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  1. I have an old case that is weather proof (Mil issue) that i have a great place to place! My question is what would you like to find in a BIG cache? The container is about 2ft square! Any idea will be greatly accepted Please respond to ranger2995@gmail.com Thanks Krillian
  2. Krillian


    FRS? A mile range at best! CB will get you several miles of reliable comms! I use it while I am caching to keep in contact with home. If I am lucky and find the caches I took with me I just talk to the wife and she gives me more. Cant do that with FRS! I agree that there are some bad ops on CB BUT there a far more good ones! Range is what it is all about ! Ernie/Krillian
  3. Krillian


    I use CB to keep in contact with home while I am caching! I have a mobile radio that I sling over the shoulder aand get the wife to feed me the next cache! Krillian
  4. KC8YOQ Hamilton Ohio! I just got started in Geocaching! It is a fun thing to do! I have also placed several caches! If you are ever in the Butler county area of Oh try me on the 146.970 rptr!
  5. Krillian


    Could someone in the Hamilton Ohio area help me! I just got a new etrex to help me in this new hobbie. I want to go with someone that can help me enter coords into my etrex and show me how to find caches Thanks please respond to ranger2995@gmail.com
  6. I am new to Geocaching and need a Handheld GPS! I am using my Venture unit that goes in my car and only gives direction to streets! Please if you have one cheap pespond to ranger2993@gmail.com Thanks
  7. Thanks! My bad on the correct location. When you can study please do! I lovr this "NEW" sport,well for me anyway. I am going to place another one or two today! Thanks Krillian
  8. YES box is checked! Thanks Krillian
  9. O sorry 72hrs no not that long yet! Yes it is ieabled Yes i answered all questions I guess i am just in a hurry to see what activity it gets. Thanks for you response! Krillian
  10. I submitted a cach 0n the 10th and it still yet is not registered! Is there something i need to do? Thanks Krillian
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