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  1. not to add fodder but, :lol:

    since I am really new at this (less than a month), after I logged a find, I got really concerned if there was not another log onto the same cache within a few days. I would get concerned that I did not return it properly.


    hey kbi, I am sure hopper is just venting.


    Having fun




    We are leaving in a week for a camping road trip. And I just got the 400t. How and what kind of information did you put in your poi files?


    The information we put for camping trips is the caches on the route to the camp site, though many we have to pass over because of not being able to pull over while towing a trailer :D

    Then we put in all the caches in the area of the campground.

  3. I am not sure about your model, but what I am doing for our road trip is,


    poi file i5_sac_or.mgln I-5 Sac to Oregon (400 approx)

    poi file i5_or_wa.mgln I-5 Oregon to Washington (400 approx)

    poi file mt_st_helens.mgln Mount Saint Helens

    poi file washington.mgln the area where we will be


    plus my home town and camping ones, all together over 1800 poi programmed in different files. As I change areas, I go to my poi and select the appropriate file.


    Much easier doing it on my home computer


    Enjoy the trip

  4. Thanks, that was what I was looking for earlier. :laughing:


    I was able to get the smart names to work, so at least on the gps it is close to the description in the palm, but now when I have to load a query in a hurry, I know now how to display the name that will match the gps (GC783F, GC1CKHD ect ect).

  5. I'm pretty sure you can Export from GSAK for the Magellan.


    Not for the 1412, this is a new version that uses an file extension .mgln


    I have downloaded the program, it does export directly to the palm, still having troubles with the export to the VantagePoint software, same issue about it using the short name. I upped the name to 20 characters, but it still export it as the description. I will keep trying.


    Thanks for the help and the tips


  6. Hello, I have been doing this about a week now and loving it :ph34r:


    I have an old palm 3 that I dug out of the drawer, I have loaded cachemate on it, I am very suprised how fast it is with over 300 caches in the database (our area). I always remembered it as a dog lol (maybe that is why it was in the drawer).

    I am using the Magellan 1412 and my problem is that the GPS unit shows the caches as the name e.g. GC783F, GC1CKHD ect ect, and the palm shows the descriptions Aladdin's Lamp, Weston Cache, ect ect.


    I have tried to look through the faqs and stuff, but maybe since I am still so new to this, I am not catching it.


    I have used a query to download the area caches, converted that with the cachemate convertor to the palm, then using vantage and poi editor, I convert the queary to a .mgln file for the gps unit.


    Thanks for any help





  7. We picked up the 1412 too from Costco, I had never researched these before however with the price on Magellan's site being $299 and Costco with the coupon being $149 couldn't pass it up :ph34r:


    We did not get this for the goal of caching, really had no idea about it, we are a road trip family. We have a friend who he and his wife enjoy caching. He told us about some local caches, so signed up for the website and got some coordinates for our area and where we were camping and we are hooked.


    As far as this working for caching, it worked great on most, there where some (burning bush, lake alpine) where the "you are here arrow" was bigger than the whole mountian bluff, so was unable to pinpoint exact part of the bluff for the cache, as for the others, you can walk the 15-20 feet in either direction and get the center.


    Getting a large list of waypoints is a little awkward. Right now I download my list in a loc file with Magellan Vantage software, it loads it as waypoints. Then I export that as a .wpt file which I then open up with the Magellan POI editor, then save it to the 1412 as a POI.


    Have fun


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