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  1. Hi All... I hope everyone is doing well. I was out of town during the last event in Merced and really wanted to go and see everyone. We are hoping to make it to the upcoming one. We have been thinking of heading out to do a few caches, but never seem to find enough time. (Maybe we will even try and find Tag one of these days should time allow for it!) Anyway, I hope the summer was great for everyone! Good to see Tom, Doug and Bill still needling each other! (It's fun reading!) Also good to see Kim active out there. Hope to run into you guys at a cache sometime...And soon! Cheers!
  2. Ahh...That must be a newer cache...The ORIGINAL cache was called Cup of TreA Original cache was archived.
  3. Yeah, that cache has been archived for a long time. Too bad too, as it was very cool. I met the owner of the cups and we chatted awhile...Super nice guy. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't.
  4. Safe travels to you and Doug! Have a great time!
  5. Hi Kim! Congrats on hitting 600! We have not been caching in a very long time...Grabbed three on the way home from Manteca today and had a little fun. Still haven't moved but are hoping to do so as soon as possible. The house is up for sale and there has been a ton of activity on it. (We think we will have a solid offer on it next week). Our fingers our crossed! Looks like we are moving a tad too soon with Geostock in Sacramento next year. Oh well, perhaps we will catch one of those at another location! Looks like Tag has been up to the same ol' tricks...Rules (apparantly) are made to be broken! We hope all is well with everyone. I haven't read the forums all the way through in a long time. It looks like I have some catching-up to do. Cheers...
  6. Congrats Bill! Sounds like it was a fun trip!
  7. One of our personal favorits is Wild America The location is just in a rural setting and not what I would call beautiful, but there are herds of exotic animals for the family to get up close and see. (And feed some by the fence on occassion). There are water buffalo, zebra's, camels, emu, ostrich and tons of other breeds. Good luck with your story!
  8. Funny that I had such a Yankee score actually, since Robert Lee ....... was my grandfather! Sorry for the delayed reply...Just read the thread
  9. Done...But also surprised to see 3 of them over 90! (I think someone is pulling our leg!)
  10. Does caching still exist?? I wouldn't know lately!! (I need to get out more)
  11. I took one of Camel's coins but released it in Germany...It is still listed on the cache page here: Travel Bug Hotel in Berlin (I believe the coin is still there as it was a large travel bug container with lots of stuff in it, and the coin is quite small.) Sorry, that was the only one I had...I hope you find the rest!
  12. Here's wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2007!
  13. A full confession! I like it, Doug. Nice try Bill, but it really says "You speak badly (as in not nice)! What's the matter with you, Bill? Keep a cool heart. Dang it!" This whole thing smells very bad, no matter what language you speak in!
  14. This is our favorite mode of geo-transportation... Although quads appear to be on the horizon!
  15. Ok. Let's examine. TAG went to Germany. Tom didn't go to Germany TAG went to Austria. Tom didn't go to Austria. TAG went to France. Tom didn't go to France. Hmmm. Theory disproved. Now, who DID go to those places? Huh? I didn't see China on that list...
  16. I just received my "United for Diabetes" travel bug...What a great cause! This one needs to move along outside of the US...Tom, Doug, Laura, Pete, Bev (or anyone else that likes to break the rules with Tag)...How about taking this instead of Tag?? Poor ol' Tag...Stuck down there in Fresno with no hope of survival...
  17. Sounds like fun and an adventure! We will be moving to the Sierra Vista area early next year, so that will be a great way for me to explore the area.
  18. I do have an idea for you though. CVC Tag loves to travel (he has been to Europe and China even though he's supposed to remain in San Joaquin or Stanislaus County.) So if you foothill cachers want to get some attention, maybe a CVC Tag raid would be in order, kinda like a panty raid party back in college. LOL! Uh, yeah...Tom would LOVE to see someone else tar and feathered and in the hot seat!!
  19. Nice ride, Bill! Had a great conversation with Krypton about you.........and went through his coin collection and one popped out....a guy on a tractor. Hey! Wheres my coin! Harvest is over! I got my coins on Friday...and Ill tell you what, somebody needs to be slapped! The mail lady LEFT the 3 boxes on top of my mailbox ( Industrial strength......dad got tired of watermelon smashing....) All I could thing was dern....theres near $4 grand sitting there on a lone country road with the house set back in the orchard away from view....what if someone stole the coins? Im not sure WHO im mad at. But theres just somthing WRONG with that. Sandra One last thing... What the HECK happened to CVC Tag?!! You have to read Mean Mike's hide log (or what it Nasty Nancy's?). The voices say this isn't currently a 'Night Cache'!! Is TAG still in the valley?? I thought Tom and Doug took him on another worldly adventure!
  20. It could have been worse...They have some nice rattlesnakes back there!! Just trying to cheer you up! And remember..."Don't mess with Texas!!" I hope you have a safe trip back...
  21. Sounds like fun but looks like we will miss it again this year.
  22. Every travel bug I own that I released in Europe or the UK are still going strong...All but one in the US has disappeared. I try t never release one in the US anymore. In fact, I released Camel680's California coin in Europe recently. I will be curious to see if the coin stays moving just as the travel bugs do there.
  23. We finally had a chance to log our finds from our caching trip after Oktoberfest...Now, if I could only find the time to upload the photos!
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