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  1. As someone who is a VERY responsible cacher, practicing my CITO duties at every location that requires it and emails anyone who OWNS the travel bug in my possession of my intentions (should I be planning on keeping it longer than usual)...I say mind your own business. I was looking at your profile and noticed that you are not the most popular cacher out there. If you are indeed so unhappy with this game (and as a person in general) perhaps you should ask yourself why you are continuing with this hobby... I have been a positive contributor to this program since the moment I found out about it. I am QUITE sure that you cannot claim the same thing. The fact that your ignorance is posted for everyone to see is evidence of this. Stick to things you KNOW about...
  2. I hope everyone has a SAFE and HAPPY holiday weekend! Happy caching!
  3. I hope this is a joke...Cause I am taking it as one Just got the word from Don that it indeed, was a joke...Not many people get one past me, but I must admit, this one got me!! (I was just contemplating removing the picture and placing a different "symbol" in it's place) I am definitely known as a "jokester" here in the office and around the neighborhood, so "hats-off' to you Don for nailing me with a good one! LOL!! I will remember this one Don...I hope to stump you on a cache one day!! The picture was taken with a camera inside a cache located in Bodega Bay...Bird's Eye View...Nice location for a cache. The picture was posted and good enough for me to use as my avatar. CHEERS!
  4. I hope this is a joke...Cause I am taking it as one
  5. Just wanted to say thank you to Stashseeker, Mr. Stashseeker and GreenAchers for putting on a fantastic event last Saturday morning. I really enjoyed meeting so many nice and friendly cachers, and thoroughly enjoyed the "game" you put out for us. Awesome job gang! I look forward to the next one!! (Latte Cache III??) THANK YOU!!!!
  6. Congratulations to Marky for finding number 3000! That is a HUGE number of caches to find. I am honored that #3000 was one of my caches ~ Great job! Looks like kablooey is closing in on the 2000 mark. Those big numbers seem so far away to me. Maybe I need to make caching my new career. Anyway to make money doing this?? I'm looking forward to meeting everyone at the latte cache event!!
  7. FizzyMagic was one of the forerunners in programing - loves good coffee - and can be talked into a free cup. I picked up a neat cache today by D.M.C.C. It was really well done. I can tell we have another master in the making. Well if Mr FizzyMagic can be at the event on June 26th, coffee is on me!! I too have done the cache from D.M.C.C...Definitely one to remember!
  8. I found the root of your problem... you're using Pocket PC and CacheMate was written for Palm OS. You can pick up a Handspring for under $75 and you'll be there. Howdy all! No problems with using a PocketPC...Just download the free program GPXSonar. It is fantastic!! (I liked it better than the cache mate...It looks just like the web site) Bill showed me the cache mate and it sent me on a mission to find a program that works with a PocketPC. I have been using GPXSonar for awhile now and love it. On another note, I just downloaded the latest version of Mapopolis for my PocketPC and it now allows me to upload the Geocaching waypoints for autorouting. I convert the waypoints using another cool (and free) program. Sure would ike to buy these great programmers a cup of coffee!!
  9. Will help me a lot! Just got some similar help from another awesome cacher in different thread... Thanks for the tip!
  10. hmmm....Interesting. I have had Mapopolis for about a year and a half and have never been able to enter a wayoint or coordinates. Can you explain how you are able to do this with Mapopolis?
  11. This is VERY helpful information and I will take this advice into consideration. I like your comments on the Magellan and appreciate the fact that you have tried multiple units. I'd like to say that money is no object, but I do have to remind myself that this is "just a game". I will make a decision by tomorrow and pick something up for the weekend. Thanks to all who have helped with some responses!! I really appreciate the advice!
  12. Yeah, I will sell it on bay...Who knows, maybe I'll find a GPS device where this software may come in handy. It wasn't just the map issue that I didn't like on the Legend, it was very difficult to make out the waypoint names on the map screen, the usability of the joystick, etc.... I guess that I thought it would be a lot better than the generic etrex and was very disappointed when I actually tried it out. It found some caches with no problem (And located them with more accuracy) but overall it was a disappointment. I thought by purchasing a 60c or a Magellan may help eliminate the need for the "nearest" feature by using the autoroute function. Scrolling out on the map makes it a bit more interesting. Maybe I didn't give the Legend a fair chance before giving-up on it.
  13. I'm just curious as to why you hated the Legend. The Legend is an Etrex, plus maps plus memory. I know that it is an etrex, (plus maps and memory and WAAS technology), but the maps were not what I expected and more importantly, as I travel up and down the state and in other directions, I use the "nearest" function. While the Legend also has a "nearest" function, it does not update itself (In update, I mean change the order of waypoints listed as you travel so you can easily see which ones are coming) With the Legend, you can see which ones are nearest but you must highlight each individual waypoint to see the distance, direction, etc...Also, you must exit the list and re-enter it if you want to see the "new" order of waypoints. Not very convenient when you drive. I can sort-of use the map feature for this, but again, the map feature was far less robust then what I had expected. So since I am now looking for a better solution, I thought the autorouting feature may help with my caching adventures. (And who knows, I might not miss the "nearest" feature.
  14. Hello Everyone~ I know this topic may have been beat to death by now, but I am going to throw my question out there anyway. (And I read through the forum posts ahead of time but have some "different" variations to the questions) I had been using an etrex since I started last October, and have used it for about 250 finds so far. It's been ok for what I have done, but now it's time to upgrade. (I have Mapopolis on my PocketPC for directions, Microsoft S&T on my laptop for pushpins, etc...I want to "downsize") I made the mistake of purchasing the Legend and absolutly hated it. (Believe it or not, I liked the etrex better) I returned the Legend today in hopes of purchasing the 60c, but learned that the software I bought for the Legend does not do autorouting on the 60c (I have the MapSource MetroGuide v.5) I cannot return the software as I had opened it for the Legend. Buying the 60c PLUS the software for the auto-routing puts it more than I want to spend (But will if it is the ABSOLUTE best thing for geocaching and I will just throw away the other software I just bought), however, I also stumbeled on the Magellan Meridian Gold Package which seems to have very similar features. (For a LOT less money) I have searched the threads about the Magellan and cannot find what I am looking for. Sorry to be long-winded, but I am looking for a comparison from those who have used one (or preferably both) of these units. HELP!!!!! I'm stranded WITHOUT a GPS now!!!
  15. hmmm...Nothing to match THOSE stories, except that I seem to have a knack to turn a terrain 4 to a terrain 8 and must lack a brain because I continue to leave things that I NEED behind....My PocketPC with all of my work information fell out of my backpack on a terrain 5 (And I didn't know it was missing until later that night) ~ Had to re-hike it in the dark. (Alone in the desert...not fun) ~ I left my GPS on top of the mountain on another terrain 4 (This one was last weekend) and have lost my phone on one....Maybe it would be in someone's best interest to follow-me around to the more strenuous caches so they kind find a REAL prize!! Boy, I must be getting old. It may be better for ME to go with just my socks, then maybe I might not lose anything!! (ummm, no...The shock to a fellow-geocacher may be too much to handle!!)
  16. I'm not sure if the above is right or wrong, but there a lot of us "newbies" that have not been geocaching as long as some of the experienced. Many of us would never had known that it was an "archived" area for geocaching placements. (With area, I mean re-instating a new cache in an area that a cache was archived) I have seen some caches "re-appear' in the same area that a previous cache was archived and chosen not to do the same cache again. (As to not "pad" my numbers), but I don't look down on others who enjoy the hunt...even if it IS for the same cache but a new container. Let's face-it...Many of us cache for very different reasons. Mine happens to be that it takes me to places that I would nomally not go. If another cacher decides to cache because they like the "high" numbers ~ Good for them!! I wish all of us could enjoy it for their own reasons without looking down on others for their own reasons. (If I wanted to pad numbers, I would do nothing but locationless caches as they seem to be everywhere providing you have a GPS and camera...but again, to each their own.) I appreciate ALL those who make an effort when placing a cache..Whether it's my cup-of-tea or not. Thank you to everyone who have placed a cache for me to find!!! Happy caching!
  17. For your next lesson, Grasshopper... find the CVC Tag cache before anyone else. Don't forget to leave a teepee if you're fortunate in locating it. LOL! Ok, I decided to take you up on your "lesson" and found the CVC Tag...I left a teepee and did the rain dance. (Plus a little victory move!) The cache has been placed in a new spot and ready for the next pupil. Not so sure I am ready to take-on these code caches...Time is an enemy and I never liked doing much research in school. Who knows, maybe I will win the lottery and have more time for such caches.
  18. boom Now that I have "discovered" Geocaching, I'm not sure that I would WANT to go to a Country without Geocaches!!
  19. You missed out on one of the greatest Geocaching stories... It involved Double Agent (GCA8B3), Double Trouble (GCBBA9) and Spy Special (GCBBD1). If Lamneth and FizzyMagic would be so kind... they have the story on their web sites but I lost the URL's. Newly restored and updated: The Venona Story (as told by Lamneth) VERY, VERY cool!! It tells me that I still have a LOT to learn!! Thanks for sharing!!
  20. I must be looking at the wrong link as there are no travel bugs listed (Or updates)...Can someone please post the correct link? Thanks a bunch!! Here's what he's talking about. Remember this includes all the bugs including non-2CBR'ers. As always, thanks Bill for the update! Not sure what we would do without ya'!
  21. I must be looking at the wrong link as there are no travel bugs listed (Or updates)...Can someone please post the correct link? Thanks a bunch!!
  22. If I have a specific topic I want to know about, I use the "search" bar on top of the forum. I have learned to "re-word" items that I cannot find right away. It does seem to be particular in the spelling and such...For the topics I cannot find, I have posted a "new" topic and wait for the responses. In most cases, someone has pointed me in the right direction when I post a new topic, and ALWAYS, it has been extemely helpful.
  23. Very cool...I have only cached in four of them...I am working on adding another 5 by the end of the year.
  24. I got involved in the forums because of a local Geocache (Just Forum You). I track specific topics throughout the week and scan the new ones about twice a week and post replies whenever I have something to comment on. I have seen some "not so friendly" comments and have had them posted anout caches that I have placed, but tend to ignore those comments because I can't please everyone. I guess I am lucky because everyone in the Central valley seems to be pretty cool. (West Coast, CVC group) We all seem to help one another there and welcome all newbies. I always try to remain positive and NEVER leave negative comments about any cache. I appreciate ANY effort they went through to place it. It's a great hobby and am really glad that someone introduced me to it. Happy caching! (And posting!!)
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