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  1. Welcome Yosemite Girl! I will keep all posted.


    Formerly known as Nascar Fam...how did you change your name and keep your stats? I was under the impression Groundspeak stopped allowing that a long time ago.


    BOGA...I'm so glad you are ok. We'll try not to make you laugh in this forum. We don't want to add to your pain. Get better fast!

    It is who you know wolfgrrl.


    Well loddie da da da GoCachn! Couldn't come up with a better name than that?! :blink:


    Don't tick her off Greg, she will keep all the stuff you won at the Boo-Bash :anicute:

  2. sbr_004RickMoranis.jpg


    I was the last one left after the nuclear holocaust, eh. The whole world had been destroyed, like U.S. blew up Russia and Russia blew up U.S. Fortunately, I had been offworld at the time. There wasn't much to do. All the bowling alleys had been wrecked. So's now I spend my time looking for caches eh.





    i could crush your head, like a nut, but i won't, because i need you to help me with Death-Life-Wounded





    Beauty cache eh.





    we found this cache in a bottle of YOUR beer, eh?


    Like we was at a party, and a friend of ours, a cop, had some and he puked. And he

    said 'come here and get free beer,' or he'll press charges

  3. I am way confused..... a normality for me but, on the tipping point, what do you mean imposter (conterfit) one?


    In May you said you replaced it but it was just in a bag. In June I brought a film can for the bag and placed it back where it was found. Was that the imposter one? Or was another added later? Was I an unwitting accomplis to a felony (new geocache law) :(

  4. Thank you so much, I have been trying pocket queries for different areas then using GSAK to sort by date placed.


    These caches GCDE, GCD2, GC104, GC108 should do it. I thought I was in for it when I saw the first cache was placed in May of 2000, I was thinking of making the drive to Oregon (any excuse for a road trip), but the original cache is now a 2006 cache LOL

  5. Today was an awesome day at the park. It was nice to meet everyone.


    While chatting with Wolf Grrl about quadrant contests. The grid square maps I found where not the right ones to create a garmin map. The amatuer radio grids are a lot bigger than what delorme challenge uses. If any has an the images for california for the delorme challange I will try to get them converted to a gps map.


    I found the instructions for making the gps map at


  6. Just posted this on the other site, but thought I would put it here for those not there......tsk tsk tsk


    For the Smores event


    I have a polygon filter for GSAK from Farmington on Hwy 4 to past Ebbetts Pass on Hwy 4 including Spicer Res, Highlands and between Angels Camp and Murphys, using Hwy 4 or Murphy's Grade Road. This way you don't have to load all the caches from 108 or 88 that we can't get to from 4.


    the file is at http://ferventkids.org/downloads/hwy4 to Alpine.kml


    have as many caches as you want for the mountians and foothills, (I have 2200 for the mountain area) in GSAK then add this filter, much nicer than trying the route pocket query.

  7. Hey. This is a family friendly forum. We're not allowed to be telling 'dirty' jokes. :)


    Moving on... How are those entries going for the CVC x/5 Challange? I know we have 40+ days before it starts but I can'tbe the only one that completed one possible entry and am working on something better. Am I?

    CVC x/5 Challange


    I will have one ready by Tuesday, it will be after Thursday before I can post it.


  8. We drove around the lake about a month ago. There are some beautiful parks.


    Anniversary Cache (Traditional Cache) Rock formations and view of waterfall

    Sand Harbor (more than 1)

    Memorial Point Scenic Overlook (Virtual Cache)

    Lucky Baldwin Virtual Cache (Virtual Cache) Great history


    Balancing Cache (Traditional Cache) All rock, with a little stream close by


    Good luck


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