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  1. I didn't go to any events or anything. But I did find two caches along a stretch of road yesterday afternoon while visiting family in another town. Funny is that these two are actually the second and third caches I've found on this same road this year.


    That's about all my 10-10-10 "event-ing" there was for me yesterday.

  2. The easiest one I haven't found and still don't know where it is is one located actually a little over a mile from my home.


    Mississippi Blues Trail - Peavine


    It was placed on June 27 and at the moment I'm writing this, there are four finds and one DNF. I'm the only DNF. The thing is, according to the hint, it's a magnetic keyholder so there are very very few places it could be out there.


    It's right by the parking lot according to Google Earth's image and right there is only the following: a bench, a garbage can, a "Dead End" sign, and a marker talking about the trail.


    My father and I have been out there twice looking for it while everyone else found it seemingly with ease on their first visit. I'm going to hopefully head out there tonight (it's across from some businesses) to see if we can find it.

  3. I believe I had heard about geocaching before this somewhere but I can't remember. But as for what *got me into* geocaching....


    It all started just a little over two years ago in June of 2008. A friend had come over and we were hanging out in my bedroom. He happened to mention geocaching and asked had I heard of it. He told me about this website and we went to it.


    At the time, he had found two with some of his friends around our town. I ended up creating my account on June 21, 2008 and found my very first cache exactly one week later on June 28th (that cache has long since been archived).


    You guys make me feel horrible with your many finds in a relatively short period of time when I look at mine haha.


    One thing I find funny is that, two years later, I'm still geocaching and the friend who got me into this in the first place apparently gave up not long after and stopped altogether after two finds. He hasn't even logged in since June 2008.

  4. There was a cache in an area by me that had been disabled for 6 months, no notes, nothing.


    There's a cache in my area that, no joke, has been disabled for a little over *two years* with not so much as a note since either. I was actually thinking about it the other day and how it's doubtful he'll replace it at this point given the time frame. He hasn't even logged in since this previous January.


    As for the topic on hand, I guess I'd just do a NA log. That's just me though. But if it was of some sort specialness, then maybe.

  5. Excellent!


    View Carre in New Orleans is one of the most celebrated and 'must-do' bookmarked caches in the South. The CO is the building manager and he or one of the staff take you to the roof to find it.


    Note on that cache page how he lists availability hours and contact information.


    Go for it. :D


    I was actually thinking of that cache when I read the first post and was planning to mention it myself. That's definitely one cache I plan on doing if I'm ever in New Orleans (I live around 6 hours away). With the way everyone raves about it, it sounds really fun and great.


    That said, I say go for it if you can.

  6. I know what you mean. I found my first cache in 2008 (actually almost two years to the day at the time of posting this).


    I could literally count on one hand (and have fingers left over!) the number of new caches that have been placed in my area since I started. That's part of the reason I don't have any more finds than I do (which is embarrassingly low).


    That said, the nearest cache I haven't found is literally almost right down the street from my house just about a mile away. But, for reasons, I have not found it and will not look for it again.


    The second nearest is across from the police dept. in my town. I've looked for it several times before but have yet to find it.

  7. A personal favorite of mine was finding a cache that turned out to be a lead pipe as part of a series based on the game Clue (the pipe was the "murder" weapon). I had to locate several caches first in order to determine the final location of the murder weapon. Very clever, and it might give you an idea or two for something similar.


    That sounds awesome! I wish I could do that one but no doubt it's thousands of miles from my home (the ones I really want to do always are, it seems). I don't suppose you have the starting GC# on hand?

  8. I've only found nine and none of them have been FTF. There was actually one placed like a mile from my house in December '08. I had initially planned on that being my first FTF.


    For some reason, it was six or seven months before I got around to attempting to look for it. And of course by then it had been found a few times.

  9. For a while now, I've been wanting to hide my first cache. I do have a very few places so far in mind of locations I'm interested in. I mistakenly believed to do so, you had to have explicit permission. Of course there ARE places where that's required but according to the guidelines page I was just looking at, it says "adequate permission" and not "explicit permission".


    So, what exactly constitutes "adequate" in these cases for those of you who are experienced hiders? I figure places like private property or someone's house or a business, you would be best off outright asking someone who can give it for permission. Basically anywhere where "getting in trouble" might happen.


    I guess I'm just wondering, are there places where asking for permission isn't required? Like public parks, would you need to physically ask someone or is the fact it's a public park and a place intended for fun and games enough? Would places like that be in that category?


    If not, what exactly is it? I guess I'm just a bit confused about this part of the process as I've seen people talk about not necessarily having to get explicit since there's implied (which is mainly what has confused me). I just want to be very clear about this and what I need to do.

  10. I have 2 hides. One is underwater off the side of a dock, and the other is a solar-powered lampost in the middle of the woods at the end of a 3/4 mile hike and about 500 foot elevation rise. I don't plan on doing tons of hides, but I do plan on all my hides being different. Spent over $50 for parts and stuff for each hide to make them just right, and they have both gotten excellent reviews. So don't worry about doing lots of hides, just make neat hides!


    Is that the one you named "Narnia Bidniss!"? I think so but I want to be sure. It sounds interesting and one I want to do whenever I'm up in OR to find the original cache. I'm adding it to my watchlist.

  11. And I'm back in my car. Not worth it. Not even close.



    Sorry to hear your first trip back into caching went wrong. Fortunately for me, I have yet to encounter a hide like that (at least in the few places I have been so far) but recently I did have a DNF that I posted for the above reason.


    I had gone to look for this cache named "Peavine" that's less than a mile from my home. I had been planning on getting around to getting this ever since it was posted but it wasn't until earlier this month I was able to get around to it.


    From what I gather, the cache is in a somewhat secluded area where it is surrounded by a lot of trees and brush. So much that you can't even see the area from the nearby street when you drive by.


    Well I was heading towards it on foot (it starts off on a walking trail that ends before you get to the general area it's in) when I started hearing loud barking.


    The next thing I knew three large dogs were running up the 'hill' and ganged up on/surrounded me. Looking back maybe they were just friendly because they weren't growling or attacking or anything.


    But still, I HAVE been attacked and nearly killed once before by a dog (who started off the exact same way). And I wasn't about to have three dogs following me into a secluded area while running that risk. So I just turned around and went home.

  12. I live in DeSoto County, so we spend a lot of caching time in the Memphis/Shelby County area in TN, as well as our time in MS.


    I would suggest signing up on http://www.msga.net/, the Mississippi Geocacher's Association website -- post this there, and you will likely get a good list.


    Also, there are a lot of caches around Grenada and Enid lakes -- check those areas out -- if they are anything like the hides around Sardis Lake, you will have a lot of fun!


    Thanks for the suggestion. I'm a member of MSGA.net, so I'll post on there about this as well.

  13. So I live in the Mississippi Delta. I started caching last June when a friend (but hasn't logged into his account here in nearly a year) introduced me to geocaching. Unfortunately, for various reasons (most of which don't relate to geocaching itself but have a part in it), I haven't been able to find too many caches in my almost first full year.


    After reading the post about what caches people would recommend in LA, I wondered the same for Mississippi.


    So yeah. Are there any caches here in MS that anyone would recommend?


    Even though I've only found one so far, I can tell that I would really enjoy finding more (and I have several on my watchlist to find at some point) cemetery caches. So those would be a definite for me if you happen to have one to mention.

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