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  1. VERY cool!! This is my first CannonBall Run race....I'm hoping for some beginners luck! (And a little help from some x-country friends!!) Best of luck to all! VRRROOOOMMMM!
  2. Sounds like it was fun! I will have to try and go to an event one of these days! (Time permitting)
  3. WOW!! Ok, now that I know that it CAN be done...What (and where) is GSAK? (I will be doing a search for it now) This is GREAT news! Thanks for the tip!
  4. YAY! Congratulations TIM!!! I'm sorry I've been away taking care of my online pinochle team at yahoo and missed your big moment. 200?! OMG, to hit 100 would make me happy. Great Job! Thank you!! (Sorry it took so long for me to reply, I just got back in the Country) The first 200 was fun, but I am looking forward to the next round of caches. I have heard some "ideas" floating around which should make for some VERY fun caches. Camel680 is really getting into the code caches, which is good because I can never figure those out. I think I can let him do all the leg work while I help with the finding. (I know, taking the easy road, but hey, he volunteered!!) Just kidding (maybe) - I MAY try ONE at some time. On another note, has anyone heard anything about the Cannonball race? I know they were mailed because I got the confirmation, but have not seen anything else. I left for 3 weeks and came back to a whole bunch of new caches in the immediate area...Looks like I am going to have to start looking around this part of town again! (Oh darn) Any other Central Valley cachers going to the dinner on april 7th in Pleasanton? I am sort-of considering going but think it may be too far to go for a school night. I may wait for one in the area t pop-up. By the way ~ Happy April Fools day to all!! (Hope it wasn't TOO silly for you today).
  5. I have a request...I would LOVE to be able to do a search along a particular route or highway, rather than in a circular direction. (For example: Do a 2 mile search on both sides of a particular highway or road, from point (a) to point (.) It would be very handy for traveling with the family, business trips, etc...Even better would be able to do a Pocket Query using this feature so we could plan our trips around some caching. Not sure if it can be done, but it sure would be a cool feature!!
  6. Fear not: More like that are planned. I almost got started on a new one but something turned out to be Not Quite Right. For a partial take on the story, try this: Venona. LOL! Now that's an interesting story! Makes me look at geocaching in a whole new way! Thank you for sharing!! I look forward to more stories like that one!
  7. I think that's why I enjoy it so much. It is something my whole family enjoys and we get to meet some great new people while doing it. It is really interesting to me to read and hear about so many stories from the experienced (and not so experienced) cachers. Thanks for sharing your insight with me Marky and Joani!
  8. LOL! YESSSS!!! I STILL NEED HELP!!!! Fattuhr, did you slow down after the first year because you were "burned-out" on geocaching, or was it that you had found everything within a close proximity?
  9. Well, part of the reason I enjoy it so much is I like to take time to smell the roses...Maybe it's best that I don't know the "secrets". As for placing caches, that is good advice. I will only place an amount I feel I can maintian properly. There is nothng better than finding a cache that is in good condition. Thanks for the suggestions. I cetainly appreciate the help! (Yes, after 200 caches I STILL need help!)
  10. Easy...... He's the boss!!! HAHA LOL! I'm the boss?? How come nobody ever TELLS me these things!! I'm always the LAST one to know. (And almost always the last one to find a cache!!) 200 finds and hold down a job? hmmm, is there a way to get paid searching for caches?? (Sleep is overrated) Actually, I travel a bit and have some free time in the evenings that I don't have meetings, so when I'm alone, this is the perfect time-killer. I get to see sights that I would not normally see, and get to hunt for treasures! (Ok, it's mostly junk, but I think of it as treasure!) Maybe I feel like a pirate, who knows... What I don't understand is how people get to 2000, 3000 and ??? This seems impossible to me. Even more challenging are the logs I find saying this is "# 64 for the day"...I know my day has 24 hours, and part of the day I am sleeping...I'm not sure how many hours are in their day, but it amazes me when I see those numbers. I'm exhausted if I do 14 in one day!! I would sure like to know how they do this!
  11. Thanks Bill...I am honored to be ALLOWED to play a game with such fine people! (Ok, enough sucking-up!) I never thought about the averages...Kind of makes me tired to think of it that way!! I'm working on raising my averages of hides vs. finds...I will be working on that end for awhile now. I think someone said you should be at 1 for every 10 finds. If this is the case, I will be placing about 12 more this next week (or so!) Don't worry, I will put some thought into them so they pose "different" challenges for those who come. I really do enjoy this sport!!
  12. Thanks Kenny! It certainly does not qualify as a milestone for all of the "experienced" cachers, but it certainly seemed distant to me when I first started in October. (Plus I did it without any locationless caches!) I REALLY enjoy this sport!! (Or hobby, sickness, addiction ~ whatever you want to call it) On another note...I think I am going to abandon the idea of a "capture the flag" type game due to lack of interest. I am going to stick to the basic idea of caching and leave the games for those who have more experience. Besides, I am well overdue for some new placements, so I will be concentrating on those for awhile. Thanks again for the "congrats"! Your cache was a very cool gesture!
  13. I have never seen it...I am going to read through it a bit.
  14. I may be able to help. I will send an email to you.
  15. I may be able to help you as I am just about 2 hours North of Fresno (In Modesto ~ 37 degrees)...I will be passing through in a couple of weeks. If you are still in need, please let me know and I will try and assist.
  16. VERY COOL!!! I have never had anything like that happen on a cache before!! (The closest I have come to it is meeting Bill of Green Achres on one!!) Congrats on your SUPER find!!
  17. I checked out both sites and it is (kind-of) like that. I would like to keep it within the central valley (I can give more exact coords should we decide to go forward) and divide into two teams. To "capture" someone else's flag, it would have to travel through a pre-determined amount of caches before it can reach its "goal". Also, it must have at least (X) amount of people to touch it before it reaches its goal, must be replaced within 24 hours, it can also be stolen back for your team, etc... I am going to type up a more specific set of rules, and certainly would like input as I certainly don't have all the answers. Anyway, you get the idea.... Any ideas to add (or subtract)??
  18. Fill er' up with that turbo juice - In fact, use the same juice you had in it for those first-to-finds! (Congrats!) The nice thing about this game is that it can be done over an extended period of time, rather than take a day off to do it.
  19. I am thinking of starting a "Capture the flag" type game here in the Central Valley using geocaching. I'm still working on a few details, but have most of it laid out. Is anyone interested in a game such as this? It would involve two "Flag" travel bugs, and would have boundries and rules. Has anyone ever heard of this being played elsewhere? Looking for any type of feedback, good, bad or whatever...
  20. I have noticed that not very many people have found the "Micro Mac" cache that Team Roadracer placed...I found it fairly challenging. (For multiple reasons) Has anyone else attempted to find this one? Found my first "snow" cache the other day. Snow was waist deep in some places. It may be a bit easier to do those AFTER the snow melts!! (Had a lot of fun though)
  21. Congrats to Bill on that whole "quote" thing...You definitely win for the most!
  22. Yep, it's me...I will place it very soon. I meant to do it before the weekend (last weekend to be exact) but never found the time or right place. I will be placing it very soon though. Sorry for the delay!
  23. Thats GREAT news! We may have to look into one of those 10 step programs for some of us! I think you mean a 12 step program. Then again, maybe geocachers could skip a few steps. Hello my name is Camel and I'm a Cache-A-Holic I think I may need a 15 step program! Peace! WildLifeGuy used to have the new record on multi-quotes... but I just took over. I figured I better "chime-in" since I was the one that started this multi-quote!! I'm beyond the 15 steps...I don't think there is help for me!! (I accidentally dropped my GPS and was going to fly my "Geo-flag" at half mast)
  24. It appears that mt schedule may indeed allow me to attend...I will be there on the 21st! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help! You KNOW you're hooked when you schedule flights around geo-events!!
  25. Thanks for the great hide Bill! We REALLY enjoyed this one! (So much so that I have invited the person who got me started in this evil sport to come here and do it) My wife is now a geo-widow. She is trying to cash in on my life insurance.
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