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  1. Hi all, I am looking for an EarthCache geocoin. Has anybody one for trade? Thanks!
  2. Missions completed! I'm so glad you liked my mission! I knew I was a bit late but I wanted to put something together with love and without stress. Thanks for your patience!
  3. I will send out my coins early next week so you should have them one week later. I think this should be ok for entering the race?
  4. Wow, what a great looking coin! Congratulations to the recipients!
  5. Email sent: 28.04.09 Name received: 06.05.2009 Mission sent: 30.05.2009 Mission received: 2.05.2009
  6. Back home from a long weekend with festival visit, I found a note from the postman in my mailbox. I went to the post office and got a very large box. My flower mission arrived. See pics below! Thank you so much, Jessica! I love this mission and the coin is absolutely perfect! Before opening And after P.S. I did not sent my flower mission out so far but I will do it tomorrow.
  7. Yesterday I received a Dutch Lion mystery coin. I was totally surprised as I absolutely did not expect it. Thank you very much dear sender!
  8. Sure. Just don't wait to long to mail them to me though. Overseas mailings can take a little while. Great I love such races. Could you please send me a PM and tell me where to send the coins? I will put them into the mail as soon as possible and send them with priority mail.
  9. Can I take part even if I do not live in the United States?
  10. Happy Mother's day to my mom who is the best mom in the world and who takes care of my little cache at their home
  11. Oh yes!!! Today there was one of the magic bubble mailers in my mailbox! Inside two beautiful coins I did not have so far and an old-style TB with only numbers and not letters. I longed for one of those TB's for a long time and I am so glad to have one!!! Thank you so much for this great mission!!!
  12. Email sent: 28.04.09 Name received: 06.05.2009 Mission sent: Mission received:
  13. Don't worry. Tsun mentioned that it will take some time. As you got confirmation you're on the safe side and will get your turtles. Just be patient
  14. Another of your famous pure and simple designs! I really love it and hope that I will be able to get some
  15. Just went to bed again after sending my email and saw now that I made it *yippie*
  16. and back to bed *yawn* will see tomorrow whether I made it.
  17. I'm still waiting to receive my Sunshine Mission. I hope that it will just take a few more days because I'm living overseas.
  18. I quit the game. I have to work tomorrow and need some sleep.
  19. I hope we know soon whether it will work or not. Here is almost two at night and I just want to go back to bed *yawn*
  20. Oh no, I extra set the alarm clock but I have no access to the site now. Everything was fine earlier...
  21. Congratulations! Wow, you were really brave I hope the Cache Reaper finds his way to Switzerland...
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