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  1. On 4/22/2020 at 9:16 AM, hzoi said:

    On the other end of the spectrum, there are plenty of experienced cachers who use the same copy/paste log for all of their finds on a particular day, or trip, or ever.


    You just sparked a memory for me. There used to be a small group of cachers just like this in my area prior to my recent long hiatus. It got to the point that if I ever saw their logs in my email from caches I had been watching or something, I'd just immediately delete the emailed logs from my inbox. They're logs (each person and every single log) were word for word exactly the same. Always. So you're right...it's not always new cachers.

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  2. I believe I might have heard about it somewhere before in passing but didn't give it much thought. I think I had just heard the name but nothing else.


    Then, coincidentally, not long after in June 2008 an old friend of mine (one where we are no longer friends--long story) came over. While we were hanging out in my bedroom, he brought geocaching up and told me he and a group of his friends had recently started, though he was only into gcing for a few days and only found two caches. We checked out the site. It was later that month that I found my first cache in a local park. It was called Bear Pen Tennis Court but has now long since been archived (actually almost three months to the day after I found it).


    As for when I hid my first, it was around the time I had found my 15th cache last year or the year before (yes, I'm aware I have a pretty low find count for how long since I found my first cache lol). I actually had placed it in the same parking lot my first find was in. I had to archive it though.

  3. Copy and paste logs for every single cache you find is one for me.

    -Not even for power trails or whatnot. But EVERY single cache you find. There was a group of cachers in my general area that are/were horrible about doing this. It honestly got to the point that I whenever I got multiple logs in my email from them (from caches I was watching), I would just delete all but one because I had seen them log enough that I just knew every one of the logs, word for word, would be exactly the same. I got tired of going through more than one log of the same sentence or paragraph.

  4. Well, for what it's worth...


    I found my first cache back in 2008, after a friend--crazy enough one I'm no longer friends with--officially introduced me to geocaching. I say "officially" because I think I had heard about it in passing before, but it was him telling me about it and how he and a few people he knew had recently started. He no longer caches (he was one of the "short lived" cachers, it seems).


    I realized about a week or two ago that, admittedly while I haven't found all that many since 2008, I haven't found any caches whatsoever this year. My problem is I don't live in a terribly heavy cache area, most of the ones here I've found all the ones I want to go look for (so far), and unfortunately for various reasons I can't just pick up and go to the places where there are more that I haven't found but would like to look for, which is a story I'd rather not get into.


    Though I wouldn't say I haven't been part of the game at all though since I did hide one earlier this year. But the last one I did find was over a year ago, back in June of last year.

  5. Sounds like a fun series. As a superhero fan, I know I'd love to try a series like that. I assume you have an idea as to which villain you'd choose to be the killer for when people solved it? Or have you not decided officially yet? Not that I'm asking you to give it away of course.


    Maybe one way you could handle it is each cache could be placed somewhere. Each location could be specific to a certain villain. Like a field = Scarecrow, maybe a carnival (or somewhere that stays and is appropriate) = Joker, an ice producing place (the kind where you buy ice...I've seen individual "buildings" in parking lots of stores that are solely for making and buying ice but I don't know if these are everywhere) = Mr. Freeze and so on.


    Ultimately, the final cache could be at a generic spot and you have to figure out which supervillain is left and the one that's left could be the killer.


    Of course that's just an idea that immediately sprung to mind. Like, you wouldn't have to explicitly point out the fact that each place "represents" a villain but let the person figure out (whatever hints you want to provide would be up to you).


    Like, "Hmm...a field. What villain could possibly be related to a field?"


    Perhaps a list of suspects could be provided. But that might make it TOO easy. I'm not certain *shrugs*


    Just a thought.

  6. I believe I might have heard about it in passing before, but the first time I really looked into geocaching was back in June 2008. A then friend (we kind of just drifted apart, I suppose) and I were in my bedroom and he brought it up. He and a group of his friends had gone recently and he suggested I look it up on the geocaching website, which I did.


    Found my first cache in a local park's parking lot (which later became the location of my first hide two years later) that same month. Four years later, here we are.

  7. I always love the geocaching "cache walk"... Go to the right, go to the left, look at your gps, circle back 3-4 times, spin in circles re-calibrating your GPS, and rinse and repeat. Numerous times my BF and I get cars that drive real slowly past us, especially when we're re-calibrating our GPS as the same time. 2 adults, spinning in circles.. What? this isn't normal?? :lol:


    That reminds me of my first out of town (or was it my second?) cache that I found. It happened to be in a very wide opened Wal-Mart parking lot in the northwestern corner. After finding it and signing the log in my car, several cars made it a point to drive by my car to see what I was doing. I say that because all of them went COMPLETELY out of their way to do so. lol. Mind you this parking lot also had only one entrance/exit....way on the opposite side I was on so none of the cars had any reason to be driving by where I was parked.

  8. I've only found a very few (at least looking at how long since my first find) but I would have to say it's pretty close between two caches:


    1) Stoneville Cemetery - Obviously, this is a cemetery. One I never would have set foot in if not for the cache there. It's fairly close to my sister's house.


    2) Dockery Plantation - This is a small place a few miles from my house. Supposedly, the Delta Blues music style was born here. The man who owned this cotton plantation in the 1800s reportedly was actually pretty well liked among all of his workers so I've read. I've passed by this place countless times and had never stopped here until looking for the cache. It's a pretty cool place and even has a still used church on the property.

  9. Have a very difficult time with the "stealth" thing...more than once...we've had people slow down...and some (in cars) actually drive past a little and then stop...and FOLLOW us!!!


    We TRY to be stealthy...but, just don't really get it. how DO you get some of these caches in high muggle areas!!! We've abandoned many due to this!


    That reminds me of one of the first five caches I found. #4 I think. It was a lamp post cache in a Wal-Mart parking in a town I somewhat frequent. There's only one entrance to the store and we were on the other side of the parking lot from it.


    My mother (who had come along with me that day--which is why I was at Wal-Mart that particular time) and I were parked beside it and I was signing the log.


    Several cars made it a point to drive by. Clearly to see what we were doing due to us being well out of the way of a typical path the cars should have taken to leave the parking lot :laughing:

  10. I'd be interested in hearing that story too Max. PM me if you can share privately. I have several finds and one hide (well, other people mentioned it so why not lol).


    Speaking of which, my one hide was stolen back in January or so. Truthfully, I'm more surprised it lasted as long as it did because many of the finders (I'm not telling this out of any hostility or anything--just as a factual observation) didn't hide it back the way it should and left the magnetic keyholder out in the open where anyone could see it. Only painting a sign reading "HERE I AM!" would have made it more obvious. It was at a park in/on a tree and it just so happens soccer equipment was set up. So I'm guessing one of these happened: 1) park employee(s) saw it and threw it away/took it home (2) an adult saw it and said "Hey, I could use a magnetic keyholder!" and there it went or (3) a kid saw it while playing.


    Oh well. It wasn't too hard to replace but still sucked.


    And then just a few days ago, I had someone post on my Youtube vlog (hey, I enjoy it) saying they were a cache maggot and enjoyed going around stealing caches because it made people like me so butthurt over it (apparently, someone calmly talking about something in a no big deal way is "butt hurt") and then proceeded to call me a....well, let's just say a derogatory word for gay people that somewhat rhymes with "rabbit" (you can figure it out).


    I gave him no reaction he obviously wanted, blocked him, and moved on with my life. Unfortunately, it does happen. Sorry about yours going missing. Hopefully it won't happen again or if it does, it won't be for a long time.

  11. Given that I only have 16 finds, I don't have much to choose from. I'd say my find known as "Whistle Stop" would one of the two most unique ones I found. Of course it's been archived now since the building it was behind as burned down not too long ago.


    You know those magnetic stickers on metal objects? Ones with serial numbers? The log was hidden behind that--you had to peel it off and get the log.


    The other was my only cemetery find located IN the fence post (the top came off the post).

  12. I think I had heard about it prior but not sure if I really did or where. But the first time I heard about it and actually checked geocaching out to see what the deal was was one day in June 2008, a friend was over at my house. We were talking and he happened to bring it up and asked had I ever heard of it. He and some friends of his had started doing it not long before.


    Checked this site out. Found my first cache a week after joining. Coincidentally, that particular cache was archived three months to the day after I found it. In it's honor, my first hide was in the same parking lot (it's in a park, not THAT "kind" of parking lot with a cache so many people seem to dislike lol).


    Oddly enough, the guy who got me into geocaching stopped shortly after I started.

  13. I think I had heard about it somewhere as a passing reference before but I can't remember for certain. The first I know for sure I heard about geocaching was from an old friend of mine back in 2008. He was over at my house and we were hanging out in my bedroom. He brought it up and we came to the geocaching website.


    He wasn't into this for a long though, so it seems. He hasn't logged in since June 2008, the same month he registered his account.

  14. 2. FTF a cache more than a year after it was published. Do it more often. (I've got just the ticket for that. In fact, I leave tomorrow.)


    Sheesh, what cache was that? Must have been a difficult one or something for it to take a year to be found for the first time.


    As for me, my current goals (subject to increase) are:


    1) Find at least one cache in every county of my home state of Mississippi


    2) Log the only active webcam cache left in my state, The Bulldawg Cam


    3) Find at least one cache in every state of the United States, preferably the oldest in each to knock out two goals with one stone.


    4) Log at least one cache in Rodney, MS--a town that was nearly my state's capital but is now, more or less, a ghost town.

  15. My first hide was actually hidden Saturday morning and approved Monday afternoon so yes, it's still active.


    It's called A Walk In The Park and is in (or at least just literally off to the side of) the parking lot in this particular park.


    I actually placed it there for a personal reason--this same parking lot once held the cache that was my first *find* back in 2008. So I thought what better place to put my first *hide*? Kind of an "in honor/memory of" sort of thing lol.

  16. I hope I won't get skewered for this but I have a question. First let me point out I'm not the most knowledgeable person on GPS's, having gotten my first one back in April.


    I have a Garmin Nuvi 205w with a pedestrian mode. I want to hide a cache at a local park literally just by the parking lot there. Not really thinking there would be any issues, I got several coordinates over several days at different times. Each one, when viewed on Google Earth and MSN live maps, brought me into nearly right on top of where the spot I'm wanting to use is.


    However, this morning I saw some saying that car GPS's aren't accurate enough while a few others stated something along the lines of if it has a pedestrian mode, then it's fine.


    So I'm a bit lost on what to do, I hate to say. Is this fine since the coordinates I'm getting seem to be fairly accurate...? Or do I need to just wait until I can buy a handheld model? I'm not sure what to do or what to believe.


    This seemed to be the most appropriate place to ask since it's really more to do with the GPS than anything but if not, I'm sorry in advance.

  17. A car GPS is a poor choice unless it has a pedestrian or hiking mode.


    From what I hear, Nuvi's with pedestrian mode are fine. I mean Garmin wouldn't add the feature and call it Pedestrian mode, if they didn't expect people to get out of the car and walk with it, right?


    I have a Garmin Nuvi "car" GPS and it does have a Pedestrian mode in it. So it *would* be accurate enough to hide a cache? I was hoping to get a cache going soon but now I'm not totally sure if I should go with it and just wait until I get a handheld GPS :-/.


    I know it probably doesn't count, but I guess I'll throw out that using it I got coordinates over several different days at different times at the spot and each one when typed into Google Earth and MSN Live Maps brought in to the very immediate area, if not just a foot or two off.

  18. This is a somewhat random thing I got to thinking about recently.


    I found my first geocache on June 29, 2008 although I have far less finds today than you probably would imagine. My very first find was called Bear Pen Tennis Court. This cache is no longer active and was actually archived three months to the day from the day I found it that year.


    I recently got to wondering how many other cachers here have their first finds still active or archived. So is your first find still active? Or is it archived?

  19. There's actually a cache near me like what the OP talked about that has been disabled for a long time despite having a note stating it will be replaced as soon as possible.


    Here's the kicker: No joke--it's been disabled for approx. 2 years 7 months.


    Being that the cache has been disabled since March 2008 and the CO hasn't even logged in since January of this year, I think it's pretty much safe to say the guy has no intention on replacing it anymore.


    Since no one else seems to plan on doing it, I guess it's up to me to NA it.

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