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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Valerie and daughter on finding Indian Jones and the Temple of Cache! I don't understand why men aren't looking for this cache. Is is because of the barbed wire, trained attack dogs, poisonous snakes, black widow spiders, dangerous cliffs, dust storms, chamber of spikes, or the heiroglyphics? What's the problem, it's just a typical RyanCTek cache! (I think he learned most of what he knows from Ron Streeter!) Seriously folks, this is a fun cache. Go for it. SPIDERS??? ummm....The ladies can go kill them for me first!
  2. I have been meaning to go out and place a few more caches and have had them ready for quite some time, so they are finally making their way into the world of caching. I have placed several over the weekend, six of which are already approved. (They are approving caches rather quickly these days!) Nothing to compare with Ryan's up north, but it gives you some alternate targets! Happy Labor Day Weekend!!
  3. Looks like we will have a couple of events as thouse dates don't work for us. So look for ours sometime in September. My email is sanruft@sbcglobal.net should you want to help or discuss. (Sorry that the dates conflict!)
  4. I'm sure the location will be just fine. It will be fun no matter where you choose!
  5. It depends on which system you use...PocketPC or Palm. I use a PocketPC and have GPXSonar (A free program) and it reads GPX files just fine. (You can do a cache query using the GPX format) I find that it works great and the pages are as if I am looking at the web site. There are many features (too many to mention here) but I really like it. It takes me all of about 20 seconds to upload 500 waypoints. I also use it with Mapoplis, but that's another story. (Mapopolis is a GPS program that will give me turn-by-turn directions to the next waypoint) Camel680 has a Palm and enjoys his program. It is not like looking at the web site but seems to be pretty easy to use and has some nice features to it. (A couple I wish I had) I believe his was free as well, but if not, it couldn't be more than about $10.00.
  6. We are in the Modesto area...We have no problem combining the two and coming North.
  7. We were in the middle of planning one as well, but are open for date discussions. I will not be here the first week of October so we were planning on late September or mid-to-late October.
  8. Ah, so it's the finding it part I'm doing wrong. LOL! I was thinking the same thing when I wrote that...I should have said "I've HEARD that others sign the log book after finding the cache!"
  9. I don't think anybody could have placed it any further remote in Stanicoleslaus county than I did. Eh? Bill?? I think I might just go ahead and place a micro out there in the middle of nowhere just to show how big that county really is!!!! Now that would just be plain MEAN!!! Peace! I've found some micros in remote areas...PURE evil!!
  10. I think that Merced needs some action down there. 2 For the Road and Radical were a little disappointed about the geocaching activity in thier area. They are going to try and stir some interest by placing the CVC tag in neck of the woods. (Who knows, maybe we will see some new, sneaky caches that will rival some of the great ones in the Northen parts of CVC!) I still have some unfinished business in Stockton...I need to get back up there pretty soon.
  11. I'm so let down that the SJ CVC group didn't come through... but that disapointment is quickly over come when I see who DNF. Now it will be interesting to see who logs their failure. (I did mine.) No DNF on this one...I had to come back after a brief search for this elusive cache. (I was already 15 minutes late when I met TeamGui)...Got back an hour later and was in the middle of my search when Outrageous Fortunes, 2fortheRoad, Radical and Salsa Girl walked-up...(Did we forget to mention that this was the newest caching event??) Anyway, we narrowed down our search and was finally able to find it...Looks like it is headed to our sister county of the south, Merced County as Radical and 2fortheroad came-up with it. We did remember to place the teepee so any further searchers would know that it was gone. It was soooo much fun meeting all the other cachers today! I really appreciated TeamGui coming-up and introducing herself. (By the way, did I mention that she was evil??) LOL! No clues were given as she really wanted it to remain in Stockton. (She even led me to believe I was on the right track when I was SURELY on the wrong one...She must have been laughing with her husband all the way home!!) What a GREAT group of cachers!! (Oh, I even met a homeless person that said "Are you looking for the treasure that those other two girls were looking for yesterday??" I'm not sure who those other two cachers were but the statement kind of made me laugh! Well, maybe Modesto won't have our bragging rights back but it will be fun to see the race to Merced. Wildlifeguy - Looks like you still have honors on the most remote location for CVC! What a fun day!
  12. Our Modestan spies are always watching....
  13. Pretty simple...To start, go to the "Hide and Seek" area on the geocaching homepage. Type in a search for the area you want to look in. Pick one or two of the easier ones to start with, click on the corresponding page and type the listed coordinates into your GPS. Now go look for your treasure! After finding the cache, sign the log book and place the cache back in it's original position, go back home and log your find on the cache page. Pretty easy...There's more to it but you will find it by poking around the site and doing more caches.
  14. I have already logged it once...I don't want to log it as a find again but may go after it and just write a note. How remote do you want it in Stanilaus County?? There have been a lot of new caches popping-up lately. Do you think the cool evening weather had anything to do with the sudden busrt?
  15. Chambers Of Ripon was a very cool cache...You'll figure out how to get it!
  16. YEAH!! Finally completed the Magnetic Tour! Thanks again Ryan for a fun and challenging cache! I've done a couple of Lodi caches in the past but need to spend some more time up North. Looks like there are some interesting caches up that way. On another note, I think we are going to bike the downtown Sacramento area one afternoon. There are a lot of caches in the area and bicycling seems to be the best mode to get around there. (Parking problems and traffic are issues there). Just not enough time to go caching as much as I would like. Maybe it's time to re-arrange my priorities!
  17. lol! I may have some more "hand-me-downs" with regards to furniture...I hate hauling stuff out of my house!!
  18. Congrats Bill on reaching 400 finds! Also, a BIG congrats on finishing the Magnetic Tour of Stockton! Once again, you have proven that there is a lot to learn for us "newbies"!
  19. I've got a couple I am geting ready to place...
  20. I WISH I was having an easier time than you! Unfortunately, it is VERY slow tonight. I placed a new cache today and sending the page took me several attempts. I suppose that the more popular this hobby becomes, the slower and slower the server will become. Too many people accessing it at the same time. Oh well...I will just have to change the times that I am on!
  21. The caching adventure was still fun and well worth doing! Even with the last disappointment, it was one of my favorite multi-caches that I have done! (Or attempted)
  22. No, I am not Bill but tried the magnetic Tour today...Yes, I logged my DNF but certainly felt that we had earned the find!! We made it through all four of the first stages, only to be let down on a VERY long search for the final one. Bummer... I will say that the first four stages are awesome, and each challenging in their own right. As for the last stage, well, it kicked my rear! (And my families!) You are EVIL ryanctek! EVIL!! Got some more done in Stockton today, but ryan's took-up most of my time. Ran into a new bunch of cachers at one of the sites...GREAT group of people! They will be an excellent addition to the cachers of the Central Valley! I would like to send a warm welcome to the group of 3dbabyvu! I hope you enjoy caching as much as we do!
  23. LOL! I suppose it would help if I actually LOOKED at the cache page for photos...I must have been more tired than I thought last night!
  24. Just wanted to send a warm welcome to TeAmWyAtt! They made their first find today at "The Viking Rule". (Probably not the most exciting first cache, but I think they enjoyed it anyway! ~ I can say that as I am the owner of the cache!) I hope they get as much out of this hobby as I do! (Maybe less thorns and foxtails though!) Closing in on 400 finds now...maybe by the end of the week. Hard to believe that it hasn't even been a year yet since "discovering" this hobby! I LOVE this game!! (A nice bonus is that everyone you seem to meet are fantastic people) Any more news on any upcoming (local) events? The last one thrown by Janet and Bill was sooo much fun! (Incidentally, I saw a lot of cameras going off that day...Any pictures posted yet?) Cheers!
  25. While I agree that ONE of the goals to a travel bug is to travel, another goal is usually attached to the bug itself. In all cases where the bug is going to be held in excess of one month or more, I ALWAYS give the travel bug owner the opportunity to choose a rapid replacement or closer to the "actual" goal. An example is one I currently have in my possession...It's goal is to travel to England and Germany. It has been around a long time and has never been to either place. It will be up to three months before I will be arriving there, so I emailed the owner with my schedule to give them the opportunity to choose. They were very excited about the fact that it would be arriving in Europe and absolutly wanted me to hang on to it until then. The same thing happened recently with one for New York. By the way, not all travel bug owners respond to the emails. Someone has had mine for almost 6 months, but the person that has it in his possession has asked me for my choice as well. Again, just pointing out that there is more than one goal to most travel bugs. I am more than a casual cacher, but not somebody that caches daily. I have almost 400 caches since first learning of this in October of 2003. I may hit 500 before my first year. Most travel bugs are placed very quickly unless I am going to help achive it's ultimate goal ~ Then it's up to the owner to decide. Caching is very fun if it's taken for what it is...A game.
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