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  1. Just waiting on one coin from die_anita.


    I hoped that they arrived as I have sent all Math Trade coins out two and a half weeks before. Mail seems to be very slow. :unsure:


    7 of 7 sent today, 18.02.2009



    I just had a quick look on our mailpage. There it said that the mailers will be on their way for 7-15 workdays. So it is into normal borders :rolleyes:

  2. Well, the viking coins is one with a dragonboat (viking) ship on one side and an ornament with the text "discovering and trading for treasures since 800 a.d." but I did not find any matching item on the coins on the activation page at coins and pins.

  3. On coins made by Ernie's there is usually a sticker with activation code on it.


    Tooey's idea to contact him directly is the best way to find out the activation code. If it does not work with the emailaddress he indicated (I'm pretty sure it will work but just in case) contact me and I will make the connection between you two.

  4. Today I received my mission from Sandyduff and I am really overwhelmed of her generosity and all the thoughts to compile this parcel.


    Sandy, you are such a great missionpartner, such a wonderful person! Thank you so much for this mission!!!




    All these postcards have text on the backside explaining the picture and giving a very interest impression of the whole area. Thank you for all these explanations, information and the time you put in writing them!


    I just love those coins!!! And I do not care whether they are trackable or not. They are just beautiful and especially with the non-trackable you made a very special gift! I often saw this coin and secretly wished to have it.


    Thank you for the self-made bracelet! I will wear it and think of you as my mission partner and hope that we will stay in contact!


    The book seems very interesting and I will read it as soon as my tests are over (next Tuesday is the day).


    The sticker is just great and I will put it into my living room so that it always gently remembers me of all the joy I have in my life.


    Fridge magnets and a pen are great for daily use and little reminders of a very special person I am grateful to have met!


    Thank you Sandyduff!!!!

  5. and I also Recieved a Gift from die_anita. A very Cool Eidleweise Geocoin that I don't have yet and bars and bars of CHOCOLATE ......

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I had mentioned "sending all extra chocolate to me " in the Valentine Thread and She Did. This is the BEST Chocolate Bars I've EVER Had. And they're big, Like Willy Wonka Bars. Man I was sooooo spoiled today. Thank You all so much.

    And Thanx for all the sweet gifts....




    Glad you like it! It was such fun to read your posting and then start to make a secret parcel for you *hihi* But these've been only the small swiss chocolate bars. The real big ones I was no able to send as they just did not fit into the parcel :)

  6. Wow, what is that??? Today, when I came home from work there was a black bubble mailer in my mailbox!


    I got roped in!!!!!




    Thank you so much Geo_Bandit whoever you are!


    This coin is a really special item in my collection!!!

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