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  1. I like to put TB's in less-found, out-of-the-way caches to give cachers an incentive to find them. Maybe I'm perverse that way.


    It's probably true that people don't post enough pictures for TB's. There seem to be fewer pics in TB galleries than cache galleries.


    Come to think of it, I'm holding one TB right now. It's a toy car and I'm following Pole Day coverage. I think I'll post pictures of it with some other cars.

  2. I know it already got ordered, but here's another vote for the Venture HC. The only things I would change about mine are the color (bright yellow, but you can get them in green) and the lack of expandable memory. It does have a bunch of good features like a high-sensitivity chipset, WAAS, and a color display. If you leave the backlight off, batteries last for ages.

  3. In my case, I apply Deep Woods Off! liberally before I hit the woods, and end with a shower/tick check. It's mostly for skeeters, but stymies the ticks as well.


    Some people recommend wearing long pants and long-sleeve shirts with tight cuffs. Personally, I won't do that unless it's cool out. I haven't found enough ticks to justify the lack of comfort.

  4. I hike in the hills around SoCal and am surprised, and saddened, by the amount of dumping that goes on once you are out of sight of the roadways. Not just trash, like soda bottles, grocery bags, small stuff. I mean DUMPING. Like construction debris, sofas, dressers, washing machines, TVs, etc. As long as the public dump sites continue to charge, there will be people that will save the fees and dump for free.


    No amount of "CITO" will work there - you need full size pickup loads!


    I've thought of shooting the coordinates for these large dump sites and forwarding them to the county so an organized cleanup could be scheduled - or fines assessed (really only concerned with cleaning it up - not the money from fines).

    I've long wondered if bulk trash pickup should be subsidized by the state. It would reduce illegal dumping of the kind you describe, but at a cost to us all.


    Unfortunately, studies have shown that the bigger the container, the more trash you get-- at a micro and macro level. Sometimes it works. I lived in Newark, DE, where it was simple: small stuff goes in the trash bag; for big stuff, you call the city and they throw it on a truck on pickup day. For this and so many other reasons, I LOVE NEWARK DELAWARE!!!


    I now live in Montgomery County, MD. Here you can throw away big stuff for free; you just have to drive to the collection center an heave it into a dumpster. In other municipalities, they cannot afford to handle your bulk trash. This leads to people seeking out-of-the-way areas to dump their washing machines and sofas.


    There is no perfect solution.

  5. Create a power trail. That'll show em. :anicute:


    A members only power trail of nanos in the woods listed with unknown size, and all named after them... ;)

    A good idea, except that their intent is to annoy people with the least effort. They take the low-hanging fruit. There will always be someone easier to annoy.


    The true answer is to find out who they are and have them prosecuted for theft. Blogspot accounts are not anonymous. The woman in Washington who theives caches should be easy to expose.


    Likewise, email transmissions are rarely truly anonymous. The OP who got GROPED should be able to find out who sent the email if they try hard.


    Enough is enough. Criminal activity must be punished. The people who muggle our caches commit crimes. The way to stop them is by involving the authorities.

  6. I've found that just brushing against poison ivy is mostly harmless, but if you break it, you will suffer. I once used a weed-wacker to clear out some brush and didn't see the PI. Bad. Very bad. I've heard that inhaling smoke from a fire with PI in it can kill. (Something about it inflaming your alveolae until you can't breathe.)


    Learn to spot it. Poison Oak and Poison Sumac have the same three-leaf thing, so it's a good rule to follow. A shower after caching is a good idea; it cleans off the DEET and sweat, too. Throw in a tick-check and a pre-emptive PI decontamination, and you're in good shape.

  7. Excellent idea! Even better would be to have CITO kits in every cache and see if the enviro-nut uses them (of course they won't) but it would make an even stronger argument as to who was more concerned about the area.

    I totally agree. I've done more to clean up litter in my CITO activities than those punks have done with their thefts of caches.


    If they really cared about litter, they wouldn't walk right by all the plastic bags and bottles just to destroy a hermetically sealed metal box. They'd be cachers promoting CITO activities.


    Do they ever show us how much litter they picked up on the way to the cache? Of course not. I have. I agree that they're just griefers. They're immature sadists that enjoy inflicting suffering on undeserving people.

  8. Would it be OK to post what it says, if I block the link needed to actually start the journey? Just to pike interest even more.
    Do you mean "guvf pnpur vf n avar fgntr pnpur..." or the cleartext? I think you should leave a bit of challenge to it.
  9. At some point, caching will become a fad/internet meme/hipster trend/running joke/whatever.


    That's when we'll know it's too popular. Fark and Jay Leno will make geocaching jokes. Rolling Stone will have an article on it. Friends will see your GPS and roll their eyes. You'll see geocaching-related TV commercials:


    "Been hurt in a geocaching accident? Here at Kromsky-Burton-Myers, we're dedicated to helping YOU recover everything you deserve."


    People you introduced to geocaching will beat you to FTFs. You'll ponder switching to GLONASS, Galileo, or Beidou because it might give you an advantage. You'll be jealous of some kid you saw on the news with 10000 finds (and no life).

  10. Check frequently for recently-published caches in your state or area.


    Sign up for the Groundspeak weekly newsletter. I've noticed that these sometimes have caches that don't appear elsewhere; they may not appear in alerts.


    Develop your caching skills; the more you find, the better you'll get.


    Choose difficult caches if you think you're more likely to find them than others.


    As others said, be ready to drop everything to hunt that FTF.


    Be persistent; I missed my first FTF because I gave up too soon.


    Ask the CO for hints. Is it cheating? Your call, but it works sometimes.


    You may join or be joined by other cachers while you search. Offer to share FTF credit.

  11. Second runner-up: Not just a lamp post skirt, but one with a wasp nest inside. I know the CO didn't put the nest there, but bad is bad.


    First runner-up: A five-part multi with the final's coordinates about 60 feet off, across the street, inside a house. Read my log entry.


    The winner: Hidden in a crumbling rock wall in a historic area. Searching for the cache pretty much forces cachers to take the wall apart. The damage to the old wall is half of the problem; the other half is the risk of having a 20-pound rock land on your foot.

  12. "Getting sane people to walk in circles and talk to themselves since 2000."

    Great quote! I'm going to use it on a label for muffins that we are giving away at a 10 years of geocaching event we're holding next weekend! :blink:

    I tossed that one in because, well, that's what happened to me. I figured somebody would get it. It feels good to know someone did.


    Nobody's mentioned the "walking into spiderwebs" one, though. Is it because other places don't have as many spiders, or because it's just a really old song? Gwen was the Lady Gaga of her day. Odd coincidence: her name's Stefani, too.

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