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  1. Hi, double-check your dates "when placed"... if you placed the cache a while back and put the actual date placed, but just getting around to publishing, it does not show up as "new". Also, make sure you have the day & month the right American? way around too Month/day/year I am constantly confused now when I go on Geocaching.com
  2. Yes, I noticed this problem started after the latest Groundspeak downtime for updates... I have been trying to search for mystery/ puzzle type caches, but ALL cache types are reported, regardles... Not sure who to report this to??
  3. Goodness, I plucked so many feathers cracking the Easter Egg Hunt, I think I need to wait for some re-growth before I have a chance of flying on Wings Over Whatawhata! So, thought to give another Auckland puzzle a try.... but LOWERdy!HUIsA DAM hard one! ( GC24459 ) LOL, try adding an n to that... it autoedits to dadgum any hints to get me started?
  4. That's what I thought you meant And I'm sure there are more than a few of us on the same page ... Now if only we could get a few more clues! I guess we need to Ask about specific puzzles if we want answers... I now look at every reply to see if there is some cryptic hidden meaning, LOL and yes, I have been known to leave hint that way myself at times, hehehe Perhaps I should give Wings Over Whatawhata another try... no previous nudges seemed to help; but sometimes a good break helps, and a fresh approach works.... but I'd be grateful for another clue!
  5. LOL, I think my wings were earned fairly quickly & keep flapping them but seemingly to no avail as most of my feathers got plucked while doing EasterEggHunt! I guess it serves me right for breaking the old adage of "counting your chicks before they've hatched"
  6. Oh dear, is this topic already going to go off the rails? for now I will give the benefit of doubt to the McCCC's about their offer I don't think handing out answers, ( I have been asked before) without someone at least giving the puzzle a decent try is really too great; and I really don't see what satisfaction there is in just racking up numbers... why bother with signing puzzle logs, if you don't like or try to do them? BUT in some cases, after attempting & struggling, and just not being able to grasp a concept, I think it would be OK to tell someone the solution.. NOT so they can just run out and "score" but so they may see how it works & learn something new. Of course there is nothing like the "aha!" moment Puzzles are fun! signing the log is just a ...a.... oh blast! i can't think of the word, LOL! spent my ration of brain cells doing puzzles
  7. please pardon my babbling, I am not good at wording what I mean, but I agree completely with what you've just said ( except that I am not convinced about the un-genius status) LOL, mis/pre-conceptions can truly lead us astray. The most entertainment I've had so far from a puzzle I made was when some locals were racing for FTF ; it should have been ever so easy for any techy type but just never saw it coming from l'il ole me. teeeehheeeeeheeee I am glad you have thrown some easier ones out there, but most of your harder ones I have no idea how to start! *blush* though that is great because I find them intruiging & it means I have lots to learn So, how about throwin me a bone to chew on?
  8. Not just in the Waikato but Great idea!! * subscribed and lurking, lol I like the challenge of learning something new or in many cases it is just learning to look at something in a new way/ diff angle/how someone else sees things. I would like to get the hints rolling by asking a question... but am wondering 1st how much do the cache-owners want revealed here? or is this a communal free-for-all *Wings over Whatawhata* yep, stumped.don't understand what to do. but am wondering if the easy obvious number is an intentional red herring or does that set one down the right track?
  9. Thanks for the replies! I have finally upgraded from my old GPS45 to an Oregon, and would be mortified if I lost it! Do I have to have it plugged in to my computer to edit the mass storage mode ( I did see that while practising loading a PQ) or do I just turn the GPS on and edit from there? sorry, I'm suffering info overload with my new toy today! Hey that is great! yay for the forum
  10. I have heard quite a few stories of people losing or forgetting their trusty units while out caching * shudders at the thought* Somewhere on the forums I read a thread with several great ideas & "how to's" but now I can't find it... They said you could customize the "welcome page" for lack of better words, whatever it is when you 1st turn on your GPS, and put something useful there, ie; name, e-mail, phone number, Reward for return note... It seems like a great idea in case a person misplaces their GPS, and may be lucky enough for an honest person ( or reward inspired) to return it. So, does someone know how to do this or knows where that thread is?
  11. Yes! I just went through this too... hubby got me a 60csx which is "geocaching friendly"; It loads the coords and some info, but most of it gets cut off. I have been told an inexpensive solution is to buy a cheap used PDA and keep PQ's with all the info on there... but if you want it all in one device ( like me ) with the hints & logs definitely go for a model that has "paperless caching" like the ones just previously mentioned. The Oregon is great!
  12. Hey, neat idea and WOW now I NEED to go there! *adds cache to "must do" list*
  13. Wow, that was quick... doh! I never noticed the "view history" Thank You BlueDeuce!!
  14. Wouldn't it be great if trackables somehow left their footprint (icon) for each cache they have visited? I have noticed several interesting looking coins go through my caches which I never got the chance to see before they moved on, so don't have their numbers... or any way to keep track of the TBs and coins, etc. that have been through my caches. Or am I wrong? Some people log "TB or GC dip" but don't say Which GC or TB... some people tend to post on the trackables pages, but don't post on the caches page about the trackables. I think it would be nice if there was some memento on the online cache pages of the trackables that have been there; maybe the icon could be automatically added somehow whenever a cacher has made a trackables log? I know my profile already has icons for a collection of trackables I've moved, but it would be neat if each cache had it's own record of the trackables which have visited it. Please let me know if anything is in the works, or already a way to implement this.
  15. ...when you see a topic and know it has been done before, find that topic and merge the new topic with the old topic. Or something like that. LOL Now That is funny! I obviously have not spent enough time on here! wait, I think there is a difference here between Geocaching Addict and Geocaching Forum Addict or does being a Geocaching Forum Addict qaulify one as an Extreme Geocaching Addict?! Oh, TFTMerge
  16. I'll start off with: when you can automatically read & decrypt the hints without using the chart!
  17. Not sure who gets to play or if it is too late? but I sent you an e-mail
  18. Voopers, thanks for the advice. Gosh, I know we bought this GPS yonks ago, but I guess I should call it an antique?! not just vintage! The owners manual says April 1994. I will keep using my antique, and as you said, take multiple readings. Good luck & happy caching with your "older model"
  19. Your thread here caught my attention, because of the mention about accuracy. Are newer models proven to be more accurate? And just how much do "most" Geocachers depend on their GPS? I heard about geocaching years ago, but have only recently joined and started to give it a go. I did a couple sites GPS-less just because I could not wait any longer I did finally manage after quite a struggle, to ressurect my Old Garmin 45. It seems to be getting me within 10 feet, if not spot-on. And I have now found the GPS confuses me when very near GZ and I am better off shutting it down and using my eyes and clues given. So, I am really wondering how much most people rely on their GPS, and is it worth buying a newfangled contraption while my vintage model is still working? I would also like to place a cache soon, but don't want give "off" coordinates. PS my 1st post... so I see I'm a "Tadpole"
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