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    Fox Hunts

    We have several fox hunts each year here in Nacogdoches (deep East Texas) and a lot of us are cachers as well. Tim, KD5ING
  2. Actually, you can manually enter a static location and have the radio transmit that without having a GPSr connected. I bought my THD7 at Hamvention and use is with the Magellan Sportrac Map. Works great! I made a cable from instructions I found in the internet via google.com. The instructions in the user manual are misleading. If your cable does not work, try reversing the send/receive pair and give that a shot. You can also buy a cable on ebay for $10 or so that is custom made to your GPSr. The free programming software from kenwood makes setting up for APRS as well as general operation a snap. I highly recommend this radio to anyone interested in getting started in APRS. Tim, KD5ING
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