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  1. yesterday i recieved a Card from the Maiden of mystery...??? ;)



    its a nice card, with a great saying and inside it had 2 very well made path tags one to keep and one to sell.

    the tag has the same graffix as the front of the card with with another really nice saying



    life is not seperate from death,

    it only looks that way.



    ive never herd of this mystery giver, has anyone else?? :rolleyes:

    thank you so much i love the tag and hope the winner of the auction will too. thank you for your giving heart!! i cant thank you enuff and everyone else that has been so great about everything ive been thru lately. you all are rockers in my book!!! :D:laughing:




    what a great coin! you're really a lucky one. Thanks for showing it to us!

  2. Hi,


    yes I had the family here and I have to apologize for how long it stayed here. But I put it into the mail before my holidays what means that in about 1 or 2 weeks it will be at the next recipient's.

  3. Seeking a Wales coin.........


    I have to trade an ET Oceania LE, YemonYime, Rosetta Stone and anything on my trader's list (which is very small). Thanks......


    i have a wales coin, but unfortunantly its activated and well travelled. its recently landed on homeland territory (the uk) and is getting closer to coming to one of my caches.


    so i dont suppose you want a coin you may have to wait for a few more months?


    When it's back and still in good condition I'd love to adopt it :( Maybe we can set up a trade then?

  4. Our Scotland trip is finally nearing :) on August 3rd we fly to Edinburgh and drive to the Isle of Skye. Then we slowly go back via Fort William and Stirling to Edinburgh. I put together a huge bookmark list of caches I'd like to do... we will see how many of them we manage to do.

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