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  1. I don't have an Oregon, but I do have a Colorado 400t. When I put it in automobile mode including "lock on roads", it still does not always do so although for most of the trip it is on the road it still continues to sometimes drift off the road. Most times I can tell which side of the road I was driving on, but there is still somtimes significant drift. This is true even with a Garmin external antenna attached.
  2. Amazon only charges sales tax if you live in a state where they have a warehouse and ship from or if your specific state requires it (not all states do). They WILL charge you sales tax at amazon, but I still would go with a sure thing.
  3. Huhugrub, I saw a "project a waypoint" menu option on my Colorado yesterday. Since I don't have the unit with me right now, I can't tell you exactly where it was.
  4. When I was attempting to install 2.60 with Garmin Updater on the devices page it would only show N:/Garmin (or something similar), but it would never show "Colorado 400t" like it always had before. I tried several things with no success. I finally decided that the drive "N" was actually the Colorado unit itself (and it was) so I uploaded 2.60 to it. And it worked fine. I don't know why this changed. I had taken the SD chip out, so I was pretty sure that the "N:" was not referring to it.
  5. Also, another possible factor is that GPSr with WAAS on are supposedly only accurate within 3 meters 95% of the time.
  6. My Colorado is very easy to see in bright sunlight. The only time it is hard to see is when it is bright but there is no direct sunlight on it (like when it is overcast but still bright). It has a transreflective screen which makes it easily visible in bright sunlight.
  7. The Garmin website compares Garmin units. Off hand, I don't know of other websites that compare differerent brands, but I am sure there are some. Google something like "GPS model comparisons" or something similar.
  8. On the MAHA website for 2700 mA batteries it recommends charging at 1300 mA and discharging at 700 mA for the regular charge (with the refresh every 10 charges and the "break-in" every 30 cycles). (At least for their MH-C9000 charger). http://www.mahaenergy.com/store/mhc9000faq.asp
  9. How do I read this First Satellite Acquisition Date? Thank you. On my 400t it shows the first satellite acquisition date as being in 2015.
  10. My Colorado 400t has frozen on me 2 times --- both when I was just turning it on and it was only showing the word GARMIN in the middle of the screen. I had to remove the batteries to get it to work again. Both times it froze I am certain that I pressed the power switch accidentally and rapidly a 2nd time after the first time. I do not know if this is what caused the freeze or not because it has never frozen or shut down on me while I was actually using it. (Of course, I have only had it about 10 days).
  11. How can I tell which software numbers are loaded onto my Colorado 400t. For example, the 2.51 beta and the 2.60 gps version that is supposedly downloaded onto the unit when I use Garmin's MapUpdater???
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