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  1. Is there any place you go and get a world map showing cache density kind of like a cellphone coverage map. Just thought it would be cool when explaining what geocaching is to muggles if you could show them just how wide spread around the planet geocaching is. I doesn't need to include the space station but I guess it could.
  2. How old are some of you? I think we would all agree that if we where going through everything that Erick is working through that we would hope people would give us some understanding. Would you like Erick to send each of you a personel e-mail message about what's going on and have things take even longer to get resolved or post a message in this thread that everyone that has issue can read. I believe he is currently doing the best he can to keep his business running and deal with the current landslide of things that came his way. If you are still having problems send him a brief e-mail sxplaining the issue or a short phone call. If you want to get on the phone and whine for an hour then your prolonging the recovery process.
  3. Go to the Geocion home page enter the tracking ID of the coin. When you get to the coins home page. create a log using discovered it and you can put in a note where you found it. Then it will be added to your inventory so you can drop it off in a new cache. You can also see who last had the coin before you and send them a message. They probally dropped off a few coins that day and accidental get the coins and caches mixed up. This way they can try and correct there mistake. Hope this helps or atleast gets you started in the right direction.
  4. Thanks I had not seen this link before. Looks promising.
  5. On my old 76csx when I select a puzzle cache for instance I could jog up and edit the puzzle cords to the actual cords and be on my way. I can't seem to figure out how to do that on the 78s. Is there a way to change the cords of a geocache or waypoint like you could do on the gpsmap 60 or 76?
  6. I have installed free topo maps from gpsfiledepot. Just wondring if the only way to get the unit to be able to auto route to a destionation is by purchasing and installing city navagator?
  7. You can download it directly from the web page after its created. You don't have to wait for it to be sent to your email. TGC Thanks that would explain alot. I will look for it so I can download it.
  8. The last 2 times I have requested my finds query I have never recieved it. Normal pocket queries I get without a problem but the my finds never makes it to my inbox.
  9. I feel your pain I do alot of traveling and like to keep coins and TB moving but 8 out of 10 caches I go to coins and TB have gone missing
  10. Great Looking coin can't wait to see the other side
  11. I've been following this post all along and although I'm excited for the new unit I don't think I will be able to justify the price. The biggest benefit to me would be the paperless caching. The Birds Eye View and new mapping capabilities are nice but unfortunately all of those things are not worth shelling out $550 to me. I'll just have to wait around until the price of the 62st comes back down into the $300-$350 range. This is just my opinion though. Why waste money on the 62st when you can get excellent Topo maps for free save the extra money and just get the 62s or if your dead set on spending the money. Send me the differnce and I'll load maps on your 62s for you.
  12. Methinks you are a bit confused. I'll second that.
  13. How far are you from Camp David or Raven Rock? If somebody important is visiting the area they tend to jam up the gps signals for a few days. Usually happens on weekends.
  14. Can disabled caches and archived caches get included in pocket queries. This way I can keep GSAK up to date. Happened twice today I hit ground zero looking for a cache with my gpsmap looked around then checked the cache status on my phone to find out it had been disabled or archived.
  15. Is there anyway for me to run a pocket query or something to get just back all of my found caches?
  16. Do you download the update file to your computer or is it a direct download from the website to the device? If you could download the cache update file to the PC how hard would it be to manualy edit the file to add some premium caches or create a script to have GSAK export a cache file in a geomate Jr. format???
  17. I don't know if I missed this, but has the ability to add premuim caches to the update list been added?
  18. The back dating of log bug has been fixed. Thank You
  19. I can't Find Archived caches or search for them in my area. When planning on placing a new cache it can be helpful to see if someone had placed one in the area in the past and see what can of problems the cache encountered or why it was archived. I also can not Log a cache from a previous date. If I go caching out of the area, when I get back home to log my caches it will no longer reflect when I actually made the find/s for that time period. So far most of the changes have helped you make it easer to generate income for the site but added nothing that great to the functionality or followed the old saying one step forward two steps back.
  20. Thank you all for the input. I am going to wait for a few days and give them a chance to log it. If they don't I will e-mail the person and give them a chance to respond. I just wasn't 100% what the proper thing to do in this situation was.
  21. I found a geocoin in a container but the person that dropped it off has not logged the cache yet. Do I wait for the person to log there cache or do I transfer the bug from there hands to mine. I have already marked it as discover in the cache where I found it.
  22. Yep, When all else fails read the book. I kept looking for a way to enter a way point when you have to make one then edit it. I figured out the puzzle cache "Center of the Triangle by vyper4 (GCP9R4)" but waqs then left stareing at my gpsr going what now. I have it figured out now and will hopefully be freeing some travel bugs and cions that have been locked away there for some time.
  23. I feel like a real idiot. I have been going through menu's and pages and can't find out how to enter in cordinates manualy. I can enter in street address look for locations but cannot find where to enter a way point.
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