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    Garmin Oregon

    I think it's more like the gpsmap 60 and 76 famlies
  2. I have a 76csx and city navagator NT 2008. Would I gain anything from loading these maps??? I would like alternatives to garmin maps. Do they currently contain any TOPO data for the USA maps. I know the canada maps contain TOPO.
  3. You are all awesome I had been spinning around in circles and walking in large arcs trying to follow the map. I had to look crazy or drunk to anybody watching me trying to figure out what I was doing. I went to a couple of caches today That I had already found and followed all of your suggestions and I think I am getting the hang of my 76csx.
  4. Is the 76 set for off road? (map setup) If not it will try to bring you to the cache via a road. I find the compass gets me close, if the geosense doesn't kick in, then a little triangulation puts me right on it. Some times you just have to stop and let things settle down. Jim Double checked have it set to off road. I am going to try and take it a little slower and give it a chance to settle down. I have also been given some suggestions on compass settings.
  5. I started off caching with my Wifes 200W. I finally got my 76csx and thought to myself I know have a real geocachers GPSr. Now the only problem is I can't find a thing with it I have tried setting it to track up, north up. it doesn't matter. I can't seem to get close to the cache and I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. on the first cache today I wonder around in circle with the unit set to track up and no matter what way I walk or travelled the cache stay behind me and to the left. I finally pulled out the wifes Nuvi and walked to within 2 feet of the cache while the 76csx was showing that I was still 40ft away. After I got how I figured out how to turn the 76csx's compass off and I am going to try to look for some more caches tomorrow to see if that makes a diffrence. WAAS on or off did not seem to make a big diffence. I don't know if there is something wrong with me or the 76csx.
  6. Went back to the site to double check and found while quickly skimming the page I linked to "USAPhotoMaps will automatically download aerial photos or topo maps from Microsoft's Terraserver from a simple Coordinate starting point, and then fill up the screen with as much map info as you desire -or your computer can hold! " The large print is kind of rude don't you think
  7. http://gpsinformation.net/waas/maps/usaphoto.html Found this link that lets you down load custom maps for free is there anyway once you download the maps to put them on your gps unit. i.e free topo maps
  8. Using my wifes 200w is very easy and has gotten me to less than a foot away from the cache.
  9. I started out geocaching with my wifes nuvi 200W and it is really easy to use. I just bought a 76csx and I have to say I like useing the nuvi and the touch screen alot better than the 76csx. That might change though once I buy sity navigator for the 76csx.
  10. what is the best way to get my PQ using GSAK into my 76csx. Should I load them onto my 2GB sd card? or directly into memory. Do I load them as geocaches, waypoints or POI???? Wife's Nuvi was easy. This one is taking a little more work.
  11. the gpsmap can't load POI's with GSAK???? My wife has a Garmin Nuvi 200w I have been using for GC and I use GSAK with the macro made by pilotsnipes to go geocatching with works great nuvi gets me within 2 to 20 ft of the GC so far. look at this site for true paperless geocaching with a Nuvi http://pilotsnipes.googlepages.com/index.html
  12. It sounds like most the location problems could be that WAAS is not fine tuned to the new chipset and may be over/under correcting due to poor signal strength.
  13. Do you have to format the 4GB card any way special in order to do this?
  14. Thanks. I thought that's what I had read but when I went back to try and verify that I could not find it anywhere.
  15. I can'y find this anywhere and seemed like a newby question. What is the largest microSD card that the GPSMAP 60 or 76 CSX can use?
  16. Beware of Vinny! Just joined MDGPS don't know Vinny! yet but will keep a sharp eye out
  17. Getting into GC and wondering what GPSr other cachers in the area are using. I would also like to know of any good beginner catches that I can take the family on. I have been married for 11 years and have a daughter 9 and son 4. I have found 1 catch on my own using wifes Nuvi and pilotsnipes macro. It got the job done but I would like to use a stand alone unit and my Ipaq using gpxsonar for paperless geocaching. I am thinking about getting a gpsmap 60/76 csx. I have been talking myself out of the colorado. Right now I would just like to try out a 60 and 76 to see what button configuration I prefer. I am also looking at how to document my caching using GSAK and geocaching.com. I would like to be able to talk to somebody local and see or how you manage all of your geocaching data and stats and see what kind of newby advice you can give me. well back to work lunch is over
  18. AF Bmet


    How can I find out about new caches in my area in a more real time basis other than a weekly e-mail???
  19. Thanks KoosKoos and Miragee for the info. I can just use GSAK to load PQ POI's to qpsr. Then follow GPSr to POI even though I have no map correct.
  20. I was hoping not to have to buy all of the maps for europe and asia just to find a catch or some catches that are nearby. I thought i could put location in google maps or earth get within about .1 of a mile and use gpsr to get the rest of the way. Or am I way off. Still very newby to Geacaching
  21. I am just getting in to GC and am currently using the wifes Nuvi 200W to get the job done. I would like to get a unit that comes preloaded with a worlwide base map, since I will be doing alot of traveling in my current job. I will be using the unit just for GC and not navigation. Paperless would be nice but I can use my RX3715 IPAQ with gpxsonar to manage waypoints while I travel. Any suggestion? I know I could use the Colorado 300 but I would like to see what alternatives there are.
  22. Thanks I did not know how to recalibrate touch screen. Thanks for the info.
  23. AF Bmet

    nuvi 200

    I have a 200W and it's random if it works or not. Some times it takes me to "Where to?" instead of satelites page. Is it a defective touch screen???
  24. Found first catch with 200W today. It works great. Only problem I had was trying to get satelite page on 200w kept taking me to where to. Is this common with 200w or do I have a defective touch screen. I have to touch the strength bars several times it's hit or miss if the satelites page shows up.
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