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  1. I had located a source for the 30cal ($2) in Radcliff KY in May but they closed 15 min before I got there so I hope they still have them Aug 22 when I go back to Louisville, I will buy all I can at the time. All of the surplus stores from ETown to Ft. Knox had 50cal in may but I did not get a price. The gun stores around here have them operatically but the ones left in Paducah the last time I looked were all real rough for $3 to $5. GEO.JOE
  2. I have lost my Garmin RINO twice. Luckily once it was just misplaced in the wrong bag when unloading the car. My wife asked if I had checked the bag and I assured her I never place it in there - as she walked into the room holding it. The second time was a result of a bike wreck, again I was lucky enough to find it in the dark and rain, so I turned the belt clip into a TB I Lost My GPS If I lost my GPS for good I would replace it. I don't know if I would replace it with a top of the line GPS unless I got a really good deal on it, because the next one can be lost as well and I would much rather limit the risk to $150 instead of $600. I am frugal and I look for the best deal I can find, so I would go with the best GPS I could get for the best price.
  3. Wow it sounds like you are putting together a really great event. I hope to be able to make plans for the event. We missed Hazard the last time we were though that area. We got to Cumberland, Black Mountain and Kingdom Come State Park on our way to Pine Mt. We just ran out of time to see everything thing. I hope we can make it all the way from the west end of the state. GEO.JOE
  4. I like theme caches and enjoy finding an item to trade that fits within the theme. I have three theme caches Geocaching "Rocks" - Rocks, Minerals, Gems Ghost Dance - Native American/Animal Thank You Betsy Ross - Patriotic/Red, White & Blue I have found that about 80% of the finders trade within the theme. When I do maintenance I just pull out the items that are not within the theme and place them in another cache. GEO.JOE
  5. Luckily I have had good luck contacting other cachers about caches, or questions about areas, hints, other things to see or do etc. However, when it comes to contacting someone that is holding a Travel Bug - that is a completely different story and I get the cold shoulder more often than not. GEO.JOE
  6. Good point, my package is post marked August 3 so that is pretty quick trip for it to get to KY by today. Thanks Groundspeak, I was just poking fun earlier - I'm married so we can count to 40 now GEO.JOE
  7. I got my Jeep today. So there is still hope for those that have just about given up It wasn't the address, I wrote the address and know I wrote it slow enough for the mail folks to read. I think the problem may have been the 9 stamps on the package (1 - .39, 1 -.03, 2 - .01, 2 - .24, 3 - .10) We only got 10 fingers and 10 toes how are we supposed to add all that up?
  8. Airmapper, KY mail must be slow. No Jeep for me either. I bet those Seattle folk wrote the address real fast - Don't they know we read slower down here? Am I twisted for feeling better that others haven't gotten their Jeeps? GEO.JOE
  9. Near caches or on the trail to or from caches we have ran into several other cachers. We see many cachers that we know going after the new caches. Like the day a new cache popped up less than a mile from my home, it had only been posted for 30 minutes so we jump in the car. As we approached the Soccer field we saw HereFishyFishy's truck pulling out , or one day when we hard strange noises in the woods to look up and see The Veep heading toward us trying to spook us. I did have one unique experience. My wife and I had stopped at Dairy Queen in Vienna IL for lunch, I was wearing a Garmin shirt and as a group of guys were leaving one stopped and asked if we were geocachers. They were on their way from St. Louis to TN for work and he said he wished he was going caching.
  10. How about wimseyguy and I posting about similar coincidences within minutes of each other over an hour after the last post was made???
  11. I think the most coincidental thing that has happened to me was about a year ago I was 4 hours from home camping and caching in Missouri. The few caches I really wanted to hit while there where owned by Knowfuture, when I got back home and checked my Emails I saw that Knowfuture had hunted some of my caches on the days that I was hunting his caches.
  12. It is just me. or is this the weirdest logic I have ever read?? Ed Well Ed to tell you the truth the statement made perfect sense to me, however, I have also been dealing with this thief as well. We have gone through months where time after time the thief took newly placed and recently replaced caches before anyone had the chance to find them. When I started caching I was unlucky enough to be last to find on 8 of Myotis's caches. I had posted a found log, the thief stole the cache and the next cacher had no cache to find. Therefore, a find on the cache page does not mean the cache is there. Every time I check on a cache I expect it to be missing and I tell everyone that hunts the caches in the area to enjoy the area, expect the cache is missing and if you find the cache that will just be an added bonus. To put this in perspective, there have been over 60 caches stolen in the past 3 years. We try to get the caches replaced as soon as we can after we know they have been taken. My goal is to have my caches available to as many cachers as possible so I tried to leave them open to everyone and just try to out place the cache thief but that got costly and time consuming. Unfortunately we had to make them Members only and moved them to new locations, in an attempt to protect them. This worked for several months but this winter the members only caches started disappearing as well. I like the idea of requiring cachers to contact me to get the coordinates to my caches - I know this was suggested over a year ago and I liked it then, I will have to search some old emails to see if I can determine why that was not done. As Myotis has mentioned many things have been tried, the note he has placed on his caches is just the most recent and has only been in use for a very short time. When I first saw it posted I laughed at the thought of the thief making wasted trips back out to spots that he has recently stolen caches I see the possible effectiveness in keeping the thief guessing and frustrating the thief by him wasting gas and time. I do not know if it will frustrate him enough to make him stop but I feel a small bit of joy knowing he will be frustrated from this. The reward for searching any of the caches in Shawnee National Forest is the location that we are trying to share with the caching community. The locations are so much better than any box we put in the woods. There is no guarantee that the cache box will be there with the method that Myotis is attempting But what is most important for all of you to know it that there is no guarantee that any cache in Shawnee National Forest is going to be there when you go hunt it. At least with Myotis's most recent method you will still get a smiley for attempting the cache and you will still have the pleasure of the location. I hope with Myotis's method more people will come and visit the locations despite the fact the cache may or may not be there. This is just one method of dealing with the problem until something better comes along. I am open for any and all suggestions that will open the Shawnee National Forest caches up to the most people while protecting the cache, and limiting our expense, time, worry and frustration over this situation. We have discovered that we can not monitor pocket queries so the cache thief is free to look at the caches at will. We have been informed that all we have is speculation on who the cache thief is so official actions can not be taken based on speculation. We just want to find the best situation for the cache owners and cache seekers that still protects the caches. I would like to engage in conversations with the cache thief in an attempt to understand each other and come to a solution where everyone involved would be happy but I need the person that is taking the caches to contact me so that I can better understand the reasons behind the thefts. I hope it all works out in the end. GEO.JOE
  13. Contact some of the local cachers that have used Ammo Cans. I have found two caches that use ammo cans near you so the cans are available somewhere around there. Check out Founders' Cemetery and Bailey's Woods GEO.JOE
  14. GEO.JOE, I'm afraid that you'll have to do more than charge the GPS phone for it to be ready. You'll need to activate it with the carrier (Boost Mobile is the carrier and they are owned by Sprint-Nextel. The phone works on the Nextel nationwide network) and you'll need to add the $20 pre-paid minutes on the card in the phone box to the phone. There are instructions to activate the phone on the CD in the box. You'll need to pick a phone number as part of the process so hopefully the phone number lines up with what the winner would want (area code etc.). After activating the phone with the carrier it might take up to 24 hours for Nextel to turn on the data connection - so do this a day ahead of the event. Once the data connection is hot you'll need to launch the Trimble Outdoors GPS application on the phone and activate it (it will ask you to enter your phone number). You'll also need to register on the Trimble Outdoors web site to be able to use the new geocaching.com "Send To Phone" feature. Once this process is complete you are ready to find caches or download topo, street, or aerial maps on demand from the phone. If you get stuck following the steps on the CD give us (Trimble Outdoors) a call at 1-800-773-5996. We're there Monday through Friday from 7am EST to 10pm EST and on Saturday from 8am EST to 5pm EST. Have a great event! Thanks for that Information. There is no cell coverage at the CITO Event so I guess the winner will have to wait to play with it. I bet they will feel like one of those dogs that the owners place a dog biscuit on their nose and makes them wait to eat it.
  15. We got our phone today! Mikeatnight is charging it up so the winner will be able to play with it when they win it. Thanks Trimble GEO.JOE
  16. We got the great news today that River Valley Geocachers were also winners of one of the Phones. This is great and I want to thank Tremble Outdoors for offering such wonderful prizes. We also debated over who should be included in a chance to win the Phone. At our past events everyone that attends and gets their name in the hat is eligible for the prize. This has always included the kids but I was unsure about including them this time. I was amused at my conversation with Mikeatnight and Fairy Flirt - we all were trying to take ourselves out of the mix because, I was hosting, Mike requested and got the phone and my wife has not attended the past 2 CITOs in March and December and she felt it was unfair that she was warm while we were freezing our buns off . So we decided that as in the past everyone that attends and participates in the CITO will get their name in the hat and have a chance to win. It is an interesting debate, in competitions teams with multiple members and multiple GPS units have an advantage over the single attendees and folks with young kids, we could only allow one entry per team , that would sure get them back Should I get two entries - one as the host and one as an attendee Oh, That is a whole different debate GEO.JOE
  17. That captures my feeling as well. As an event planer If I am planning food, prizes, cache difficulties etc. I appreciate it when folks let me know they can not make it. It is also nice for the kids. They always like to know if the other kids are going to be attending or not. Hey Airmapper I forgot to take that event off my watchlist and I had no Idea the amount of coin drops and pickups I was in for by the time I got home that night. I think I had 200 emails from that event before I removed it from the watchlist Well live and learn
  18. Our thief has purchased a premium membership and has taken most of the caches in Shawnee national forest again. The members only caches were safe for about a year, but only 4 or 5 people visited them in that year so there is a trade off. Once you have suspects there is still nothing you can do with speculation you just about have to catch them walking away with the cache to have proof. You can contact the suspects and try and start a dialog with them and maybe at least find out why they are steeling them. Good Luck
  19. Hello penquin44 Go to our Frappr Map and contact the person that is closest to the cache. I believe it will be pbear23. This is most direct way to contact the closest person to your Travel bug. I hope it is traveling soon. GEO.JOE Did so, thanks! he got my TB on Feb22. However, it has not been logged as in his hands. He told me he would soon. However, it's been almost 3 weeks, what is the standard porcedure on this. I am new to this TB thing. Send them a friendly email thanking them for picking it up, let them know that you are checking on the status of the TB because they have not logged it yet. Sometimes life get in the way of good intentions so an Email should git you an answer. GEO.JOE
  20. Hello penquin44 Go to our Frappr Map and contact the person that is closest to the cache. I believe it will be pbear23. This is most direct way to contact the closest person to your Travel bug. I hope it is traveling soon. GEO.JOE
  21. 12 of my caches were inspired by the locations, i.e. Native American rock art, Largest Sandstone cave in North America, unique rock formations, Little know quiet spots to escape the crowds, overlooked pieces of history or a lost legend. Each of the places were unique in their own way and I just wanted to share them with others. A couple caches fit themed items that I am interested in so I found appropriate spots to place them. My Thank You Betsy Ross cache, came out of finding a lot of flag themed items cheap, and it helped that we have a Betsy Ross park in town that has been renamed, doesn't show up on maps but the roadside marker is still there. My Whitehaven (rest stop) cache is just there to stroke my ego. I know I will continue to get visits emails form it while some of my favorite caches only get visited 5 times a year. I have two caches ready to go but I have to find the appropriate locations for them. I found novelty items to use in the hide with a play on the name, that should make for some giggles when they get found, sometimes it is hard to find the PERFECT PLACE. I find it easier to find the location and get a cache that will fit the location, than having the cache and unable to find the specific area required for the hide to work. I also have one that I want to place just to drive everyone nuts: Under the Kudzu will be a nitroglycerin tube hidden in a hillside acre of Kudzu with a large bill as first to find, and probably only to find. I have the container I have 3 patches of Kudzu picked out, now I just need $100. lol GEO.JOE
  22. It happens, but not necessarily all at once. It could have just been the last finder was too lazy or in too big of a hurry to replace it correctly. However, if each finder changed one little thing when they re-hid the cache than it is a completely different hide by the time the fourth person re-hides it. Some caches are easy to get back in the exact same place, but some other hides take finesse. They also take remembering exactly the way the cache as hidden and camouflaged. In the excitement of finding the cache they may have quickly grabbed the cache without studying the way it was hidden. I have been guilty of re-hiding a cache that someone else retrieved. I have no idea how it looked when they found it, but I try to replace it in a manner that represents the difficulty rating of the cache. Geo.Joe
  23. Contact the owner first. It is their cache and they are the person that is responsible for getting permission for it and they will know if they did that or not. If they have not gotten permission and they refuse to do the right thing then you should contact the Admin. The Admins have enough to do as it is and there is no need to involve them if you can contact the owner. GEO.JOE
  24. Plano makes waterproof boxes the same size as an Altoids tin. Plano 1061 For some reason the advertisement gives the measurement of all three stacked together. Our local hunting and fishing story as these for $3.00 for 3.
  25. Then name on the Frappr Map has been changed to "International Traveller Rescue & Assistance Coalition" So if you had the page bookmarked it will need to be updated, here is the new link: Frappr Map
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