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  1. I'm sure that it won't matter if we wait for later in the year Tom...Much like you guys, we will start before the sun rises and end long after it sets. I think it would be great to have you guys along, but there are very, very few areas where you can achieve those types of numbers within a 24 hour period. (At least without cheating) So if you know of an area like it, that would be great do have a caravan going.
  2. I'm not sure what date you have in mind for this mega-caching day Greg...My weekends are filling-up rapidly so if you want me to come along, we need to plan something vey quickly. Tom, how many hours were you guys out? I know what time you left but I don't think you mentioned what time you returned...I noticed Doug is being awfully quiet on the subject - Could it be that he is still recovering?? (Bladder issues from holding it in Doug??)
  3. Thanks Tom...I'm sure it will come in handy should we try and accomplish the same feat... I will not be at Saturday's event, but I'm sure Greg, Kim or Judd will be happy to accept the GPX file.
  4. Sounds like a fun day Greg but I'm still not buying the numbers...Even if they were in good a shape as Carl Lewis, and the caches were exactly 528 feet apart, and they knew exactly where to find each cache, and all of the caches were within 15 to 20 feet of the car, and the car was never shut off, and they never buckled their seatbelts , and there were absolutly no muggles, and, and...Well, it seems almost impossible to achieve the numbers within a 24 hour period...Now, in all fairness, I have never cached in that area so I cannot speak from experience...WAIT!! I got it!! All of the caches were in lightposts!! Yeah Tom, you better pass along that cache route as there are very few areas such as that in the caching world. All kidding aside, that group of cachers are a very determined bunch so I am positive that the numbers are legit...I am also equally positive that it was a VERY long day! Sounds like fun Greg...Count me in!
  5. I told you the dark side was strong with this bunch Bill...It starts with 5, then... Glad to see you out there!
  6. Sorry Tom...I must bring Bill back to the dark side with me. He is one of the reasons I was so involved with caching and miss having him out there with us... And Tom, you have been quite the inspiration as well...Tomorrow I will be going to my second photography meeting with the Modesto Camera Club. I even have some photographs with me so they can evaluate them! Should be interesting! NO! Don't encourage him Tim. We like him right where he is!! Dark side --> < Dark side
  7. Yes Bill...It appears that the dark side is strong with this group...Seems to have a gravitational pull too strong to fight. You too, will be back to the dark side my friend...Don't fight it, we know it is within you! Nooooo.... Don't leave us and go back to them. We almost had you cured. INTERVENTION!!
  8. Thanks Tom..It is great to be back! I am looking at attending all of the events, but unfortunately I will be in school on the 31st, 1st and 2nd. (In Atwater of all places!) Sounds like it will be an awesome event though! Maybe you can coaxe Mrs. Sanruft into going without me?? (nudge nudge)
  9. Well, I am definitely back into caching. Wolfgrrl, The Hubby and Supergrrl got us up and out of the house for almost 70 caches in the last two weeks alone. We had an AWESOME time and are looking forward to our next day of caching (again). Yes, the caching bug has bitten me once again...Hopefully I can continue to find the time to feed it! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we will make their ice cream event so please eat some ice cream for us! Greg...With Judd's caching intuition and agressiveness (he nearly knocked me over running to several caches yesterday), you have an awful lot of work to stay ahead of him! Good luck! (You will need it!) hehehe Thanks Fraga family for getting us back into it...We really enjoyed caching with you guys!
  10. Wow! All of these new milestones! Congrats Tom on 5000! That's a lot of caching right there! Congrats Pete and Bev on 2000! Pretty amazing considering how much you guys cache antmore. And congrats Cindy on 800...The last two hendred till 1000 took forever for me. I hope you reach it a bit faster!
  11. At my current caching rate Bill, I may get the next 1000 in about 20 years! Maybe I will start going more often if a certain farmer gets back into it...Sound like fun Bill?
  12. Danka...Even had a rather large geo-crowd there to cheer me on! (That's what happens when you go caching after an event with that many people!)
  13. Radikel has an event coming up?? I really need to start caching more often. Any links to the event?
  14. Welcome!! You will not find a nicer bunch of cachers anywhere on the planet then right here in the CVC. (MAC included in this description of the CVC). Hope to meet you caching one day!
  15. Thank you...Feels good to be back out there. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I will make it to this weekends event though. I have too many "to-do's" this weekend that need to be completed. I hope everyone has a great time though!
  16. Thank you! Signed-up, booked a room and am ready to go. www.geowoodstockvi.com
  17. Found the Micke Grove link...Just need the Geowoodstock one now.
  18. Anyone have any links for the upcomming event at Mickey Grove? Also, any links for the upcomming Geowoodstock?
  19. All I did was the honey-do" list...Now, I can't help it if I did everything incorrectly and was constantly asking her for help when doing so. (Just kidding of course...Or was I??) How did you work that out?! Maybe it will work here too!?
  20. Yeah, it is feels good to be back...I am hoping to get some caching in - Perhaps a little this weekend. Barbara mentioned that she wanted to get rid of me for the day.
  21. Yeah, it reallyh was a great time. It was fun catching-up with you Doug. It was also nice seeing Tom, Bev and Pete, plus a gaggle of new friends. And a special thanks to Bill for calling me to let me know about the event. It may just get me started again! Thanks again Kim and Judd...Superb job! My daughter had an awesome time. I believe we are attending that one in Micke Grove. I'm looking forward to it. Shall we convoy cache on the way up? WOWSERS!!!!!!!!! What a great event! You really know how to show folks a good time. Not only that but you were able to get some of the folks (like Sanruft, GreenAchers & $ATM$) to attend as well! great fun, good people talking about geo-caching, lots of food, what more could you ask for in an event? I really had a good time and thank you for hostess & hosting the event. I don't think anyone was disappointed and I for one am grateful for what you did!
  22. One of my all-time favorite caches is in Las Vegas, and it is extremely easy (and hilarious) to do...It will hold several travel bugs, and can be done in any weather conditions. It requires no hiking at all. (A "drive-up" cache!) A Special Memory Anyway, I hope your trip to Vegas is an enjoyable one!
  23. I travel a lot for my job. I had never encountered anything quite like I did this weekend... I was flying from Sacramento to Detroit, switching planes in Denver. On the Denver to Detroit flight, everything seemed to be ok until we landed, when the attended came on the speaker and (quite firmly) stated, "You MUST remain in your seats with your seatbelts fashioned...So not undo your seatbelt until the captain has given the ok". They always give you this reminder but this time they meant it. Anyway, as soon as the doors opened, about 7 police officers stormed the plane, immediately went to an overhead compartment, grabbed a bag and then grabbed a man out of his seat and took him off the plane. As we were all leaving the plane, we could see the man in the corner with about 18 police officers and two guys in business suits interrogating him. We asked each other if anyone saw anything unusual, but none of us had. So, when waiting to come back home, I decided to ask the gate agent about the incident...He said "I know, I was here at that time". I asked what happened and he said he couldn't tell me but apologized for the inconvenience. I told him that I understand, but it was not something that I have ever encountered on a flight. He then elaborated and said "What I can tell you is that an Arab man locked himself in the front bathroom for the majority of the flight, and refused to come out even after being ordered to." He also said that "I can also tell you that this particular plane, when it left Detroit again, was the safest plane imn America as it had been searched from top to bottom". He said there was more to the story but he could not give me any more details. The man, from what I hear was arrested. We did not witness any scuffle or anything odd when on the plane...So this took most of us by surprise. Thinking back, the only indication that something may be wrong was that there were about three people waiting around the forward lavatory when the flight attended came on the overhead and stated (Again, very firmly), that "there must NOT be anyone waiting near the front lavatory. So please take your seats or use the lavatory in the rear of the plane". Again, I have heard that warning before but never in the voice projected...It made me look up from my book and usually I am oblivious to those types of announcements. There has been no stories on it and I have asked several people about it. If anyone finds any related stories to this flight I would love to know about them. The flight was Frontier Airlines flight 623 on Sunday, October 7th. Just thought I would share this most unusual flight experience. So, how was YOUR weekend? (I would rather be caching!!)
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