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  1. Howdy WolfGrrl! Don't worry about being shy around people...I am that way too! Ok, maybe not shy but I am absolutly certain that you will be made to feel very welcome at the event. Everyone in this area is VERY friendly, and I am proud to be asociated with this group from Merced to Lodi. So please don't worry about being shy. You will have a good time. With regards to a treat, Bill (GreenAchers or BOGA as he is called in MAAC land) is probably the best one to answer that. The "trail" you asked about doesn't have a single name, so I have posted each cache along the route below. There are so many great caches in this area, you really can't go wrong no matter which direction the needle points you in. Please feel free to contact us should you need any assistance or clues. Here are the caches along the trail: Stubby Stubbles Branch Office Quarter Mile Record Start or Finish 1 Tower of Power 7477 Just another Altoids tin Border Line "Tag" is a moving cache. These caches are no longer allowed but this one was grandfathered in. The cache itself moves from location to location, and also can "morph" every now and again. It's original boundries were to stay within Stanislaus County but it has now been widened to a range from (about) Lodi to Merced, and Livermore to Sonora. Outrageous Fortunes, Photom, JPD43, Radikel and 2fortheRoad have widened the range even further by taking Tag to China, Europe, and other places, but Tom and Doug were tar and feathered for that. It was all in good fun and very fun to read about. I would encourage you to try and find Tag and move him to another location...Just remember to leave a teepee of some kind at the spot you found him to let others know that he is no longer there and will be placed again soon. Here is a link to CVC Tag: CVC Tag He hasn't been found in over a week so now is a very good time. I guarantee he wioll be found before the event so you may want to strike quickly! Again, we are glad to have you a part of the CVC!
  2. Ya. I'm bummed too. Everything was just messed up and I don't have the time to put it all back together. Even my loaner tool was muggled! I do plan to put another National Treasure out but will need to do a bunch of leg work. I read that last night and was bummed as well. What a great cache...Sorry to see it go.
  3. LOL! Crushed...Shocked....Does, "We were going to leave the number missing so that others would have a harder time solving the puzzle" ring any bells?? LOL!! That's ok Bev, we like to have the same kind of fun at times.
  4. As per tradition with these puzzle caches, the clue included a mistake. For those keeping records, it doesn't matter now how many men find PLAYFAIR. The first 5 finders were all women (while you men scratched your heads in silence). Furthermore, more than one male finder admitted having had some female assistance. LOL! My wife said to me last night: "How are they counting these numbers?? The female half of Sanruft solved this puzzle so it should count as a girl find!"... So if Sanruft was included in the male count, I'm afraid that this one should go to the girls side as she was the one who did the majority of the work. (I did assist her though) (Just trying to "Play Fair") BUT, Tom's latest puzzle cache was solved by the male side of Sanruft this time. We found out though, that 2fer was not playing nicely! (Which Tom can explain at the upcoming event!!) I wonder if it was Bev??
  5. Man, Nomex indeed strikes again!! Our new cache was approved in less than 2 hours, WITH correspondence back and forth! WooHoo!
  6. Well, in spite of the rude comment above, the girls rule again!! LOL! Congrats on the FTF for this one...We solved the puzzle but won't be in the area to find it for awhile. It was a fun puzzle cache though!
  7. Looks like it worked! (Assuming that the avatar showing is the one you chose!)
  8. I just got back from a short trip and expected to see TAG picked-up again...What happened?? I may have to go get him myself if therte are no other takers...
  9. Welcome Nutlady! No permission is needed. All that is required is a sense of humor here. We always love new voices. Just a heads up to watch out for Photom, JPD43 and Outrageous Fortunes. They have trouble playing nicely with others. Again enjoy yourself and welcome to the CVC. There is an upcoming CVC event that you may wish to attend: CVC (MAC) Coffee and Jeep Parking Mrs. Sanruft P.S. By the way, since you live in the Central Valley....You are a member!
  10. Welcome Tracy! Yep, Oakdale is in CVC land. (I have a couple of caches placed there). Hope to see you at the event!
  11. Depends. What GPSr do you use? If it's one that can accept digital gpx files, premium membership is well worth the $20 annual fee. Pocket queries are great. I have the Garmin Vista. I am so new to this I am really not sure if I have this feture. And it is telling me 30.00 a year greg We have the Garmin Vista C as well and love it...I was like you in the beginning and unsure if I wanted to spend the money on a premium membership. It wasn't the amount, just that I was unsure of the staying power geocaching would have on our families activities...Well, 3 years later and it is still a favorite pasttime. Being able to send pocket queries alone is worth the money, plus the other benefits previously mentioned. I guess the most reqrding part is that we are helping keep this alive (and growing) by supporting the upkeep of servers, programming, etc... So in my opinion, it is definitely worth paying for the premium membership.
  12. You mean these ladies Doug? That is the most fitting picture I have ever seen! LOL!!! Excellent job!!!
  13. Well. Many of us know how much Tag likes to travel and also attend events. So - YES! I am happy for CVC Tag. It's always good to keep him away from the convicted tag-abuse farmer. Maybe he will get to meet some new cachers in Monterey! You must LOVE wearing that tar and feather hat...May as well keep the hat on Tom!
  14. Well, this person didn't log a find but sent me the following email: "Your cache, (XXXXXX) is hidden too close to where I wish to place my cache. Can you please move it or archive it so I can have my spot." Keep in mind, that my cache had been there for almost two years and well maintained, and this cacher was approximately 4 months into this hobby. I politely declined his request and suggested he look for a more suitable location. It did make me chuckle though!
  15. Oh SURE. You knew I was driving through the area today and yet you waited until afterwards to post the coords. Tag BELONGS in Merced!! ummm....I think not!
  16. Don't give-up Nascarfam...CVC Tag can be very difficult as you have no idea what you are searching for, and it changes frequently.
  17. I would be happy to do so should I get my hands on one. I will be attending an event soon that will be giving some away. If so, I can take it when I travel to the UK next month.
  18. I had thought about that, however, the number of finds now exceeds the amount you can receive in your pocket query. So I would not be able to get all of the finds in there. (Or DNF's for that matter). When sorting, we could also sort the logs according to finds, DNF's, notes, etc...
  19. Hello! I have a feature request: I would like to be able to look at my history of caching on the "My Account" page, and be able to sort by different categories. An example is like iTunes or Microsoft Office...I can click on the category above the emails or songs, and have it sort by date, genre, artist, album, date added, etc... It would be nice to be able to click on the top of any given category and sort by state, country, city (if possible), rating, active, non-active, etc... In the past, while traveling to different cities across the US, I have needed to look-up a specific cache found...It would be great if we could "sort-by" like the above examples as it makes things nice and easy! Thanks for your consideration!
  20. It is already approved and posted!! (Nomex strikes fast again!) We will be there and bringing some newbies!
  21. Hey Bill, are you a member a member of this club? Benchmark Geocoin Club Looks like you fit the "Bill"...
  22. Unfortunately, I am allergic to code caches! Ah, but Mrs Sanruft is a whiz so it's a good thing your a team! Didn't she solve Fore! for you too? Yes, she is quite crafty and very itelligent. Unfortunately, time does not alow me to solve most puzzle caches. Between work at the office and work at home, there never seems to be any time alloted for puzles. Then again...Mrs. Sanruft is so much better at these than I am, so perhaps I just use her as a crutch!
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