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  1. Here's a mission for you: we have a couple of TBs in need of rescuing. Unforuntately they are abductees, rather than just being stranded in a remote cache, so I'm not sure that there's much hope for them: His Addictions, picked up by Zippy & The Crew from the Neighborwood cache in South Carolina on March 11, 2005. He has only logged one cache since then (and it was a micro, so he couldn't have dropped the bug there). Has not been to the GC site since April 2, 2005. Did not respond to email sent in June and October. Her Addictions, picked up by Winston_Smith from the Lebanon Travel Bug Hotel in New Hampshire on April 23, 2005. He listed the TB pickup in the cache log, but never logged the TB itself. He has not logged a cache since the the day after that, but still logs on to the site -- his last visit was Nov 5, 2005. Did not respond to email in May and July. Email sent in October bounced back as undeliverable. If anyone knows these guys, or knows someone who knows them... Hello I got started with His addictions. I have sent Email to Zippy & The Crew and posted on South Carolina Geocachers Association Forum. http://www.iscga.org/a/index.php Zippy & The Crew have only cached in Columbia SC and mostly in zip codes 29169 and 29171. We will see where this goes.
  2. I have seen many logs show up online months after the cache was found. Some people travel and log afterwords. Others save up a bunch to log on rainy days. None of my friends or family that I take to caches have online accounts so I will log a note for the visits, therefore, you will never see their names anywhere but the log book. A friend of mine has taken his friends and family to caches in the local park for them to find. I did not know anything about the visit until his father-in-law said something about my cache and wanted to know more about the GPS. I have a friend that only logs TB's and really spectacular caches. I have ask him to start logging out of courtesy but he does not like to be on the computer anymore than he has to when not working.
  3. I have had similar results. I have gotten one friend interested but he already had a GPS. Another friend is going with me tomorrow and He has told me that if I buy him a GPS he would "get into this geocaching thing with me", His daughter really likes it. My nephew (10) and my nephew's cousin (12) will go with me just about anytime I offer. My nieces want to go when they spend the night. But their parents are not real interested in purchasing a GPS just to cache. I have probably gotten better responses from strangers that I encounter while caching, so I always keep several brochures with me to hand out.
  4. I just finished my masters in Psychology and I am not about to delve into the minds of cachers, but feel free to contact me and ask away. I can't get my wife into the habit of calling me Master Joe!
  5. Here is a link to explain what Hurricaches are. Those are some great pictures, it is great to see so many people back out in the LA area. I am glad to see that some of the hurricaches are being distributed, too bad more people could not make it to the event. Y'all are still in the thoughts and prayers of all of us at River Valley Geocachers.
  6. I already try to rescue TB's as a hobby so I am interested in helping in the River Valley Region of West KY, Southern IL, South East MO and North West TN. I am an active member of the River Valley Geocachers and frequently communicate with members of 5 other groups in the surrounding states. If you like the idea I have even set up a frappr map to make it easer to locate others.
  7. This is one of the best deals I have seen lately They also have the Legend C outdoor pack for $299.00 They sell on Ebay a few dollars cheaper as well.
  8. I use Paypal The paypal option is below the credit card option here. "If you don’t wish to use PayPal to subscribe you can send a check or money order for $30 payable to Groundspeak to the following address: Groundspeak ATTN: Subscriptions 24 Roy St PMB 321 Seattle, WA 98109-4018 "
  9. I place my caches because I want you to see the bluffs, the rock formations, the creek, the waterfall, the moss covered rocks, the arch, the petroglyphs, the petrified wood, and the largest sand stone cave in north America, as well as seeing the mushrooms, the flowers, the fallen leaves, the ripples in the water, the squirrel, the dear, the birds, the inscets........ I do not want you staring at your GPS and digging in a stump every .10 mile. I want you to stop along the way and investigate things that you discover, not a rock I covered a cache with. There is so much to see and new things to discover on every hike you take, you just have to learn how to get yourself to see them. Rarely do I go out without discovering something new and I alway try to talk about what everyone liked the most and learned from the outing. I have a friend, a bit ADHD, and he wants Yosemite Valley around every bend. He likes things grand. Ten years ago a walk in the woods turned into a nonstop power walk because he kept going in search of the grand view - everything else was the same old trees he has seen his entire life. After a few years of just began stopping and making him come back to see a flower, or insect, or whatever, he has learned to enjoy local walks now. While hiking in September I was amazed, he was pointing out mushrooms, and insects to me - It is like hiking with a different person now. So come take a hike with me, I will take you to some great caches and try to help you enjoy the journey as well. GEO.JOE
  10. Well then, I would say this is not the best place to get an answerer to your questions. Only a very small percentage of the cachers visit these forums and the owners of caches on NPS land are very unlikely to see this post before it drifts off to the next page in a day or so. A better question would be: Does anyone know of a cache placed on NPS land? If so please post the cache information here. Like Bluejaytoo has done. You can now check out that cache and contact the cache owner and cache approver directly to get the specific answers you are seeking. You can do zip code searches near NPS lands and see how many caches are placed on the parks and contact the owners that way. GEO.JOE
  11. Before the policies were put into place in Illinois Department of Natural Resources properties there were caches placed on a Conservation area, a wildlife management area and an archaeological site by the same person. When the land managers found out about the caches they Emailed the cache owner and he archived them and retrieved the cache. Another cache I am familiar with, the ranger left a note in the cache box and other cachers notified the owner to contact the ranger. Any time I have seen a cache that violates polices or good cache placement procedures, I notify the cache owner with my concerns. I try to offer them solutions to meet the policies or contact information for the land manager so they can get approval for their placement. I had a cache near a fuel storage facility and I was contacted by member of Homeland Security, that was also a cacher. He requested that I post a notice that it was an area that was monitored and anyone visiting the cache should carry proper Id, a copy of the cache page, and limit the number of electronic (PDAs, Digital Cameras), Binoculars and other gadgets when searching this caches. And if they were visited my the police to be honest and cooperative because they were just doing their job.
  12. I can't add much to this post. I also still use print outs and I waste a lot of paper on unnecessary information. I listed the contents on my first few caches and realized that after a week they were no longer valid so I removed them and I have never mentioned the original items unless I am going to continue to restock the cache with the same or similar items. GEO.JOE
  13. What you need is CafePress. You can do a search of what has already been printed or you can upload you own design and get a shirt for about $16.00. A search of geocaching turned up 34 pages of items.
  14. I am very proud of my cache hides. I pride myself in placing quality caches in interesting places. I always use quality waterproof clear containers where required and ammo boxes everywhere else. I stock the caches with items that will be interesting to adults and kids. I place the caches in locations with great history, beautiful scenery, or places that are not well known. I view the process of placing a cache as being a virtual tour guide so I try to include the story of the location as well as things to see and other activities the finder can participate in. At my rural caches I hope that finders will plan to spend the better part of a day hiking, exploring and enjoying the area as much as I do. Unfortunately all of my Shawnee National Forest Caches are members only to protect them form a cache thief. This has resulted in them only being found 4 to 7 times in a year. (Check them out, I think they are the best) I am also a stickler on cache maintenance. I get out to check any of my caches within a week after a report of a problem. I have also volunteered to assist in maintaining all but 5 of the existing caches in Shawnee National Forest. I check on these caches every time I am near just in case the cache thief has visited. I try to be a friend to other cachers and if a cache is in need of assistance I will contact the cache owner and repair/replace any cache in my local area. I like to know that the next finders will find the cache in the best shape possible. I also help out any cache I find that is wet or damaged by cleaning/drying it out, placing everything in a Ziploc and repairing the box if possible. Happy Caching GEO.JOE
  15. Here is Geocaching polices from all over the US this is the best source of caching policies I have seen. Geo.JOE
  16. I search through all of their posts and find other cachers that they have cached with or mention as knowing. I them Email all of the associate cachers and ask for their assistance in contacting the cacher holding my TB. I just got one of mine back a week ago or so using this method. Also check and see if the person has ever attended an event and ask event goers if they met the person and know of a way to contact them. Post notes on the caches the person owns and hopefully they will see your post and get back with you. You can include in the note that if anyone knows the cache owner to please help in getting your TB back traveling. While I was on the rampage trying to get 3 of my TB back in circulation I checked on cachers that I knew to see if they were holding any or had any trapped in archived caches. At a meeting I proposed that we use peer pressure to keep each other caching as ethically as possible. Ironically a cache that was put together at the event has not been approved by the land manager yet and 4 TBs, a geocoin and a white Jeep are stranded in a box. The organizer has assured me that they will be released within a week if the approval does not come through. GEO.JOE
  17. Great , and we both learned something. PS My name is Joe
  18. Sounds like you take a lot of care and really enjoy the process. Post some pictures for the rest of us to enjoy as well.
  19. This is good advice. When I arrive at the spot I plan to pace the cache I find a spot )rock, log, clear ground) to lay the GPS while I prepare the hiding spot and make note of what could be the hint and write a little note about the area in the log book. This averages 5 to 10 minutes that the GPS gets to sit in one place before I take the readings. If is still seems to have too much variability in 5 markings of th waypoint I will walk away let it settle walk back and let it settle again. If the waypoints are still variable I take an average and give a good hint. Many of my caches are near bluffs and house size boulders to accuracy is usually questionable. Each time I visit my Buffalo Rock cache I check to see where my GPS leads me, and it has been anywhere from exactly on top of the cache to 80 feet away. I have tweaked the coord but it still fluctuates by 20 to 80 feet. GEO.JOE
  20. I am glad you broght this up. I have been around her for 2 years and I have never tried to post a picture before and with a little plaing around I think I got it. What you have to do on the imageshack page go the the hotlink for forums and cut and past that hot link. DO NOT USE THE IMG CODE BUTTON ABOVE THE POST SCRENE WHEN REPLYING .
  21. 28) Keep your expectations unreasonably low and you will never be disappointed. ...................Or, Did I learn that from marriage?
  22. That is a tough question to answer. You may want to conctact Garmin to find out what the repairs would cost. If the repairs + the $75 is less than what you could get a good used unit than it is a good deal. The cracks and the loose boot will effect the waterproofness of the unit. I would want it watertight just in case. On Monday I took a tumble with my bike and did not realize I had lost my Rino for about a mile and about the time it started raining. Dark caught me and it took about an hour to locate my GPS. So it sat in the rain for almost an hour. When I found it I clicked it and the light came on with no problems, but the least bit of water would have ruined it. Hope that helps. GEO.JOE
  23. When I do cache maintenance I remove business cards but so far none of them have been offering something free on them, that might make a difference. I may not use the card to get the free item myself, but for someone out there it may be the best trade item they ever found. As others have said it is on sketchy ground. I have placed a coupon for a free large pizza from a local pizza place once. I never thought twice about it, however, I have no affiliation with the place and would not profit form the finder going there and having a few colas with their meal either. You can try it for a while and see what the actual feedback is from those that find the cards and that will help you decide if it is worth it or if it is more of a hassle. Happy Caching GEO.JOE
  24. texasgal89 use the links that Munin provided to go to their pages and then add them to your watch list, then every time they receive a log or note you will receive an email. Thanks for your interest. GEO.JOE
  25. Gosh, it's a small world after all It is a great world! I feel privileged to have sent out TBs that are worth watching and worth discussing in the forums. Thanks to Munin's links to each of their pages you can see that Dara is safe and sound in Utah, Dylan's TB dog tag was just retrieved without it's Pooh so Popeye and Olive contacted me to let me know, I have a new Pooh hitchhiker is on its way to them. Danial is currently missing. I have just sent off a new Email to the cache owner to please check the log book to help me figure out what may have happened. I love TBs and their part in this game but I hate that they are so much trouble at times. For months I have had 3 MIA and I have successfully gotten Dara back in circulation and as of today the cacher that has been holding my Key to Success TB has contacted me, (I tracked down every person they cached with yesterday and asked their assistance to get the TB logged and going again) So I hope it is out again on Friday. I am now focusing my attention on Danial and hope to locate and rescue him as well. I have been having a frustrated time with my TBs over the past few months and I had become quite discouraged but finding this discussion has really lifted my spirits. Thanks texasgal89 and everyone else for caring. GEO.JOE
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