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  1. Hmmm. Doesn't seem like a politically correct term......
  2. Actually, Reel Rider, your mom puts the things in because it makes her feel good to share the things that she has been blessed with.... (and use please use a word processing program before posting so that you do not have so many errors!)
  3. And did I mention that GPX Sonar has changed my life in magically wonderous ways?
  4. It's not CacheMate. It's Gpx2Maplet which does the export of the cache info to Mapopolis. Yep indeed... not cachemate.... thanks for jogging my memory inasmsuch as I was in a classroom full of high school earth science students and my brain was drained for the day....
  5. I use: GPX sonar for *everything* that I used to do with paper. I request a pocket query, which is opened flawlessly in GPX Sonar... then we have all the caches nearby in my pda for those spur-of-the-moment caching side-trips in the area... Mapopolis so that I do not need to go onto the computer to get maps to the site And another program (I think it is cachemate) that I just tried this weekend allows me to import all the cache information directly onto the mapopolis maps... These programs, along with the GPSr that my family gave me for mother's day, and I am a very happy, organized, unfrustrated, and blessed cacher! aka scienceteacher&fam
  6. My Mother's day gift from my hubby and kids was a SportTrack Map GPS... and they hid a cache in my honor.... Whoo Hoo!
  7. There is a conversion program that takes your .gpx file and converts it for Mapopolis to use. If you want a copy go to: http://www.mdgps.org/pocketcaching/gpxtomaplet.zip It is a no brainer to use. I'll give it a try tonight.... should be within my capabilitles since I have no brain
  8. FYI... GpxSonar will now do the same thing for you. Are there simple step by step instructions for how to import many cache locations to mapopolis? Would make my life even more wonderful!
  9. Hi I have used GPX Sonar for about a month now on a trial basis, and cannot imagine life without it. So... could someone please steer me in the direction that I need to go so that I can pay that genius who created the program? Thanks!
  10. I purchased mapopolis for use on my pocketpc... for about $35. It has very up to date maps for may area (Riverside Ca, which has had a growth boom for the last few years, so paper maps are out of date but these are great) I can enter coordinates and an icon magically appears in the cache location, and it gives driving directions/ Using mapopolis for the maps, a GPX sonar for cache descriptions and field logs, and the GPS that was given to me to try out in my classroom, I now feel that I have everything at my fingertips and a low cost..
  11. Hey, Firehouse16, perhaps all the people from your Sycamore Canyon and Sushi event were trying to log their finds - maybe YOU are entirely responsible for the slow-down this weekend.... "Logger may want to do some mental maintenance and have a hot sake"
  12. oh, I did not even think about the cable being extra... so I guess that my task is to convince my hubby that $40 more is a good investment... hey, wait a minute, he usually is a push over my wonderful husband!
  13. I am considering the purchase of a Geko 201... the price seems amazingly low for the features. Does anyone have experiences (positive or negative) to share?
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