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  1. Congrats on that double-digit accomplishment...Won't be long now before you hit the gazillion mark along with some of the others here!
  2. Just received the note for CVC's owner transfer...Congrat's Tom! Question though Bill...Isn't this like putting a fox in charge of gurarding the hen house? hehehe Find Tag while you can all...I'm sure the rules are about to change and Tag may never be back in this area!
  3. "Zzzzzzzz....snore...zzzzzzz" Tag leaves the area so much anymore that he doesn't recognize his own home! We may have to fix that soon. However, I'm always up to attending a good tar and feathering...Greg, aren't you at the front of that line though??
  4. Yeah, it really stinks whe that happens...Best advice is to not worry about it...They do disappear once in awhile. (And sometimes more than once in awhile).
  5. LOL! Very wise idea! (Unless you plan on playing by the rules!)
  6. What part was incorrect Tom...That you and Doug took it out of Stansilaus County? We know that part was true as the two of you were tried and convicted of that...No public apology necessary on that part! Now, you may not have been the FIRST to break the rules, but the rules were broken nevertheless! Au contraire, Mr Tim. You need to read the logs and then confess you falsely accused us!! I will accept your apology publicy....
  7. Oh wow Tom...I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I read your post! Yes, Tag was grandfathered in but it was Tom and Doug who broke the original rules by taking it out of Stanislaus County (not the Central Valley)...Since then, there have been a number of scofflaws that have completely disregarded Tag's wishes...In fact, there are so many law-breakers here that we don't have enough tar and feathers to go around anymore! (Refer to earlier photos in this forum for the tar and feathering ceremony) Yes, Tag is a moving cache and it moves farther and farther by the day. Ron, don't become a scofflaw like the rest... You didn't hijack the thread at all. Anything goes. If you hadn't posted something, NascarFam would have done something to distract us from his "problem."The "Tag issue" revolves around CVC Tag - a traveling (grandfathered) cache that is supposed to stay with the Central Vally. But NascarFam totally disregarded that prime rule, kidnapped Tag, and transported her to the unknown. Although the evidence is overwhelming, and he has confessed, the trial and subsequent tar and feathering is yet to be held.
  8. Oh wow! I wasn't hungry until I saw those pictures...Darn you!!
  9. It was so funny that you had to post it twice!! Oh...Welcome to the forums Ron and family! Now that's the funniest post I've ever seen here!!
  10. Ok, we'll let you off the hook on that one Tom...)Although we know you will be promoting another one soon enough!) Welcome to the forum ferventkids! Glad you stopped by.As luck would have it, some of us will be camping at Lake Alpine the weekend of Sept 19th. Have any advise for good camping spots in the campground at the east end of the lake? Have any weather advise for mid-September? There is an event coming up in Merced in just 2 weeks - come on down! Next CVC Event. Note to Tim, Kenny, et al. It doesn't count as shameless advertising when ferventkids brought it up first!
  11. Lot of Wolf's, Wolphs and Wlf's running around in the forums here lately...hehehe
  12. Greg, TAG has been passed around so much you need a tetanus shot just to handle it anymore... I believe that it was Tom who first broke the CVC Tag rules when he took it to Merced. (WELL outside of the boundaries at that time)...Actually, it may have been Outrageous Fortunes who took it to Stockton first (Again, WELL outside the boundaries at that time)...Either way, the rules had been broken and the immigration laws were relaxed. Nothing hits the fan when it comes to Tag anymore!
  14. I have to agree with Kenny on this one Tom...The shameless plugging of multiple events for you lately is out of control...Almost as if you are running for something... Hey! That's not even my event!! It sure seems funny to see the words "BOGA" and "school" in the same sentence.
  15. Congrats Kim...Keep this up and you may catch the gang from Merced.
  16. I'm sure we will grab a few, but doubtful that i will make a multi-state run. WooHoo! Let me know, that would be fun! Will you be there long enough to grab a few caches? I am thinking I may try to bag a few states during the trip.
  17. I may...I have a business partner located not too far from there and I may be there on a business trip. Yes it is, but pales when you compare it to HALF A CENTURY!! Anyone want to tag alog on this event?? A bit of a drive
  18. Wow, that's impressive...Should be a fun day. While you guys are deciding when you should (could) go, be advised that a group from Fresno went yesterday on the same route. They finished their run with 151 finds.
  19. It looks like the 9th may work for me. I will confirm on Monday. Aslo, with reagards to caching with less daylight or caching in the heat, my vote is caching with less daylight. The darkness has never slowed us down and in somce cases, actually makes it easier. Just my two cents worth. So August has the 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th...... As mentioned before the later waited the less daylight there is... THOUGH the cooler the day will be. 16th and 2nd are off limits...... (if I was reading correctly) SO that leaves the 9th, 23rd, or the 30th
  20. I own the URL cvcachers.com should you wish to use it...
  21. Scratch that...My wife just informed me this morning that we have a wedding that day, so we will not be able to go that day. Seriously, you guys go and have a great time! We don't need to be there and we will do it another time.
  22. I'm impressed Tom...Long day though...Not sure I have the stamina for a day such as that. Very cool. We left Merced at 03:15.Found our first cache "Twinkie Outlet" at 04:44 (Near Tulare) Found our last cache "Goshen Ocean Acorn" at 19:15 (S of Goshen at 99) Total time caching 14.5 hours We got home to Merced at 20:40. Total time out 17 Hours 25 minutes.
  23. Thank you! That's what I was looking for...Will try to get to that one this weekend. Yes! 4,000 years old is a great cache if you like driving back roads and finding a surprise at the end. We just did it a couple of weeks ago and loved it. Plan at least 2 hours from the time you leave hwy 108. You even get to drive through 3 creeks on your way!
  24. Question all...I am heading out on a 4x4 trip this weekend to the Niagra Rim and was wondering if there are any "must-do" caches up that way? (It's past Pinecrest, heading towards Dardanelle). As always, your help and suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  25. As of this moment it looks all clear, so it's a go for us on that weekend.
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