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  1. Welcome, Kopaka Nuva! Here you will meet all the Matorans And to others, here's Kopaka Nuva's profile page: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/default.aspx?A=190474
  2. Hi! New Nordic "Country" (like Faroe Islands and Greenland) has appeared, see http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?country_id=272 Not too many caches there yet, but perhaps some day. And so far the only one is placed by - Estonians! And found by - Swedes! Regards, Tahu Nuva
  3. BUMP! to this one too... Log that cache, it's worth it!
  4. I wrote this note to cache page: "As the last visit in geocaching.com of the owner Hippo was on Friday, July 26, 2002, I think this cache should be treated as abandoned. So, if any of you is willing to maintain or even adopt this cache, please let me know! Yours, Tahu Nuva - geocaching.com admin"
  5. Active / inactive caches are in Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Finland: Country active / inactive Faroe Islands 2 / 0 Finland 408 / 37 Greenland 2 / 0 Iceland 11 / 3 Denmark 309 / 80 Norway 335 / 39 Regards, Tahu Nuva
  6. Soon Swedish geocachers will have 2000 caches to find! At the moment there is 1904 active caches plus 216(!) inactive caches. Regards, Tahu Nuva
  7. Hello all! I will make small modifications in this forum. I will add english topic descriptions to most of the threads. Regards, Tahu Nuva
  8. IMHO, the list of initial contents should not be in cache description, but in a note.
  9. By the way, I have suggested to Jeremy that the name "Locationless caches" could be changed to geophotography. Locationless caches have very little to do with real caches, but much more with photographing.
  10. Every now and then a question about the languages used in this forum rises up. Here's some basic guidelines for all of you: Preferred languages: ALL genuine languages spoken in the region i.e. Inuit (language), Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Lappish and Gipsy (language). Did I forgot some ? Add a language-prefix in front of your subject, like SWE: or NOR: or LAP: or DAN: or FIN etc. If you use English, do NOT add prefix. Please write in English, if you think your topic has international interest. And when you start a topic in your local language, please add a short résumé in english too, so foreign geocachers know, what your topic handles. - Tahu Nuva - P.S. I would like to see geoacachers from every Nordic country to chat here actively, but I guess I'm asking too much, as Norwegians, Swedes and Danes have their own forums in their own servers...
  11. Oh, and here's the link: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GCGXJ1
  12. I concur also that we need a Nordic Countries Travel Bug Graveyard, so I approved it, so: please everyone, use it too !
  13. X-träm 2002 GBG is now archived. - Tahu Nuva - The Nordic Countries Approver
  14. Wow! I MUST find that cache some day, as it reminds me of my home country Tahu Nuva, the Toa Soldier from Mata Nui
  15. Also thanks to DocW for the interesting list. How you made them? Secondly: I agree with Divine, on what comes to statistics. It would be great if gc.com would offer some of them. - Tahu Nuva - The Nordic Countries Approver
  16. Congratulations to all winners ! Perhaps some day i have also a chance to join some kind of a contest like this was. Yours, Tahu Nuva, The Nordic Countries Approver
  17. Too bad i'm a rookie approver - i would have loved to try to win a hiking stick, as El Diablo's hiking sticks are sooo cooool... Yours, Tahu Nuva, the Nordic Countries Approver
  18. Middle of Circle is temporarily disabled. - Tahu Nuva - The Nordic Countries Approver
  19. And another thing why I would like to stay anonymous is that if geocachers know who I am, it may lead to situation where some of them will contact me by phone and ask me to approve their caches quickly and that's not what I want - I need also privacy and I want to do this work only when I have time for it. This is only a hobby, geocaching.com does not pay me anything for this work. I wish you understand this point of view. - Tahu Nuva - The Nordic Countries Approver
  20. And I wish it stays as a mystery. As the first day in my volunteer approver work showed (I refer to rvk's case), it is better to stay anonymous. It's much easier to face angry geocachers this way. Fortunately they are really rare. - Tahu Nuva - The Nordic Countries Approver
  21. If you are a new geocacher, please read these threads first: Read First! Geocaching Frequently Asked Questions How to post an avatar And for Finns: UKK: Miten kätköä kuvaavat sivut rakennetaan? UKK: Mikä kohtuuhintainen gpsr kannattaa hankkia, siis sellainen, jossa ois Suomen kartta? UKK: Mitä erilaisia liftareita on olemassa ja mitä tehdään kun sellaisen kätköstä löytää UKK: Mistä saa tilattua Suomeen helpoimmin TB-tägejä.. Feel free to post any FAQ-links you find! Especially if you find Estonia, Latvian, Lithuanian, Icelandic, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian FAQ's.
  22. Åsberget is temporarily disabled, but i don't know why... - Tahu Nuva -
  23. Havneby is archived as the cache has been missing too long and the owner living abroad has not arranged the maintenance. Still this cache can come back alive some day... - Tahu Nuva -
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