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  1. Sounds like the perfect challenge...Maybe I will make it down there this weekend!
  2. Wish I had read this before we went out to find this one today. But even without this extra advice... WE FOUND IT! Yeah! Congrats!
  3. The only clue I can think of would give it away too much. Email Sanruft.... he is good at responding.. He has been traveling lately though so give him a couple of extra days. I will say that if you get more than 15 feet away from the fence and if you leave the flowershop property then yoaur e too far away from the cache! Sure glad I also have a devious mind as I fortunately found it quickly. Even though I'm all the way in the east bay and yet, I've received at least 5 lifeline calls from this one. Sorry everyone...I was traveling when all this discussion took place. Congrats GeoBandits on your find. I hope my cache wasn't TOO painful.
  4. If anyone needs film canisters, please let me know as I now have about 500 or so in my possession. Just email if any are needed.
  5. Just wanted to congratulate TeamJudd for the birth of their new baby boy! Welcome Dillan!
  6. Merry Christmas to all and a VERY Happy New Year!!
  7. Conrats Ryan on your Eagle accomplishment. That is a lot of hard work. Very few achieve the status. Nice job!
  8. YIPPEEEE!! I hit #500 tonight!! It's all uphill from here!
  9. Yep, I was back but now I'm gone again. (Although I am still in the Country on this trip). The trip to Spain and the UK was successful. (Translation - I did some caching while over there!) On another note, TeamJudd is with me on this business trip and we had some time this evening to knock out some caches. He has now topped the 500 mark! Conrats Robert!
  10. Been a little while since I have had a chance to read the forums. Looks like it has been pretty quiet overall. Just thought I would say hello....Hello! I hope everyone is doing well!
  11. well if we hurry we can make it an even 100 by the days end! Are we ther yet!?!?!?!?!?! Peace! Do we win a prize when we get there? The best prize is the satisfaction!!!!! What else do we need? Money is always nice... Sorry for the delayed replies, I have been away for a bit and unable to access the internet until tonight.
  12. Well I have ideas for an event. The problem is it requires fair weather!!! Can't be done in the rain. (well it can but most parents wouldn't want their young ones out in the rain!) I might step up here in a bit. I just need to check on a couple of things however first! I am just waiting for my "travel season"to come to an end. I will be hosting one soon. Greetings from Madrid!! (I have been here for the week) - Off to London tomorrow. (sigh) I am tired of traveling. At least I got two caches done here in Madrid. I guess I can now call the trip a success! Cheers!
  13. well if we hurry we can make it an even 100 by the days end! Are we ther yet!?!?!?!?!?! Peace! Do we win a prize when we get there?
  14. I agree to all parts, however, it IS just a game and (for me) not worth the headaches that the recent events have shown. I have decided to NOT archive all of my caches, just ones that could be mistaken for "non-friendly" devices. I have already removed these caches and archived them. For the remaining caches that I have placed, they have only been temporarily disabled until we find out more information about what is happening. I may be a little sensitive about the issue, but as one that works with Camel, lives across the street from Camel and am very good friends with him, I have seen first hand how it can bring some undeserved anguish to someone that clearly does not deserve it. As Bill said, he is a fantastic individual who truly loves this hobby and really looks forward to the days he spends with his children seeking out the McTreasures. I guess I can see the same thing happening to anyone one of us, and I don't want to make it any easier for those who want to use this as an excuse to frighten the masses. I believe that all will turn out ok for Camel. He has tons of support and I am sure that those in charge will eventually view this for what it supposed to be...A family activity. Unfortunately (and fortunately), this incident has changed the way I will be viewing caching.
  15. I just got off the phone with a friend of mine who is a police officer. They are going after Camel, but we do not know to what extent. My friend did say that they are considering this to be extremely serious and would not specify what (if any) charges would be held against Camel. We are all hoping for the best. I am quite sure that Camel would appreciate any moral support that comes his way. As it was mentioned many times before, it is a simple game played by families with absolutly no malicious intent whatsoever. (In fact, it is just the opposite as we promote cleaning the surroundings, watching for suspicious activities, etc...) It is really quite sad that the MPD cannot take the 2 minutes that it might have taken them to research the contents of the container. (Simply logging on to Geocaching.com might have at least provided them with ONE possibility of the contents).
  16. All I have to say is if that cache was marked www.geocaching.com and the MPD did not take 5 mins. to go look that up them %%@# on them. There @ a school and had internet right there, iam sure they got wireless with all our tax $$$. Sorry this makes me so mad that they have to take such a little thing and make it a big deal and to BLOW up a rubber maid or something close to that container. Ok i had to vent some here........ but come on MPD..shows how #%$%# they are some times. I don't disagree, but then again, these aren't rocket scientists we are dealing with here. It is very unfortunate that it has come to this, but quite frankly, the trouble he (Camel680) is about to enter into was enough to convince me to pull all of my caches. It is not disrupting my entire livelyhood for any game. I work with Camel680 and live across from him and to see the fear and sickness he is going through over this has settled it for me. I will be helping him in any way that I can. Terrorists win again...It makes me sick.
  17. This is enough for me to quit the sport. I am going to archive and pull all my caches this weekend. I love this hobby, but it is not worth the aggravation that Camel is going to have to go through. Bummer!
  18. Thanks Laura - I am looking forward to hearing some stories about the event.
  19. Thanks! It's good to be back! The trip was loooonnnggg, but productive. I had a little time for some caching so I did some in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the UK. The view from the top of the Alps was amazing. I want to go back again some day. (Oktoberfest in Munich was pretty fun as well! ~ I even bought asome lederhosen (sp?) and wore them to the event! {As well as when my wife and kids picked me up at the airport! } ) I am already dreading my next trip. I will be going to Spain for 1 week and the UK again for another week. (At least it's only 14 days this time instead of 22!!) I heard your event was a huge success! All of the people I spoke to really enjoyed themselves. I was really bummed that I couldn't go. Maybe next time! Looks like there are some new caches here that popped-up while I was away. I need to get busy with some local caching! (If that darned work load wasn't so heavy!!)
  20. Target has them for about $80.00 and they usually have them in stock.
  21. I just got back and saw the "Pot of Trouble" cache...I am honored (and scared) to be mentioned in such a fun cache!! I am hoping to do this one sometime this week! Sounds like the event was a success. Congrats!
  22. Oh, ya... you're not going to be there to defend yourself. Poor guy! Tomorrow, I hope to get out to the new Ripon TB Hotel to replace that wonderful FTF Log. I've had it since O$ returned it. LOL. Ya. There's going to be ''stories'' told. LOL! No, I call it smart! I have heard a tar and feather rumor...You can handle this one in my absence, can't you Bill???
  23. LOL! I heard the story this evening from soul2soul...TOO FUNNY! Well, at least you didn't go home empty handed. You were able to find a few caches while in town! Sounds like there will be lots of stories at that upcoming event! I'm sorry that I'm going to miss them!
  24. I see that it has been approved, and there has been an FTF. I did manage to solve the puzzle already, now it's a matter of time when I will go caching again, and actually find the cache. Glad to see that Fattuhr is getting back into caching...We haven't seen him caching in awhile!
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