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  1. CVC Tag will be lurking about this evening...Wonder which direction it will be traveling next???
  2. Ryan, property owners frequently try to make people believe private property extends beyond their fence by posting a sign ON their fence. Sure, their fence and yard ARE private property, but that trail probably isn't. I really think they are just trying to keep the unsavory characters away from their yard, and I can't blame them, but surely we cachers aren't unsavory characters? (Well, maybe some of us are......) Let me scrape the tar and feathers from my face to say that we are not unsavory cachers here!!
  3. Sounds like TeamTek had a successful day of caching here in Modesto today! Congrats on your successful finds! I have the CVC cache in my posession. I was going to place it today but the weather wasn't cooperating much. I should have it back out there sometime tomorrow or Tuesday. Looks like you may have to make another trip down to grab it again) Sure hope you stayed dry for most of the day!
  4. And to think it was just last week that I sent a half a bucket of roofing tar to the dump. Isn't that always the way? As soon as you toss something out you find a really GOOD use for it. WE got all the tar you need, thats my business, we install that stuff!!! All we can say is this was the most laughs we have got out of geocaching so far, glad our new little cache is getting everyone all worked up. Worked up? In TAR?? Is this some kind of sick joke? That sicko/side jumper Camel with his feathers and now we find out GRB is in the Tar Business. At least BKS is with us men! Right?! As someone who works with Camel and lives close-by, I believe he owns a collecton of skirts and dresses he occassionally may wear. I'm not certain of this, but he MAY be in some deep-covert, camoflauge-type mission. This may be the reason for his sudden departure for supporting the men. If not, then I am a little worried about him! I will leave it to Camel to reveal his TRUE identity. As for the tar...well, with access to those type of materials, I would expect a REALLY creative cache hide!! A big bunch of sickos you are!!
  5. I'll get the feathers.... Who's buying the Tar?! I'm not even going to ask where you got those feathers...You sicky!!
  6. 40 lashes with a wet logbook? Who HAS the logbook?? hmmm...An apology...Yeah, I suppose an apology is in order. Bill, go ahead! Just kidding...Sorry to stir-up so much confusion. (It WAS fun though!) I will say that I smell a little conspiracy...Wondering how much $ATM$ was involved in this...Bill, care to fess-up?? LOL! This was a fun one!
  7. What Tim's trying to say is Congratulations to the ladies [assumption: 2 for the road was represented by the better half]. We're so proud you did your best. The spoils will at least be used in your honor. So Tim, what are you going to do with your share? Absolutly!! Congrats are in order for EVERYONE that found this cache. It was very fun and challenging! This one will go down in my book (as long as someone doesn't replace it ) as one of the most memorable caches to date. Besides, I am blaming BKSGRB for creating this monster and wreaking all this havoc!!
  8. We know that. But these Mugglers signed their names. How do you explain this? This thread about the FTF was very enjoyable to read. Personally, I think anyone who would intentionally not log their find online should be tarred and feathered... --Marky Did I say INTENTIONALLY??? I, ummm, couldn't get to my computer, plus my keyboard was missing the letters a, e, i and o, and my internet connection was down, and I forgot my login password, and, and, and.... LOL! Comoflauge! TOO funny!!
  9. Survey says?? ~ Wrong again...We have the FTF prize (I know what you received, do you know what we took out?) PLUS, we DID sign (and date) the log sheet on line one...Where it says FTF...May want to check it again There were 3 FTF prizes in the bag..>we took two and left one for the third person.
  10. You may want to check for accuracy...Bill and I were FTF on Monday. (Yes, we were being sneaky) We were holding off on logging our find to encourage others to do this wonderful multi-cache. (And it seem to have worked!) Anyway, WE took the FTF prize and signed the log sheet in the FTF positions. So ladies...neener, neener, neener!! It really was a fun cache! (And even more fun to be a bit sneaky)
  11. We took your advice and tried it at our local Walgreens on our lunch hour today and it worked great! The gave us all they had and even offered to collect them for a week or so. Thanks for the hint!
  12. I'm not sure why there has to be a color difference for found, owned or not found...If I go to "My Cache Page", then "Filter Finds", it eliminates the ones I own and the ones I have found. Then all I am looking at is the alternating colors separating the actual caches. (Which are ok to me as I AM colorblind!) The colors contrast enough for me to tell the difference. Anyway would be cool to me...I just like ANY changes as it means they are not complacent and are trying to better the site. So far, I like all the changes! Cheers!
  13. Unfortunately, my boss said the same thing...(Maybe we have the same boss??) Anyway, I'm pretty tied-up on Saturday morning to late afternoon, so if I'm not too tired I will be going after it on Saturday night. If too tired, I will for sure be going on Sunday AM. I see Clayham is in the frey as well..I may have to kick it up a notch. I haven't seen TeamRoadracer in awhile...He used to get ALL the FTF's for quite some time. I hope all is ok with him and is just taking a caching break. (Although, with his wheels cooling-off, it has allowed me to snatch-up a few FTF's!) I see TeamJudd has been busy with his cache hides again. mmmmm.....caching!!
  14. OK, Show us your stuff... missy! [Did you hear it? Unmistakable. Wasn't it!?!] I definitely heard it.... WAAAAYYYY over here in Modesto!! The gauntlet being dropped again? hmmmm..... I might have to call in sick tomorrow and devote the whole day to getting a male FTF on that one then. uhhh wait. Sanruft don't read that last post! *cought - cough* As we are in the same office, unfortunately I seem to be coming down with the same symptoms...cough, sneeze
  15. OK, Show us your stuff... missy! [Did you hear it? Unmistakable. Wasn't it!?!] I definitely heard it.... WAAAAYYYY over here in Modesto!!
  16. Excuse me.....but my eleven year old daughter and I found this cache today with no help, no lifelines, and no male presence anywhere near. I guess I'll have to go down to Ripon soon and clear up that new cache too. LOL Seriously folks, we've just been really lucky lately. Thanks for all the fun you've provided for us, and I hope we can give back half as good. Come to the Event Cache in Stockton on October 2nd and let us know if we are anywhere near even. ahem....You have not finished some of the newer caches in the Modesto area yet!! One of which (and I'm telling which one) will keep you guessing for awhile! (Just trying to keep the pace with those Stocktonites)
  17. Any comments on the new look of the cache searches? I kind of like the new look. I'm not sure that I will use the new features, but it's nice to know that I have the option should I choose to. At least it's refreshing to see those in charge of the world of caching trying to experiment with new ideas and/or features.
  18. I know of two that are going to be placed in the CVC area VERY soon...Keep an eye out for them!
  19. I'm not willing to concede yet, but I will admit that it is very difficult with the coordinates we found. It has definitely kicked my butt thus far! (I have not seen any new coordinates yet). Much like Bill, I too have given way to the stealth mode on this cache. In fact, I may recruit some muggles to help me the next time I'm out! (Just kidding of course...well, maybe I'm kidding...well, the more I think about it....hmmmm) Time WILL tell if this is a truly masterful creation!
  20. I'm not from Las Vegas but did a bunch while on my last business trip. There are some good ones but this cache is one of my all time favorites: GCHKKZ It really was a fun cache! Hope you strike it rich again!!
  21. I think I figured out why cachecow is soo succesful on his cache finds...He has an unfair advantage on us!! Just LOOK at his bovine! It has a world map on it!!
  22. hmmm...I've been to both places and must say that overall (per ratio of caches for city size) Ripon has Stockton beat by a wide margin. There are some excellent caches in both cities. On another note, I have recently placed 9 in the Modesto area, one of which will surely stump the cachecow group and the Ryanctek group...I may even fool Bill! (Not sure about that last one though)
  23. Probably tasted like chicken! (You KNOW it had to be said!!)
  24. Not goat. More like Buffalo! I heard the hump meat is quite the delicacy. Lots of fat and marbling. Melt in your mouth tender. I think cachecow's cow has Bovine spongiform encyphalitis! peace! I have seen the Camel...Trust me, not very appetizing!
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