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  1. I had no internet access during the weekends and discovered just now that all the trading lists are done. So, I am sitting here in the office with a lot of numbers but as I do not have accesss to the spreadsheet I do not know what I traded for. That's very very hard. So if anybody has time to look up the coins I receive I'd be very grateful :mad:

  2. Of course it's a good reason to come and visit Scotland :D


    Well, I will do so in August. We plan to stay in Scotland for 9 days and of course we will do some caching. I looked up several caches in Edinburgh and when we know the rest of the route I will look up others - I hope so much that I will find one of these beautiful coins!

  3. Thanks to all of you for those information.


    I was just puzzled when I saw my TB on unknown location. I care much about this special TB as it was a Birthday present to my Dad. I hope that it will show up somewhen somewhere...

  4. Today arrived my second Christmas clearing mission. Thank you so much CSRA Cruisers. This package is just great. How did you know that I'd like to have all this stuff? Especially this case, I intend to buy a netbook and it would perfectly fit into it. Wow. Then this little car, I saw today that there will be a Canadian travel bug race and that you must send something with wheels and I thought of a little car. Wow!!! Of course I will put the little cache (we call this "petling") into the wild and I will inform you. The coin is also new for me and I like it very much! Thank you so much for this parcel!

  5. Can anybody set a TB status on unknown location?


    My TB got this status but it wasn't me who did it. Is it possible to change this status or better to find out who's changed it?

  6. b286810a-676f-4076-af29-c1d5638f0f9f.jpg


    huh, I love this Swiss chocolate on the picture. I did not know that you can buy it with the same design as here in Switzerland. Only the name has been changed. So, I feel convinced to send only local non-brand chocolate (cheaper and - more important - better *yummy*).

  7. I have fallen behind on this one. :lol: I didn't know this kind of thing existed on the fourms. I have joined 2 missions in the past few day, and would like to do this one. If anyone would like to pick up an extra mission, please send me a message. I have a coin to trade and maybe a regift or 9. :D


    Let me know.




    CSRA Cruisers

    If anyone would still like to send/receive another package, here is a person who would like to do a Regift trade, although too late to get in on the official mission list. Good luck, I don't doubt that someone will take you up on the offer.


    If you don't mind to ship overseas then I'd love to step in!!! :D

    Can you send her an email to let her know? Thank you.


    Email sent :D


    Yes, we agreed!!!


    So there is a second status to be posted:

    signed up- 01/27/09

    received name- 01/27/09

    sent package- not yet, but I will do some shopping this weekend :D

    received package-


    signed up- 01/27/09

    received name- 01/27/09

    sent package- not yet, but I will do some shopping this weekend :D

    received package- sent today, 08. Feb. 09

  8. Lands End


    This one would be my favourite cache. One of my travelbugs (it was a present for my Dad's 53 birthday) had the mission to travel to New Zealand and back. My Dad was in 2002 for a month in New Zealand to visit all our relatives who emigrated from Switzerland to New Zealand in the 1870ties. He did it for his project of a complete family tree on which he now is working for a good 30 years. One day I too will go to New Zealand and see as much of this country as possible and of course do some caching.

  9. I´m still looking for more microorganismcoins.

    Like to get:


    Borrelia: green, transcluent red, black glow

    Coli: purple, blue, dark blue

    Moebius: orange, black glow

    Coccus: red?


    I have my listings at www.geocoincollection.com.


    Hope to get the whole set before I stop, hope for help here.


    grodan Karin.


    Please send email through profile grodan & fiabus, I can not read the PMs.


    I put Borrelia black glow and Coli purple glitter into the Math Trade. Maybe you get them?

  10. When I came home today a parcel from Canada was waiting for me. It was the perfect day for it to arrive as this Monday was one of those you only want to forget. But you, Chuck, made my day with this great gift! Thank you so much!!!


    I opened it and inside there was a complete cache, green-coloured wrapped, just perfect for nature, an alarm clock so that I do not miss any coin sale :D, chocolate, pencil and logbook, two carabiner in great girlish colour - I just love them, Canada lanyard and pen (the pen I will take to the office), two Canada stickers and last but not least two geocoins and a pathtag.


    Thank you so much!!!!!!

  11. Signed up: 17 Dec 08

    Received Name: 28 Dec 08

    Sent Package: 21 Jan 2009

    Received Package: 31 Jan 2009


    Got the package from die-anita Saturday.


    You must have known I have girls, they took one look at the chocolate and started drooling. Then them mentioned that when we were in Switzerland we never bought any chocolate.


    The Swiss Army Knife will definitely come in handy.


    To top it all off a Spain 2006 coin with the flag on one side and the Gaudi church on the other. Now I need to find out how to get the other European country flags on a coin.




    the brewmeister and kids


    Glad to hear that the package arrived safely and that you liked what I put together for you. I was a bit worried when I was told that it will take a month to ship it over to you.


    *hihi* this chocolate are the real ones you hang on your Christmas tree. I remember when I was a child my mother alway put them on the tree and I always tried to eat as many of them as possible :)

  12. 1. Participating: January 24, 2009

    2. Received Name: January 26 2009 - research begins

    3. Mission Complete: Put into mail 01.February 2009

    4. Cupid Arrived!: -



    1. Participating: late, as directly with Fluttershy

    2. Received Name: Yes

    3. Mission Complete: put into mail 01. February 2009

    4. Cupid Arrived!: -

  13. I added a few more. This should be interesting.


    So 25 people signed up and haven't added coins yet? They only have till tomorrow.


    I'm sure some people just want to watch. It's like an interstate accident. Just gotta slow down and stick your head out. :grin: They gotta know who's got what coin . . .




    It's also a matter of time and nerves :antenna: I just came home from a hard day of work and school and almost went crazy as I am not very fond of excel :D


    I listed some coins of mine and I hope that there will bee good trades.


    I inserted Microorganisms and .pure color travel edition coins :unsure:

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