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  1. Tell TinkyBug congrats on the new account and ask her why she has to wait until she 14 to get her own gps? :)


    I don't think I will get away with that. Niklas and I went out today and he had Raatler's Legend and found Spare Me. He is 4 now, I don't think I will hold him off until 14.


    Maybe since you are setting the standard at 14, I can hold them to it, or maybe I can get a country music damaged gps for him real cheap :ph34r:

  2. By the way Ron it was great to meet you last nite. Good to see you Jerryw38 and geokitebuggy out there. Guess we gave the instucter a lesson on Geocaching.


    It was great meeting everyone last night :laughing: . I am so glad we didn't pay money for that "class" :)

  3. I think the GPSystem has it's moments - although not frequent - where you aren't going to be able to explain things. :P

    Bill, with your permission, I'd like to steal that line to use for all my DNF's:


    "I think the GPSystem has it's moments - although not frequent - where you aren't going to be able to explain things, like why I couldn't find this cache."




    I am liking the hot dog wrapper analogy.

    Any time you mix hot dogs, nascar race cars and satellites, something has to be out of wack and it results in a dnf :P

  4. I have been using a palm 3(spt1500 barcode reader)/cachemate and I have been pleased with it. I did have to remove some of the other applications to make room for about 1000 caches.


    I use gsak to get the pocket queries of where I will be, export to palm (nice option built in) which then puts it in the palm desktop to load into the palm. I then export from gsak to wpt to import into my magellan program for the roadmate and gsak downloads the data directly to the garmin legend.



  5. On a maybe this can help for cache inventory listings .....

    as a cache owner, would it help if I discovered a tb or coin in my cache when inspecting the cache? Would that show somebody traveling that it may be worth stopping here?


    If a bug has been sitting for so long that the owner wonders if it's still there, it's time to move the bug along to another location.


    It isn't about the owner on that question, it is about the cacher looking for tb or gc. If the owner wants something moved he can ask.


    I don't see the problem with that. The original post was about tb and gc that have been taken without being logged out.

  6. I know I hate getting to a cache and there is no coin or tb that where on the listing that morning and there hasn't been a log for a month. :rolleyes: I am also bummed that our first travel bug shows in our cache yet it left Aug 5th and the person who took it sign in a tb and coin but did not sign out what they took.


    On a maybe this can help for cache inventory listings .....

    as a cache owner, would it help if I discovered a tb or coin in my cache when inspecting the cache? Would that show somebody traveling that it may be worth stopping here?

  7. Just adding fodder,


    I think exercise is a side effect of the caching for most. I have never climbed so many stinking hills and mountains in my life :anitongue: (boga sent me to a top of a mountain). Many caches will say there is a 1/4 mile walk but fail to mention the 3 miles in altitude change to get to that 1/4 mile.


    I am not saying it is a bad thing, just a side effect. ;)


    CVC Tag!!! a male?! ......


    Can't be,


    anything that has the potential to cause problems is female, (see previous posts). Boats, ships, cars ect. all have the potential to be a problem thats why they are always called 'she'


    Wait did I say that out loud??? Quick lets change the subject so no one will notice. :unsure:


    On a good note, I got my first puzzle cache today. Thanks to a etrex legend that Raatler let me borrow.


    :P I think I pulled it off :ph34r:

  9. This one today in Canada



    GPS fans good at finding trouble

    With thousands of geocaches hidden around town, it's surprising police didn't come across one of the "suspicious" packages sooner.


    A call last week to the Hurdman transit station ended with the police explosives team destroying a GPS treasure.


    Insp. Tyrus Cameron said the metallic device found at the transit station legitimately looked suspicious.


    In geocaching, hobbyists use GPS equipment to find treasures hidden by other hobbyists. It has grown in popularity in recent years with an estimated 620,000 geocaches hidden around the world. There are believed to be more than 3,000 hidden in the Ottawa area alone.


    Last week, the police explosives unit, the fire department's hazardous materials team and paramedics put a perimeter around the transit station after someone called in the odd-looking device as a suspicious package.




    The object was in a place that wasn't accessible by robot, so an officer wearing a bomb suit had to grab the item by hand so the robot could destroy it.


    The incident tied up emergency services, delayed transit service and snarled traffic as police closed roads.


    An incident like this has the potential to give a "black eye" to the geocaching community, one enthusiast said.


    Bill Steer, general manager of the Canadian Ecology Centre, said it's not the first time he's heard of a bomb squad called out to a geocache.


    "Geocachers should not put those things out there," Steer said of the metallic device used as a geocache.


    The objects should be put in "appropriate containers," Steer said.


    Police were planning to attend a meeting last night with geocachers to explain their concerns.


    Cameron said police are asking geocachers to hide the treasures in a transparent container so authorities can immediately identify the objects.

  10. Today Raatler is letting me borrow a eTrex Legend, so I will finally try to do a puzzle cache. I will probably start with a local one that way if I completely blow it, I can still get home :o


    Congrats on the 500 :lol:


    I just hit the 100 mark this week :lol:

  11. You cook that all on the same grill? Those beans and onions made me drool. I think I would not be able to cache after a meal like that. I could drive close and then send the kids. :rolleyes:


    Hogan will be my new favorite camping site, I should be able to smell it when you get the grill going.


    I have a smaller Oklahoma Joe/New Braunsfel smoker that I use constantly.


    Nice to meet everyone



  12. Ah, a *-*-* (forum censored), I remember those days and how much it gets in the way........


    Doesn't this forum have a moderator or something, my kids are in the same room as I read this out loud. :rolleyes: This is supposed to be a family friendly hobby..............


    Looking back, I see I used the four letter word version of the same word. I am sorry for my lapse in judgment. I feel shame :rolleyes:


    We will be camping that weekend at New Brighton

  13. Welcome to the forum ferventkids! Glad you stopped by.

    As luck would have it, some of us will be camping at Lake Alpine the weekend of Sept 19th. Have any advise for good camping spots in the campground at the east end of the lake? :sunsure: Have any weather advise for mid-September?

    There is an event coming up in Merced in just 2 weeks - come on down! Next CVC Event.


    Note to Tim, Kenny, et al. It doesn't count as shameless advertising when ferventkids brought it up first! :rolleyes::rolleyes:


    On the east side there are 2 campgrounds, the lower one has a lot of nicer spots. At the lower one you do have to watch out for the troll that is there. It was transplanted from the valley a couple of years ago.


    As for the weather, bring it all. sometimes really warm in the day and cold at night. Thunderstorms can pop up in the afternoons (makes for great fishing). In September you might even get a dusting of snow for a few minutes.


    I might look into the event in Merced, is that still part of the United States :blink: ? I think you need a passport for anything south of Turlock on 99

  14. Hello everyone, my name is Ron and I live in Stockton. I have been doing this for about a month after getting a roadtrip gps for Father's Day. :D


    After learning how to get the correct coordinates in the unit we got our first cache down the street from us. From that point on, the family was hooked.

    My 4 yr is probably the most gung ho about treasure hunting. We try to go out after I get off work or after church.

    Hopefully soon we should be adding a handheld unit that will make things a little easier on the hunts. Raatler has been helping us a lot on different units and stuff. And for my youngest, his goal each day is to beat Mr. Gary (pronounce Mista Gaawee).


    We love camping at Lake Alpine up by Bear Valley, but since we have gotten the caches up there, (with the exception of the burning bush) we might have to find other spots now :P


    Look forward to meeting some of you at an event or in the field soon, and for some of the others, not so much <_<


    Having fun


  15. Magellan has released the firmware update for the Roadmate 1412 to ver 1.34.


    One of the features I like on this unit is the ability to select cache locations (my poi's) for a road trip plan, then select 'Optimize' and it will put it the caches in driving order. The only thing you have to make sure on caches in a park is that instead of selecting the cache, select the entrance to the park.






    Magellan 1412 (Father's Day gift that got me into this hobby ;-)

    SPT1500, Palm 3, with a whopping 2k memory with cachemate (at least it is an upgrade from the newton)

    2 boys who love treasure hunting and boy's nights out

  16. I was very suprised at the number of caches listed with coins or bugs and open finding the cache, no joy.


    It seems some people after finding a coin will log it immediately even if the coin has not been logged into that cache yet. :D


    How hard is it to see a recent entry in the log on a cache that had no coin listed but now has a coin? We put a coin in on a road trip, but before we got to the hotel it was logged out. As soon as we logged the cache it now shows a coin in that cache even though it was removed a hour after it was placed. Just send a message to the person who the system shows in possesion of the coin, and prompt them to log it.


    I feel bad for the coin hunters who will go after this cache looking for a coin and come up empty. As for reading the logs, when you download a trip .gpx file with 500 entries, that is not happening .


    We just did a road trip and because of the distance we needed to drive, we decided to stop at bug and coin caches and only 1 had what was listed on the gpx file from that morning. Many of the caches had not been signed in days and some weeks.


    After checking the logs on some of them it was like what happened to the coin I placed, logged out before being logged in.


    */ sound of stepping off the soapbox :lol:





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