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  1. I still have a GPS III+. Used it for finds until I got an Oregon 400t. Other than somewhat reduced performance in tree cover (relatively speaking) it worked pretty well.


    And, no, there is no electronic compass. Just one that will indicate while you are in motion.

  2. Let's see C.B. thats my real initials.

    Well I have a rig that is older than some geocachers.


    I have been on the air since before they required a license way back when and still remember that call sign.





    My family's first CB license call-sign was 16W2548 -- that was the FCC format from 1959 or so. Can't remember when they changed to the three-letter-four-number style, but when they did ours was KNF1510.


    The E.F. Johnson "Viking Messenger I" was made just a few miles from here in Waseca, MN, and we owned one. There may have been CB rigs that predated that model, but not many.


    At various other times we also had the:


    Messenger II, III, 100, 123( A and B ), 124, 130, 223, 250, 323(A and M), 352D, 4135, 4140, 4730 and lastly a Viking 4740 SSB rig that I still have.


    Also, many of the Johnson Vikings of Old too. (Check out the Johnson Desk Kilowatt. Continuous tuning[!] from 3.5 - 30 MHz. Heh. That one could could do some damage.)


    My father sold and serviced Johnson stuff for 35+ years...

  3. Happened yesterday for the first time, and occurred several times during the afternoon.


    I selected a point on the map screen, tapped the top point identifier bar, and then got the "Go" screen with nothing else but blank space shown -- and no functionality on the "Go" button. Power cycled the device and it worked for a while, and then it happened again on several completely different map point selections.


    Sigh. Oh, 2.6 where are ye?



  4. did already anyone inform garmin about the barometer and tide tables bug?


    I emailed the tech I was working with when my Oregon died (got it replaced/exchanged where I bought it, rather than spend their "7-10 business days" without it) and let him know how to reproduce my findings.


    Now, whether or not that means that message will get any farther...



  5. Here's an obscure one for the "broke it at 2.40" file.


    When simulating your location by setting the 400t in Demo Mode, and then relocating yourself to a coastal ocean area (via the lower-right-corner tap from the satellite page), try executing a "Where To" -> Tides, select a tide-zone, and then tap the name (top bar) of the zone.


    On two 400t that I have, they will both display the "High/Low", date/time, and tide height -- when running v2.30. Under v2.40, all I see is the column of "High" and "Low" text with no accompanying data.


    Don't know what happens when you are actually AT the ocean, as opposed to simulating it, because, well, I'm pretty far away. But, this behavior is 100% repeatable on two 400t units when switching from 2.3 to 2.4.


    Just sayin'



  6. Heavy sigh.


    My Oregon 400t is also Ore-gone this morning with precisely the same description of the failure mode as you describe here.


    Worked fine yesterday, powers up and then just f..a..d..e..s.. away in a few seconds.


    Tried re-installing 2.4 (reportedly successfully) with the updater to no avail. I've got an RMA email in at Garmin.


    Of course, this just couldn't happen on a >Monday< morning when I wouldn't be able go caching anyway...

  7. Have you run any queries today? They would have a bold "Last Run" time in the farthest right column. Those are counted, so it won't let you schedule any more queries for Saturday since they'll be run today.


    That could explain the behavior I'm seeing then. I had concluded that simply requesting them to run on any given Saturday, even though they would not be eligible for execution since 5 had already run today, would still be OK. I was unaware that after 5 had run that no more could be scheduled for that day of the week, and was under the assumption that any that were would simply have their execution delayed until the following Saturday, since I had removed all other queries for that day of the week and was not in violation of the total number requested for that week-day.




  8. I was restructuring my Pocket Queries to break out the areas into smaller zones to avoid the 500 limit. Upon re-sceduling them to distribute the load across the week, I discovered the site will not allow me to schedule any (even one of my) queries for Saturday -- "Sorry. You have exceeded the maximum limit of 5 queries per day for Saturday" -- even though my query total for that day is currently at zero.


    I'm guessing that all of the re-allocating I've done has messed up a database pointer somewhere.


    I'll try again tomorrow, but in case the problem comes up for anyone else I thought I'd log the issue here.



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