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  1. I hear that it is going to be a doozy! I am looking forward to attempting a find!
  2. Yeah...Hurry up and place tag..The engine is still running! And yes, the site has been down off and on all day.
  3. Only lost were fencing materials and my time. The guys car is now beat up - but would have been worse had we made him drive it out of the tangled mess. We were kind and cut his car out. The CHiP [not to be confused with Certified Health Physics which is the legal reference for CHP] and I learned the passenger was the car owner and a Marine on leave from over seas. He had asked the driver (whom has a suspended license) to drive because the Marine was too drunk. Everything was going find until the drunk Marine reached over and pulled on the emergency brake while they were speeding. [They called it an 'emergency brake' because if you use it... you'll have an emergency!] So here's the dilemma... should he be charged with causing an accident and public drunkeness which will likely get him kicked out of the service? --> Talk about off topic <-- I'm not sure where his being in the service plays a role. If anything, it should mean that he holds himself to a higher standard, but afterall, he is only human. That being said, his being in the service should not matter as he broke the law. (Or at least pay for all of the damage!!) Anyway, there's my one and a half cents worth...Glad it had a safe ending though!
  4. GREAT cache!! Congrats on the find Tim!
  5. That is called a "Beta Tester" and should not logged as FTF but as "Beta Tester". The excepted way of doing this is to sign the log (Beta test only not FTF) so the real FTF knows they are the FTF. Also the excepted way is to NOT log a find on-line until after the FTF has logged it...the reason is that it remains as "un-found" until then. I have been caching for almost three years now and have never seen (or heard) the term "Beta Tester" used in Geocaching. I have a little over 900 finds and would have thought I would have seen that phrase by now. I kind of like the idea, but again, I have never seen it used before. (Nor have I found this reference anywhere in the Geo-rules). So I am not sure that it is the "accepted" way, considering we (and many other seasoned cachers that I know) have never even heard of this before. But hey, I am willing to "accept" it that way! No big deal either way though!
  6. I'm sure that Kenny will do a fine job morphing Tag...I didn't even have the tar warming-up yet! Sorry to hear about your day. It seems as though there were a lot of "accidents" (using that term very loosely) this weekend. Hopefully no one in your family (pets included) were injured in the orderal. Did the police arrest the person though?
  7. Another fine mess you have gotten us into Ollie! So are there now TWO CVC Tags for us to go find??
  8. TOO LATE! Been there, done that. Getting ready to start that. You all have me worried now!
  9. I was just poking around in the forums and noticed that there are quite a few cachers around here that used to be very active, but are no longer active at all. In almost all of their profiles, they have very recently been to the web site, but caching does not seem to be in their blood any longer. Makes me wonder about the stories behind their decision to no longer be active in Geocaching... A few have moved but most (appear) to still be in the CVC area. Gosh, at the rate that caches are placed throughout the valley, there should be thousands to find right in their own backyard!! It would be great to see all of the old (ahem), VETERAN cachers come to one of the events...hint, hint...Oktoberfest comes to mind! (Here is a link to make things easier): Oktoberfset! In Atwater?? I wold love to hear some of the earlier stories of caching adventures!
  10. Could have been the photographer though!
  11. I think it would definitely encourage a visit, but I am unaware of any other cachers doing this. (But I'm sure there are some!) Although Bill has been known to place special items of interest to coax them to his caches!
  12. I always liked Rabbit Eye View It wasn't so much the cache but the view from there is pretty amazing. We go back there (almost) every November.
  13. I would guess that if you build it, they will come... (ok, buy) I think that is what most coin people are doing...Selling some to cover the cost of making it.
  14. Whoa!! You ARE still around!! We were talking about you at the event this last weekend...We were hoping to see you there but perhaps maybe at the Oktoberfest one in Merced this next month!
  15. Hi Tim, I have considered having some made as well. I did some initial research and the cost seems to be around $450.00 (including set-up) for 100 coins. Most coins never travel much as there are so many collectors out there, they never make it out of their hands. Keeping them to trade with others will work as you now have something for an even swap. I'm not sure about the trackable vs non-ttrackable, but there are several people that watch these forums who have all the information you need on that part. Good luck!
  16. I don't think that is a house...I think that is somebody's teepee for finding TAG...Did you verify the coordinates Laura?
  17. I understand that in spite of my little error with the micro-cachers event... they had fun anyway. It turns out a Geo-Nut Coin in the middle of a large grassy area is just a little too tuff for the little ones. Ops! Next event I'm involved in will boast fun activities for those under three feet tall. Our kids had a ball and the "little error" did not derail their fun one bit. Thanks for thinking of the younger ones!
  18. Hey Tim! It was very nice to have met you over the wekend! Looks like you have the hang of this forum now, so we expect to see you here more often!
  19. Hey Bill...When are you going to make those two caches active?? You know, the Sudoku ones??
  20. We enjoyed the "dufi" cache so much while in Nevada that we felt compelled to place one here in Northern California. It really is a fun-spirited caching adventure and we hope that everyone enjoys our placement as much as we had enjoyed doing Shirley and John's. Thanks again for alowing us to start this chapter.
  21. Great event Bill! It was so much fun catching-up with those we haven't seen in awhile and very nice meeting some of the newer members to our area. Again, thank you so much for puting-on such a nice event!
  22. I was there too....but for the life of me I can't remember an "innocent, handsome young fellow being tarred and feathered??" ~ Mrs. Sanruft.
  23. I usually bring a few toothpicks and a rubberband when searchiing for Tag...It makes a quick and easy teepee.
  24. On another note Wolf Grrl, if you hurry, you can still grab the FTF on our new cache: Club Dufi - Northern California Chapter There are also several great caches along that trail to do! Good luck and happy caching!
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