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  1. I was out running errands today when my daughter called me to tell me I had received a large package from Zurich, Switzerland! She told me to hurry home, or she would open it. Ha ha.. she was teasing about that part! A beautiful yellow box was waiting for me on the kitchen table. Inside I found a sweet card from Die Anita, pretty flower soaps, 3 types of seeds (I'm a big gardener!), a great Midsummer geocoin and Swiss chocolates! Oh joy joy! Thank you so much Die Anita. I love everything and really appreciate the time you put into the package. Even the tissue paper was perfect! Thank you!





    Email sent: 4/28/09

    Name received: 5/6/09

    Mission sent: 5/19/09 It has a long long way to go.

    Mission received: 6/10/09 Many thanks!



    Email sent: 4/28/09

    Name received: 5/6/09

    Mission sent: 5/21/09

    Mission received 5/30/09 Thank you!


    Missions completed!


    I'm so glad you liked my mission! I knew I was a bit late but I wanted to put something together with love and without stress. Thanks for your patience!

  2. Back home from a long weekend with festival visit, I found a note from the postman in my mailbox. I went to the post office and got a very large box. My flower mission arrived.


    See pics below!


    Thank you so much, Jessica! I love this mission and the coin is absolutely perfect!


    Before opening



    And after



    P.S. I did not sent my flower mission out so far but I will do it tomorrow.

  3. Can I take part even if I do not live in the United States?


    Sure. :anitongue:

    Just don't wait to long to mail them to me though. Overseas mailings can take a little while.


    Great :huh: I love such races. Could you please send me a PM and tell me where to send the coins? I will put them into the mail as soon as possible and send them with priority mail.

  4. Die Anita - We overhead a little birdie saying that your mission was mailed out early last week, so you should be receiving it any day now :P


    Oh yes!!! Today there was one of the magic bubble mailers in my mailbox! Inside two beautiful coins I did not have so far and an old-style TB with only numbers and not letters. I longed for one of those TB's for a long time and I am so glad to have one!!!


    Thank you so much for this great mission!!!

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