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  1. The first GPS I used was in the Marine Corps in 1994, it was a Trimpak by Trimble. It was just awful. The first one I ever owned was a Garmin etrex in the brown, woodland, cammo pattern. I took it to Iraq in 2003 and it worked just as well as the government model in my HMMWV.
  2. The suspect language in the cache description is merely a direct quote of the Medal Of Honor citation. This is a great cache, and there's nothing wrong with it. There are many caches hidden at points of interest that somebody, somewhere, for some strange reason, will be offended by. The rest of us will simply find them and log a smiley. By the way, I enjoyed finding this one, and re-reading the citation.
  3. Is your fridge outdoors? LOL Neat container. I'm a big fan of truly waterproof containers, since I live on a tropical island.
  4. I only found my first ones very recently, when I made a trip to The States. There was one over here, in Okinawa, but I wouldn't really consider it to be an LPS, or whatever you want to call it this week. The one's that I found in The States were pretty boring. There were no real points of interest that they brought me to, and no nice views, etc. They were just film canisters that were there for the sake of being there. I'd say that I'm already tired of finding them, as long as they all have as much significance as the few that I've found so far. With virts gone the way of the dodo, perhaps I'd like some LPSs that were in the parking lot of a neat place to visit...Wally world doesn't count!
  5. Guidelines are just that...I'll never log my own cache as a find, but I live on a small island, and have adopted a couple of caches that I once found (after DNFs even!). I don't need the cache police second guessing me, and there is no such thing (aside from Groundspeak, and their nannyish guideline changes). Do what you like, and have fun with it, right up until it interferes with fellow cachers. That's my .0034 cents' worth. Your monetary value may vary.
  6. I'm lucky enough to know a couple of people that have lost things from their body, and they live life to the fullest. I wish you nothing but the best, and hope that you don't turn the dial down on life because of this event. I'll be rooting for you, and hope that you get back out there and, "give 'em hell." Some glasses with safety lenses might be just the needed thing. Oakley makes some awesome optics these days, and my fellow "employees" rely heavily on them in harsh environments.
  7. I use my phone to make phone calls (and occasionally receive them). When I get tweets, or whatever the heck they're being called this week, on my FB, I mostly ignore them. It's amazing how much useless noise you can tune out after a while! One more fanatic with a, "I just took a dump in the BK bathroom," post isn't something that I really care about.
  8. And so you succinctly say why the suggestion is a bad idea: it adds nothing but confusion. As Jeremy says: Even if the DNS change were instantaneous everywhere on the planet, I don't see there's any value in the suggestion anyway. If the site is down then the site is down. Putting up a message saying "the site is down" doesn't add anything. Finally, something more close to accurate! When everyone was asking for various magic features to tell them that the site was down, I kept asking why they wouldn't just know the site was down when their browser told them that the site was down... Now let us get past all of this, "Thank you SO MUCH for doing what we pay you to do," stuff. They had a power outage, the power came back on, they restarted the servers. What miracle took place that I'm missing? Oh; you mean the part where a blog that hadn't been updated in many months was updated? You mean the part where Jeremy texted some crap about how the power might come back on? WOW! Color me unimpressed!
  9. There's only one LPC on my little island (I think), and I had fun finding it...Does that make me a Defender? So be it! If I defend someone enjoying grabbing a cache when stopping at a Wally World to do some shopping, am I a Defender? If I get a laugh out of Snoogans' posts, am I a defender?
  10. Please disregard my disregarded email and forum post...Your somewhat awkward address form didn't even require my correct mailing address; it processed the payment with CA as the state. Thanks!
  11. No response to mine either...still can't renew my membeship, and I don't want to make an international call to do it.
  12. Yep; been banking with my FPO address for four years now. Living overseas, we do a LOT of online shopping. It's actually pretty rare to find an online venue that doesn't allow me to enter my FPO address; I was certainly surprised to discover that Groundspeak was one of them. I suppose that if it remains that way, I'll have to use that old fashioned method...Paying for an international call, just for the privilege of giving Groundspeak my money. Or they could just update their address field on their website, like almost every other vendor in the U.S. has done.
  13. I sent an email about this, but I'm not sure if that's the fastest route. When attempting to renew my premium membership, the form will not allow me to enter "AP" as my state. Please add the "Armed Forces Pacific," Europe, etc. codes to the form so that I can renew my membership.
  14. It's working fine for me. I guess they fixed the problem. I thought they would be too busy trying to be Geocaching referees...Looks like their advertisement revenue is paying off.
  15. Jansport and The North Face both offer some really neat day packs. Try REI for a nice selection, but be prepared to shell out a couple of dollars, though. I like having a pack that isn't going to fall apart in a week of rough use.
  16. If they can't follow the guidelines, or exercise a bit of common sense, then yes, perhaps they should go ahead and call their inappropriate cache in to the bomb squad ahead of time; it will save time and money. It might go something like this: "Hello, bombsquad? I'm going to hide a package under a bridge today, but it's part of a game. It's outside of the guidelines of the game, and a bit foolish, so I thought I'd let you know. Toodles."
  17. As more and more couch potatoes heft themselves from their couches and computer chairs, society will begin to suffer a far greater number of scrapes, bumps, and assorted "owies." This will cause Groundspeak to declare that real containers (placed in that frail and feelbe environment known as "outdoors") will be declared "absurd," and unsafe. Guidelines for logging a find will state that a cacher need only find the location on google maps. This will further "protect" those that can't be bothered with reading cache descriptions prior to attempting a find as well.
  18. I'm a premium member because I like the features that come with the membership. I certainly do NOT feel like I somehow owe Groundspeak some sort of gratitude for running a business that makes money.
  19. When will civilian EOD personnel get on board with using xray? It's not like it's really all that new of an idea...Gotta be cleaner and safer than blowing stuff up in the wally world parking lot too.
  20. This is all very nannyish in design. How unfortunate that Groundspeak has to take this step, due to a few challenged cache owners. I'll stop using the term cache owner now, and use the term cache hider. All of the "but what if I don't bother to read those cache listings first" complainers should simply be prepared to suffer the consequences of blindly following their mystery machine to a cache that they know nothing about. I'll read the cache page first. Thankfully, some of the chronically needy and easily inconvenienced folks won't have to make the decision for themselves whether they should hunt for a specific cache with an additional requirement; how safe and neat for them. I hope that this change brings about the peace and contentment that it was designed to do for the reviewers that will now have to sift through a fun pile of "they deleted my log because I didn't <insert requirement here>," complaints, and , "It's an illegal ALR!"
  21. Thanks for the help. It looks like my Japan maps are currently on the Colorado unit itself, since I just change out SD cards, and the map still loads (new SD card, right out of the package). I think I will follow Ken's suggestion and put my NA maps on a separate card. Thanks again!
  22. I have a Colorado 400t. I currently have maps of Japan loaded to it, and will be purchasing the City Navigator 2009 NT on DVD before traveling home to the states this summer. When I go to load map sheets to the Colorado, will it overwrite my current Japan maps? Should I just load the mapsheets that I want for my vacation and reload the Japan maps when I get back, or can I put the NT maps on my SD card, in addition to my Japan maps? I can't seem to get a clear picture on how this works, since some forum posts make it sound like loading more maps (like the new City Navigator) will overwrite any present maps...Is this true? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  23. I think it's a neat idea. I'd totally love to find part of your femur in a cache. I don't think it's any more inappropriate than a child saving a tooth to place under their pillow.
  24. This sport is a two way street, and the CO is getting enjoyment out of cachers finding his cache. Some folks just don't have the same standards for swag that others do. For me, swag is unimportant. If I haven't come across a FTF prize, or a trackable, I leave the contents of the cache alone (except the log, of course). I think the folks with little ones probably get a kick out of finding some of the better swag in the caches. I get much more fulfillment out of the hunt, and the point of interest that the CO brought me to.
  25. @Kit Fox: Stone Sentinel looks like some of the peeks near 29 Palms...Brings back memories. Since I have family in Cathedral City, I plan on hitting as many caches in that area as I can next year. I'll have to add this one to the list.
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