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  1. Another favorite (that has also made the news there) is GCKPPC (El Diablo's Treasure) and is located in Tombstone...Fairly easy drive-up but one of the most unique caches you will ever do. Enjoy!
  2. Happy Thanskgiving all...Warm wishes from the Furnas' family to yours. We are thankful for having such a wonderful Geocaching family!
  3. I don't do Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Linked-In or any other silly site, so unfortunately I will never see it. My loss I suppose...
  4. Depending on time/dates, I may be in. Sounds like fun.
  5. It's Crescent Supply Hardware...Great place for cachers. Lots of different container options as well as an assortment of ammo containers. In Modesto there is a surplus. It's downtown. I don't recall the name but Deranja's know the name. It's about 3 blocks west of the DoubleTree Hotel.
  6. Going to try and keep the batteries warm this time around. And I agree, we definitely need to caching together again soon. Maybe a little bike caching...(So long as Judd can show me how to lock down the bicycles on the rack!)
  7. Awesome Janet! Good to see you made it back out there as well! Tim Hi you two! I beat you to the "dust off" and thats about all I can beat you too! Hope to see you out in the field! Janet a.k.a. StashSeeker
  8. Camel680 and I dusted off our GPS's for a few hours of caching today...BOY were we rusty! We may have to dust them off a bit more often to keep our geo-senses in tune. Hope everyone is doing well!
  9. Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Although we don't cache much anymore, we are always thinking of you guys!
  10. ...Should have heard all of the whistles though!! The power of Tag never ceases to amaze me; it can even get Kenny out into the fresh air! Well I was hoping to get my yearly bath AND tag at the same time but it was really akward when i got into the dry fountain with my soap and no clothes on!
  11. Not likely the GPS's...especially when it is mutliple ones zeroing out in the same spot.
  12. I'm not sure Tom, but I certainly was entertained (much like attending a sporting event) when you and Doug were tar and feathered! OK guys, here's the question to ponder for a while: a] Is tarring a game or a sport? b] Is feathering a game or a sport? c] Does it matter whether you are the tarree/fetheree or the tarrer/featherer?
  13. Yeah, it certainly seems that way. In fact, I am going to be placing a cache or two (and archiving a few as well)...I am glad I am back in and I thank you guys for it!
  14. LOL! A golf team eh?? Well had I known that, we would have hit the links a long time ago! I appreciate the golf tips...I will try not to nail another nail in the coffin! And yes...as far as I am concerend, golf (and Geocaching) is still a sport!
  15. LOL! This is when cachers have too much time on their hands.
  16. ...As spoken by someone who clearly has never played the game of golf...If you can play the game without concentration, I would like for you to share with me your secret as my golf game could use all the help it can get! If you heart anit racing, then you aren't doing it right. I define a sport as this... If you can do it with a cigerette in your mouth, it's not a sport. Bowling and Golf are therefor not sports. Geocachacing, when properly done, does not have room for such distractions. LOL
  17. I've got your back on this one Greg...It is definitely a sport. I have heard that they may introduce Geocaching in the next Olympics!
  18. Then you aren't playing the sport correctly Kim! I have a knack for turning a one-star terrain into a four-star terrain! We worked-up quite a sweat yesterday caching in the hot summer day!
  19. Tom, we all knew that Tag wasn't going to be archived....Bill would have never passed the torch to you had he thought that was your intention. That's why we all love you so much Tom...You are such a kidder!!
  20. I forgot to mention...That large "BOOM" you may have heard today may very well be the world coming to an end...I was actually able to get TeamJudd back out there caching!!
  21. Bill..I may be up to your challenge for the GBES rally...
  22. Greg...My signature can be purchased...I personally know enough people to have the charter comlpetly filled as well, but I do not speak on their behalf regarding price.
  23. Nice site Baker...I am used to checking these forums on a regular basis so now I just have to remember to check that one once in awhile. (sigh) I forget more and more the older I get! ...What was I saying again??
  24. A) No, Tag should not be archived as it was grandfathered in and should be kept as long as Geocaching exists. B ) Stockton to Merced and Tracy to Oakdale (or thereabouts) is reasonable. Those visiting this area still have the opportunity to find and place Tag. Fresno, Sacramento and San Francisco are all about the same range from the center and in my opinion, is out of bounds. C) Yes...However, why would it be taken out of the area if the boundaries are defined? D) I like the two-person rule...With regards to deleting the finds, it is a moving cache and one person finds it, one person places it. (and leaves a teepee as it is found). E) LOL! The tar and feathering has lived its course, but it is all in good fun so it really doesn't matter. And yes, it is adults playing like kids. (Then again, so is Geocaching!) Whether it continues or not, makes no difference to me. F) Tag has always been unique to the Central Valley and I know those with Groundspeak would like to see it go away. (I have spoken personally with some on this and have been told accordingly). It would be sad to see something that has been grandfathered-in disappear. So if you are not willing to take it on long-term Tom, my suggestion is to turn it to someone that would be willing to. (Although I am happy that you seem willing to do so!) Just my one and a half cents worth!
  25. Thanks...Was out of town this last weekend. Wasn't the weekend of the 23rd an option for the clan? If so, that would be ideal.
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