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  1. It's one of the crosses we have to bear for having something as cool as GE. If you look at any landmass from a certain altitude, you'll notice that it is not one entire image, but a series of images. some taken in summer, some in winter, in some cases right next to each other. The point is, that the ages are different and so are the degrees of focusing used. In some cases you'll be able to see great detail, in others it's just a blob of green... Cheers, ve1bvd
  2. Urubu said, It's really quite simple. A meter is something used as a measuring device, e.g. thermometer, pedometer, chronometer, and so on. The distance thingy, which by the way, is one ten millionth of the distance from the pole to the Equator, is a metre. BTW, what is the logical basis for feet, inches and yards?
  3. Several people have indicated that it would be desirable to have a spelling checker incorporated into either the GC.com site or the forums, or both. You MUST bear in mind, however, that spelling checkers do just that, i.e. find incorrect spelling. They will NOT find words that are spelled correctly, but used incorrectly. A couple of examples are 'there' instead of 'their', and 'your' instead or 'you're'. In these instances, it's like using a magnetic compass to find a cache--it will always show you a direction, it's just not always the right direction. Spell Chequer I have a spelling chequer It came with my pea see It plainly marks four my revue Miss steaks eye cannot see. Each thyme when eye have struck the quays I weight for it to say If watt I rote is wrong or rite It shows me strait a weigh. As soon as a mist ache is maid It nose bee fore two late And eye can put the error write Yes, I shall find it grate. I've run this poem threw it I'm sure yore pleased to no Its letter perfect in its weigh My chequer tolled me sew. (Sauce unknown)
  4. I don't use Outlook or Outlook Express for e-mail; moreover, I like to use Gmail when I'm on the road, because it's web-based, and you don't need a home ISP to use it. You can, however, query your home ISP's post office and download your mail, if it's a POP3 server. I recently visited my daughter and requested a PQ to be sent to my gmail account. No problem. download direct to My Documents, then open it in GSAK. I'm not sure if you can request a gmail account directly from www.gmail.com, but if not, drop me a PM with your email address, and I'll send you an invitation to try it. Note: I only have a limited number of invitations, so please don't everyone jump on the bandwagon! cheers, ve1bvd
  5. OK, Greywynd gets the cigar. I think that is was in Napoleonic times that the metric system was introduced. they had really weird things like a decimal year, too. Take it away, Greywynd...
  6. Not 100% sure what you mean by 'geo-measurement' but originally the metre was based on being a fraction of the distance between the equator and the north pole. It was supposed to have been 1/10000 of the distance, though it was actually farther than that. A metal (silver?) bar was made that was supposed to be the standard to compare everything else to, but eventually it was also discovered to have changed length over time due to temperature and 'creeping' of the metal. Greywynd Greywynd, you're close, but by YOUR definition, it's only 10 km from the Equator to the pole...Anyone else want to try? BTW, by geo-measurement, I meant with relation to the earth, as opposed to scientifically correct, but practically difficult standards, such as the distance travelled by light while a certain atom vibrates x number of times ve1bvd
  7. OK, here ya go... Everyone knows that a kilometre [or kilometer if you prefer, but let's not go there...] is one thousand metres. My question is this: in terms of geo-measurement, what is a metre?
  8. It does, and you're verry hot! Can you elaborate just a little more, using a foreign language in the equation? Well in French, the verb is 'embarquer'. Will that do?
  9. The above replies to rodgowdy's question are in essence correct, but IMHO, do not answer his question. To test his theory, I just tried to download a pageful of caches that are near to my home. The download worked, BUT it was in .LOC FORMAT, not the .GPX format that rodgowdy expected. I think that for Premium Members, at least, when one clicks on the 'Download waypoints' button, one should have the option of format, i.e. either .loc or .gpx. This would save having many small PQs, and satisfy those of us who want to just download enough waypoints for a day's caching. ve1bvd
  10. ve1bvd

    Download format

    I'm fairly new to this, so forgive me if I'm rehashing old stuff. As a Premium member, I have the option of downloading cache information in either .LOC or .GPX format; however, if I click the box to the right of a number of caches, it appears that even though I only have GSAK loaded, the website wants to download in .LOC format. Am I doing something wrong? Is there an option somewhere to change so I can get, say, ten caches downloaded in .GPX format? And while I'm asking sort of basic questions, is there a way to bookmark multiple caches? TIA ve1bvd
  11. Thanks for that. Could you please explain how I can have 40 PQs in a list? I understand that I can generate only 5 per day--what to I do, create them and then send 'em off five at a time? I already figured out that I can create a PQ with another center--what I thought I might try was to do the 'nearest' list from the Geocaching 'My Account' page, then pick the ones I wanted, and somehow run a PQ on them. I hit on the idea of bookmarking each one, but it's VERY time consuming to switch between the list, open a cache page, bookmark it, then go back to the list. Not very user friendly. BTW, I am using GSAK, so no problems there, yet. Thanks again
  12. Hi...I'm VERY new to pocket queries, so please bear with me. Within 100km of my home coordinates, there are 600+ caches. I realize that I can't get all of them in one go, but even when I ask for 500 within a 50 km radius, I only get about 100--and the furthest is less than 10km away! This situation leads to two immediate questions: 1. WHY am I not getting all the caches within the designated radius? 2. How do I get the remainder, i.e. those between 8.75 km and 50km? Awaiting your responses with fingers ready!
  13. It refers to the coins placed upon the closed eyes of a dead person when they were waked at home. It prevented the 'blank' stare of the deceased and made them a bit more presentable to friends and family. Phil/ve1bvd
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