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  1. coins.jpg


    I did get these fabulous coins in the mail :):rolleyes: thanks for the trade :)


    Wow. I'm a little jaded on coins, but I REALLY like these ones! There's something about them that really appeals to me. What are their names - I might try to find them.


    The black square one is called Pure. The other is the blue Earth Turtle.


    The coins on the top are the Mimbres (Turtle) and the other one I think is the Guardian coin but I'm not sure.


    I still have Mimbres and .pure for trade. Just have a look in the trading thread :)

  2. 1. When my brother goes geocaching, What other hobby does he do ? _his dog_______________________________


    2. What does he go by ? _educate the dog__________________________________


    3. What is he working hard towards getting ? __find his 99 cache___________________________________

  3. IMG_0146.jpg


    Received The Witch's Coin Chain Mission: 1-12-09


    What you received with the Witch's Coin: 2 great coins and a witch pencil


    Have a coin I can send immediately: I might, gotta double check


    Am in the process of trading for a coin for the Mission: Nope


    Witch's Coin Mission is Sent: Soon


    First off, I think customs opened the package as there was a nice slice in the package and a big piece of tape over it. The witch, 2 coins, the log sheet, and a pencil were inside, so hoping that nothing was taken out.

    Anywho, I love the 2 coins, but have no idea what they are. I have never seen the big square one. The other I have seen here in the forums, but cant seem to remember or find it.

    Within the next week or so I shall get the witch flying again. Can't wait to see who she casts a spell on next.


    The square coin is a "Ratisbona" geocoin from Sepp & Berta's shop. Ratisbona is the historic name of the city Regensbug. If you'd like to get the whole text to the coin just drop me a line and I will translate it for you.

  4. Update:


    Jesse (Little Mr Puzzle) received his mission from Switzerland. He loved the knife, chocolate, coins and the post card which he had framed and is on his wall.

    He sent his mission out 2 weeks ago and have not heard if it made it there.


    That's great!!! It seem to have taken lots of time to arrive! But most important to me is that Jesse liked all the stuff :laughing:


    I am still waiting for my mission but I refuse giving up hope.

  5. Hi all,


    I'd like to trade for Earth Turtles, Dragonfly Talismans, Anthus Laptop or Mimbres LE. If you are interested in below coins please contact me through my profile or via PM.


    For trade I have:

    Christmas Earth Turtles (not yet arrive; trade Turtle against Turtle)

    Bewitched (shiny and foggy silver)

    Eclectic Penguin (bronze)

    Lord of the cache (LE, Fire)

    Triquetra Knot (XLE, LE)


    Geocaching is the key (green, black)


    The Real Adventurer (bronze)



    Celtic star


    Raith grass (LE and RE)

    Tupperman Geocoin (LE)

    Edelweiss geocoin (full set)

    Wheel of the Year 2008 Geocoin Antik Silber

    Ellandel Ireland 2007


    Cheesocoin (LE)

    Swiss Micro Geocoin (XXLE, XLE, LE)

    Rainbow geocoin (LE)

  6. Signed up: 16. December 2008

    Received Name: 28. December 2008

    Sent Package: 10. January 2009 (I was told that it will be on it's way for a month)

    Received Package: -


    Well die_anita,

    I just want to say that it is no problem that my package will take a month to get here.

    I know that it took quite and effort to get my package wrapped:




    Now just where to keep them so the Wife does not see them and make me give them to her Dad :lol:


    *hihi* hope to receive a male edition of those lovely ladies :ph34r:

  7. My Bewitched coins and a Swedish Moose arrived today. Great coins!!!


    And to store the coins I have now a wooden treasure chest I had to pick up today at the post office. It looks just great and I am very looking forward to storing all the coins in it.

  8. Today I had three envelopes in the mail. One from Germany, one from Sweden and one from the USA.


    With the Birka coin a dream came true!! To me. it's one of the greatest coins ever!Thank you so much for this trade and the cute little extra turtle!



  9. One other thing, Tuesday, January 6th, is a holiday here, so no mail that day, which can also cause a delay :(


    And here I thought folks just confused Sweden and Switzerland! I had no idea about Swaziland, too :yikes:




    oh, yes, thats indeed another confusion. Whenever I am abroad and talk to people I have to explain them that Switzerland is not Sweden :( But as I like Sweden very much I am still a bit proud that they think that I live in this beautiful country. Fortunately, there is no confusion concerning mail.

  10. Sunrayers, I don't think you have anything to worry about :yikes:


    Folks on this side of the pond have been receiving them, yours will be there soon, it just takes a little longer to go over to you guys.


    People here in Sweden, where mail is known for taking only one day to be delivered on average, started to receive theirs last Friday, mine came on Monday, so just wait patiently and this beauty will be there before you know it. Motocycleboi is very trustworthy!


    Naomi :(


    That's good to know. We here in Switzerland have to fight often that we are mixed up with Swaziland. They even have an own post office over there just to collect those parcels and letters and send them to Switzerland. I was getting worried that something like this occured but now I relax and just wait :(

  11. Wow, this looks great! I will have some of these as they mean a lot to me. This moment is the first time I am really sorry not to be a native speaker and so unable to write what I really feel and wanted to write. But I terribly hope that you know somehow what it would have been.

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