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  1. This is excellent advice. I thought my 64s broke after it took a hard drop to the floor. The Garmin just wouldn't locate any satellites.The tip of of using GPS only fixed it. I am very grateful for your help. Thank you!!
  2. Yes I feel a lot of negative emotions especially when the cache is found very easily by others before and after me. I read the answers your topic received. This thread is going to help me deal with those emotions and not be so serious about an enjoyable game. After all the only thing I really miss by not finding the cache is the log signing and online smiley. The least important part of caching. I am going to be a lot more relaxed about dnfs in the future.
  3. I am getting peeved about geocide. The repeat geociders are worse. Should people that mass archive hundreds of caches be given a cooling off period before they can start the cycle again?
  4. This one made me laugh because its true. When a cacher does this, what is going through his/her head is this; "hmm, surely this could be done better... I'll help this clueless CO out. My altruism knows no bounds. Give myself a nice pat on my back." This assumes that every finder between the cacher and the CO has hidden the cache exactly as they found it. Aside from adding branches or leaves to replace rotting wood that was the original hiding location, I've only ever moved caches that were obviously out-of-line with the description/hint, or something else clearly happened (sitting in the open several feet away from a hidey hole that was actually at GZ; tied to a pine branch that has since died). Usually I add a direct messages to the owner with a pic of what I'd done and a willingness to reverse it if I ticked someone off. In any case, I never do it with a "help this clueless CO out" mentality, but more of a "clean up after clueless/irresponsible cachers" attitude. Hopefully I'm not ticking off anyone's peeves, but I'd be willing to bet there are some CO's out there with a peeve of cachers who don't do what I do. (And then there are people with peeves at CO's who expect others to do their maintenance for them!) Just saying not everything everyone does is intentionally arrogant and what ticks off someone might just be someone trying to help out. Reading through these forums, the only clear thing I've learned about geocaching is that it's never possible to please everyone. I agree with the clueless or lazy cacher attitude. We have a terrain 5 cache in our area..tool(s) required.... that has changed to a terrain 2 at least 3 times. The CO didn't fix the cache. Subsequent finders restored the cache(this is a very good thing)The only solution I have ever seen for cache migration is to zip tie or chain the container in place. I must admit I have not replaced a container or two exactly as found because I forgot which branch of a tree it was attached to. I did get the right tree.
  5. MMMmmm Seemed fresh. Sorry I replied to it. Did not mean to peeve...irk...grate...vex.....
  6. I like those reminders on a cache page or log book. I have seen very clear instructions on a cache page completely ignored. Such as "Please rehide the cache (and or container) as found" The cache owners instructions are ignored or not read in the first place. That is the peeve for me. Just peeved, not angry or vindictive.
  7. Somebody finds a cache very easily. It was too easy for them so they hide it a little better. They do not care if that was how it was hidden by the CO in the first place, it just didn't meet their hiding standards. Peeves me to no end when I see a log like that on a cache page.
  8. I encountered a "crazy" person while caching who was very upset that I stopped on a gravel road in a rural area. I talked to him for quite some time, he just got more irritated as I explained what I was doing. I loaned him my pen so he could record my my license plate number to report me to the police. I was never contacted by the police. I think they were already well acquainted with the guy.
  9. I agree. Both the president and secretary of the OGA do an outstanding job. The president is entitled to her personal opinion. The secretary has responded to your post with utmost professionalism. I would not have been so diplomatic. I found the cache that was blown to smithereens a few months ago. The container would(should) not be mistaken for a bomb. Hidden under a pine tree. No power source. No electronic board. No target. The liftbridge is a short(+-200 feet) distance from the cache location. I thought the area was a public area(small parking lot). Yes law enforcement needs to treat unknown packages as if they are a real threat. Our safety depends on it. My OPINION is that cooler heads should have prevailed. In other words blowing up an assumed bomb to get rid of it that close to a vital bridge and tourist railway station was not the best option. And no I am not an expert on the subject.
  10. I have not met up with a bad muggle. Most either like it or don't care one way or the other. I have talked to a couple of them on separate occasions that were so crazy they needed meds and a psychiatrist.
  11. Ahhh... good catch! I stand corrected. Thanks. Edit: Wait... no I don't! What has Virginia got to do with this? The cache in question is in Indiana. As best as I can tell several States have the same or similar § 18.2-125 Law. Indinia may be one of them. And many states have different laws. I posted a link to Indiana's, and I could find nothing regarding times of day for visiting. It may be there, but if so, I missed it. I missed your post and searched that same site and a few others. I can't find it for sure either. But if it were me the CO would never know what time I signed the log, and I would waited until the second to find logged their find. I hate being FTF, and I know that others enjoy it, so I never try and be FTF. Leave it to the Hounds. Truth is I'm a better tracker than I am at finding geocaches. Found this in knowschad link to Indiana Law IC 23-14-32 Chapter 32. Curfews IC 23-14-32-1 Curfews to memorialize the dead Sec. 1. A county, city, or town may impose a curfew specific to cemeteries or other facilities used to memorialize the dead under IC 31-37-3-5. As added by P.L.103-1996, SEC.3. Amended by P.L.1-1997, SEC.108.
  12. You almost said it. A nice clean log sheet in this area is often described as a virgin log. Bragging rights to say I beat everyone to the virgin...log.
  13. I agree. It usually doesn't take long to identify a dumb muggle. The less they know about geocaching the better. I have never met a dumb geocacher because they don't exist.
  14. I have only had one bad experience. I attempted to explain geocaching to a nearby resident on a public country road once. Total wacko. He was upset that I showed up on the road unannounced on a Sunday morning. I think he forgot his medications that morning. The only thing that bothered me about it was the guy is allowed to run loose and unsupervised.
  15. It is a serious crime to kill or attempt to kill a person with a gun. People are talking about a NA log on a geocaching site to report an attempted murder. Call the police and report the guy!
  16. see number 13 Google early. Google often.
  17. - what IS a 'pMUTs'????? i need to know to find a cache here in maine. thanks. Read it BACKWARDS...DUH! What the heck is a HUD??? You stumped me with that one.
  18. +1 +2 Why not just log:"thanks for the magnetic hide on yet another guardrail in an unremarkable location? Then log TFTC
  19. I've got a couple about that size, and placed 'way back in there'. I carried them myself, no help. Anyway, I have been aware of the ''regular' size creep issue' for some time now, and I tend to agree that small/micro seems to be more regular than 'regular' these days. I don't think there is any chance of changing the size designations, but perhaps it might have been better if they had been named 'Jumbo', 'Full-size', 'Half-size', 'Quarter-size', 'Eighth-size', and (if the proposed NANO ever gets through committee) 'Sixteenth-size'. I once went searching for an "ammo can" When I found the mini ammo can that was a micro I laughed MAO. Seriuosly a regular is a regular and all the micros and nanos in the world won't change that fact.
  20. I have seen a lot of concern by cachers for damage to trees by the use of metal screws or nails to secure the cache. I think multiple people climbing a tree damages the tree more than that. I have seen trees with lots of bark worn off and broken branches. Choose the tree carefully for easy climbing and strong branches to minimize possible damage
  21. I have found 4 of 7 archived caches I went out specifically to find. It is amazing how long a cache will last although it's not maintained.
  22. Wouldn't a pancake breakfast automatically be a "stacked" event?
  23. I have read most of the logs on your nano series. I am baffled as to how you could take the logs as bullying you or being negative. I know most of the geocachers ( I have met and talked with at events)who logged your nano series and I can tell they really liked it and appreciated your efforts with the series. They love to tease each other about FTF's and other parts of the game. The group is not a clique from my experience at events and chance meetings at caches. It appears someone was confused logging the 5 caches correctly and deleted their log because it was for the wrong cache of the series. I can only write about your caches as I do not know which one of your group members cache was not "liked". When someone doesn't like one of my caches I have hidden I say "Oh Well"
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