it February 25th, 2009.
  21. I don't really mind cemetery caches so long as they're respectfully done, as stated numerous times. One of my first finds (#6) was located in a cemetery about a five minute drive from my sister's house. It was in the cemetery but it was placed a good distance from any graves. I'm glad the cacher placed it there as it was one of the many places that, if not for geocaching, I likely would have never visited. I paid my respects after finding it and headed on. I've actually even thought about placing one in a cemetery myself in a very close cemetery to my house. I can definitely understand the reasoning some people have when they talk of 'if nothing more than to bring people out there to actually visit and pay respects' For example, there's this small, presumably old cemetery literally down the street from my house. Maybe a two minute drive. The sad thing is that the cemetery isn't THAT taken care of or visited. What I mean is that very rarely do I see any visitors there and the grass will often times become overgrown. It's usually not until the grass starts overtaking the graves (and I'm talking about the tombstones themselves) that the city cuts the grass. I think it's sad.
  22. Yep: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...40-a9adb6a50ba8 You know, if I'm ever in New Orleans (I only live around 5 or 6-ish hours from there), I'll have to make it a point to go look for that cache. It seems really interesting, especially with the views seen in the pictures.
  23. The farthest one away that I have found just so happens to also be my very first out of town find. And it's very small compared to the distances that I've seen in the topic. It's Purposefully Pass this Predictable Pole Cache IV and it is 51.6 miles east of where I live. I found it on March 4th earlier this year.
  24. So I've been wondering lately. Does anyone know the user on here that has logged the most finds? I recall hearing a while back about this person but I can't remember who it was or if he really was/still is. It seems like they said the person was from San Francisco. Whatever, I can't remember. Does anyone know who the user with the most finds is? There's no real reason I want to know other than just wondering.
  25. Did you read through the past logs on that cache? Did any of the latest finders indicate whether the TB was still in the cache? It might still be in the cache, or it might've been picked up and not properly logged out. I wish that was a rarity Either way, it's worth the trip to retrieve the bug or to verify for the bug/cache owner that it's no longer in the cache it shows in. Bruce I actually did just that earlier today (checking the logs) and saw no mention of the TB. Someone mentioned getting a coin since its placement but no TB. So it very possibly has not been logged properly. I suppose the only way to know for sure short someone referencing it is to see for myself. And hopefully that will be relatively soon.
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