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  1. Sounds like fun...Unfortunately, I will have to be with you in spirit only. Will be out of the country that weekend. I'll try and make the next one!!
  2. Congratulations Pat on your 500 finds!! I had the pleasure of meeting Fattuhr, JaimeeG and C&M Morris today while out with Camel680 ~ Drove by one of my placements and found all four of them taking a 500th photo, so we decided to sneak-up on them like Bill did to Stashseekers and snap a quick shot. Anyway, stopped to say "hi" and introduce ourselves. Very nice meeting you all...And I am honored that # 500 was on one of my caches. Great job Pat!
  3. I have no problem with hosting an event ~ Maybe I can get some tips from the forum on how to host a sucessful event. I will contact some of the newbies that I know and see if we can put our heads together...But if Bill wants to put one together, we would be MORE than happy for him to lead the way!! Oh, and congrats to Jaimee on that "quote" thing. I had to ask how it worked!
  4. I think that maybe the Watermark cache should be renamed the "Watercooler" cache...Met enough people there to chat about all of the cache topics! Great meeting stashseeker and her husband! Very nice folks!! Hope to run into you guys again some day! On that note ~ There a lot of us "newbies" out here in the CVC..Any signs of a meeting or..??? I think it would be fun to put faces with the names and bring thogether the new and old (errr...I mean "experienced")
  5. Shock therapy has not been working on me either~
  6. Hi Fabien, Thanks for the hints. I suspect you are 100% correct because shortly after I posted the topic in the forum my PPC crashed, losing everything in it. When I re-downloaded it, everything was working flawlessly. I have since managed my memory and have most stored on a SD Card. I really appreciate the input! Cheers! Tim
  7. Someone was kind enough to answer my forum question, and at the request of Mr. Bill of Green Achers, am posting it now: Click on "View" at the bottom of the page, turn on "Show Images". Well, I tried their suggestion, and while it didn't work out QUITE like it should have, I did discover that I could highlight individual icons, then hit "view" and it would appear. so the end result is that it can be done, just individually. I sure like this forum stuff ~ You ask and shall receive!!
  8. ummm...Have shovel, will travel!! I have seen some in the ground - Some placed fairly recently. (Within the last few months) I have also seen a buried one. (Under about 8 inches of bark) I don't know the ruling on these kind of caches, I'm just sharing what I have seen. I enjoy all of the caches!! <---Looking forward to your cache placements! Tim
  9. Thanks very much for the help! I did as you asked, however, there was no way to show "all" pictures. I did however, find that if I individually click on each image, then go to view, I can have them show each icon individually. That will get me what I need. Thank very much for the input!! Tim
  10. Thanks Bill - I posted a new topic in the GPXSonar forum...I will await the replies and share what I find. Kind regards~ Tim
  11. Hi there- I recently downloaded the latest version of GPXSonar on to my Pocket PC, and seem to have evrything working, however, I am missing several icons on the screens. For example, when I pull-up a cache on screen, it is missing the stars for the ratings and the smiley icons for the logs. (Sometimes it is hard to tell if it is a find or DNF, plus without the stars, it is difficult to tell if it is a 2 star or one and a half) There are "pages" in their place as if there was supposed to be an image there but did not load properly. Other icons, such as travel bugs, notes, and more are on the system. I know I shouldn't worry about the small things, but was wondering if I did something wrong when loading my program. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?? Thanks in advance to all who helps (or even tries!!)
  12. I just found a program for my Pocket PC that allows me to go "paperless"...(Thanks Bill for getting me started in looking for a program) The program is working well, however, some of the icons do not appear on the sheets. (Stars for the ratings, etc...) Any idea on what I did wrong when loading these files? Everything else seems to be there (Notes, logs, etc), however, the logs don't have the icon for found-it or DNF's. It works ok, but if possible, would like it to be whole. Any ideas?? Oh, by the way, the program is called GPXSonar Thanks for your help!!
  13. Howdy fellow "newbies"! I still consider myself very new to this sport - Started in October 2003. Having a lot of fun, both placing and finding caches. Hope I run into some of you out there! Sanruft!
  14. Sorry JaimeeG...Was not meant to upset anyone. I was merely concerned that my caches were placed incorrectly and wanted to "correctly" place them.
  15. Just started reading this forum...I am new to the forum part...and was reading some discussions on the railroad track issues: As a fairly new member with SOME experience, I waited for several finds before placing my first set of caches. I wanted to get a real "feel" for what this sport is all about. On that note, I continue to enjoy this sport as it is family-friendly, and most of the time I have my family with me. (Ranging in ages from 3 to 15) I am the owner of "All Aboard", which JaimeeG was concerned with. For the record, it is not near the tracks, rather near the parking lot. My children were with me when it was placed, and the difficulty rating on this cache is VERY easy as I did not want anyone wandering further than they needed to. Furthermore, there is no place to (realisticly) hide a cache anywhere near the tracks themselves, so the hiding place should be rather obvious. I have been to MANY more caches that I would have deemed unsafe, (For adults AND kids), and certainly I would not classify this one as being unsafe. As with ANY cache where there is a road, traffic, cliffs, rocks, etc..., a child left unattended can be unsafe at any cache location. Sorry to create so much controversy, but with only one "concern" and the remainder of the comments "praises", I would hope that this would end any concerns that anyone may have about this cache. If not, please let me know and I will go remove it from its location and archive it. By the way...Thanks for the warm welcome
  16. We are planning a trip to Watermark this week...I hope we find it, sounds like fun!
  17. Hi there!! Just wanted to say "hi" to all my fellow geocachers in the area!! I was shown this fun sport by a client of mine from Ohio, and the rest is history. (I am definitely hooked - Over 130 finds since I started a few months ago) Met Bill of Green Achres - Great guy! Thanks for the warm welcome! Also have some positive feedback on my first geo placements. I really appreciate the feedback! (Good and bad) Looking forward to finding all in the area, and then some. I will also be placing several more caches in the area soon, so watch for them! Going to Germany, Italy and the UK soon, so any travel bugs that need to go far, just let me know! Sanruft~
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